Thursday, January 14, 2021

Red Lips: A Timeless Makeup Trend

The New Year may usher in new trends and fashion ideas, but some classic favorites are here to stay. These include the ever-versatile white polo, denim jeans, little black dress, white sneakers and of course, the timeless, goes-with-everything red lipstick, which can take your look from day to night. 

Luckily, Spotlight Cosmetics, the new local makeup brand that aims to empower Filipinas to transform their looks, offers a wide range of red lip shades in various formulas to suit your preference.

Liquid Lips in Fiery Star
Liquid Lips in Stunning Icon

If you’re into the liquid matte finish, you can opt for the red-brownish hue of Liquid Lips in Fiery Star or the bright red tint of Liquid Lips in Stunning Icon. Spotlight also offers bullet matte lipsticks which come in an intense berry shade called Sultry Siren, and the pinkish-red Scream Queen

Spotlight Bullet Matte Lipstick in Sultry Siren

Spotlight Bullet Matte Lipstick in Scream Queen

If you want a softer and more dewy finish, there’s the Spotlight Creamy Lipstick in World-Class Diva. But if you want a more precise application, you can try the Lip Crayons which also offer various shades of red like the Blazing Star and Edgy Princess

Spotlight Creamy Lipstick in World-Class Diva

Spotlight Lip Crayon in Blazing Star

Spotlight Lip Crayon in Edgy Princess

All originally priced at P295, all lip products are currently P99 OFF on Watsons Online and in all Watsons and SM Department Stores until January 31, 2021. So hurry and greet a new year with a bold red lipstick from Spotlight Cosmetics. 

To know more, follow Spotlight Cosmetics’ official social media accounts: Facebook (@SpotlightCosmeticsPH) and Instagram (

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Saturday, January 9, 2021

Pond's White Beauty Perfect Potion Essence Review

I've been breaking out since last week and I'm not so sure why. My period just ended and so it must be hormones. Ugh. Good thing, I've got something here that saves the day! Pond's White Beauty Perfect Potion Essence has been calming my skin by providing instant hydration. I first saw this in Sample Room. I'm glad that they have it because I wasn't ready to spend P499 (110ml) right away for a product that I haven't tested yet. By the time I was writing this, my bottle has almost ran out. I've been using it everyday for likand increases application during the times I feel like my skin is dull and parched.

Can't we just appreciate how gorgeous the packaging is? It's pink and just...pretty. End of story. It's made of thick plastic, a twist cap, sturdy enough for something that's worth P499. It doesn't leak at all so it's safe to bring during one of your travels. I also appreciate that it has loads of information at the back. I like reading them so I would know what it could do to the skin and set my expectations too.

Pond's White Beauty Perfect Potion Essence contains 110ml amount of product. I don't mind paying P499 for a skincare product, I just honestly wish that there's more. This is a product that you can use 3 ways: as an essence, toner or mask so it requires you to really use plenty of it in one go. Maybe if a bottle contains a bit more than the given amount, I wouldn't complain at all.

Pond's White Beauty Perfect Potion Essence is inspired by Korean skincare routine so that explains the 3 ways (toner-essence/serum-mask). If you are someone (like me) who occasionally skip a step or two in your daily regimen, products like this are the best option. It saves you time and money as well. 

This product claims to brighten the skin, fade blemishes and dark spots, and hydrates for that plump, healthy skin. With 4D Hyaluronic Acid (HA) Complex + (4 different types of HA that can moisturize and hydrate each layer), Gluta-boost essence (antioxidant that works 10x more effective than Vitamin C and also works to brighten skin and fade dark spots) and Vitamin B3+ or Niacinamide (which reduce dullness and minimize the appearance of pores). I like any products with Niacinamide because it usually helps with the overall look of my skin.

There's a lot of popular ingredients that you will see on the list of ingredients so it must be the reason why the price is a bit steep. Given that, you will really expect a lot from this product.

I apply this product every morning and night time using a cotton pad. On days when my skin feels a little extra dry and looks dull, I'd just pour a generous amount on my palms, dab it on my face and let it absorb all the moisture. The essence is clear and runny so my skin doesn't have a hard time absorbing it. It dries to a lightweight, slightly dewy finish. It won't give you the glassy skin that we all want, but it's enough to make your skin look hydrated and plump every single use. If you wish to skip moisturizer, feel free to do another layer until you're satisfied. You can definitely do "skins" with this without any stickiness.

I've been using it for about three weeks now and it works well with Pond's Age Miracle line which I've been using for about a month now. I like how this essence feels so comfortable on the skin and doesn't make me oil up too much. When used with a cotton ball, it could deeply cleanse the skin too as it removes excess dirt and oil from the pores. Thus, it helps absorb anything you apply afterwards.

Pond's White Beauty Perfect Potion Essence has a slightly floral scent which my nose can tolerate. I like it actually. Out of the three ways you can use it, I like it best as a toner (so I can save every precious drop LOL). This is great toner to make your dark spots and blemishes appear less visible and to add radiance to your overall complexion. All you have to do is to use it religiously. If you have more severe problems like acne, you need a product that's really intended for it to use in conjunction with. Prolly the only thing that holds me back from repurchasing is the price point. If only it comes in a bigger bottle, or if it goes on sale, then I definitely would buy again.

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