Thursday, December 31, 2015

Why I'm Grateful for 2015

Allow me to greet you a happy new year and may your 2016 be another year of abundance and prosperity!!!

This year has been very memorable to me since lots of unforeseen things took place in 2015. It was a year full of indelible experiences and beautiful memories that I will forever cherish. It is, indeed, true--that time flies so swiftly. An hour from now, we, I, am going to face a brand new year--another year to spawn lots of fantastic adventures with the people that I love and care the most. It serves as another year to hope and dream and a great opportunity to live life to the fullest.

But before I end this year with a grateful heart and welcome 2016 with open arms, let me just share to you some of the things that I love and am going to look back for this year.

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My blog. It was at the first month of 2015 when I started to update this blog where I share most of my stories, successes, opinions, impressions and everything under the sun through my little virtual diary. I could not contain my emotions upon successfully posting my very first blog post up to my most recent one and know that there were some silent and active readers who have been reached by it and who have unmistakably showed support by commenting and adding traffic to my blog. For 2016, I promise to continue what I love to do without hindrances and allow other people (and bloggers) to inspire me more in what I do. Pursuing this dream of mine, to inspire others too through this blog and for my voice to reach thousands of people out there, was indebted to Robert Frost who once has said, "Don't aim for success if you want it, just do what you love and believe in, and it will come naturally."

My first ever sponsors. It was at this year when my first ever sponsor, contacted me via e-mail asking me to collaborate with them through posting blogs showcasing their beautifully cut dresses of different styles from formal to basics. Thank you to them, I was able to access my Paypal. Lol. My second sponsor here was the Skin Temptations where they send me soap, cream and oil to add up to my line for reviews. Thanks, guys! I was able to exercise my giving of opinions about a topic.

My winning in different contests. It was at this year when I was encouraged by some people to join online contests. My first ever win was with the Chic Centre where I was supposed to receive a Limited Edition Kathryn Bernardo Planner with 500 Gift Certificate to be used at Robinson's Supermarket. I wasn't able to claim my prize as the place is real far from mine. How sad was I thinking that I missed my first ever prizes. Huhu!

The second one is the photo contest conducted by iWhite Korea last August, (I think?) where the mechanics said that participants must take selfies holding iWhite Korea products and caption it with some rainy weather skin tips. The lucky me got really rocked when the I received the package in the mail saying it was from iWhite family! I swear I did not ever know I won that contest!

The third one was the Caronia Video Contest where participants must add up an ending to their video with their newest ambassador. Thanks to those people who liked my comment, I was chosen as one of the winners to receive a special Caronia gift pack! Inside were foot spa sets, some awesome nail polishes, highlighter, and more freebies!

Another contest that I won is the Etude House x Boulangerie22 Cake Giveaway for Christmas. I was really lucky I was the first winner to receive a Holiday Santa Chocolate Crunch Cake! Prizes should be claimed in only four of their branches here in the Philippines and thank heavens, there was this one branch in TM Kalaw x Roxas Boulevard which is just near my school so I easily spotted the cake shop and got mine!

And just yesterday, I received a comment from Manila Sundance Bazaar that I won a 500GC from basicneedsmnl for their upcoming event this coming January 15-17 at the World Trade Center, Pasay! I can't wait to shop, eat and have fun!

My GWA. Last semester was, I can say, the semester where I exerted lots of effort. That was the semester full of sleepless nights and late night meetings with my block and group mates. Thankfully, all the efforts and hard work paid off, I got my highest GWA in all my college years! It was a start for me to aim for higher grades the following semesters as I know that this will help me in my future career.

My new pet. It was a family's, of course. His name was Borgy and he was a Lassa Apso dog. He was really cute and so adorable. It was my first time overcoming my fears of dogs and pangs that I, now, can carry him and even feed him through my hands which, by the way, the first thing I promised myself to never do in all my entire life! Thank God, He had given us Borgy, another reason to bond with my family (when we're playing with Borgy).

My family and my friends. The greatest gift that I could ever receive from Him is my family and friends. No one probably knows how I always pray for the ones that I love each day for Him to give them the guidance and life they always deserve. I pray for no more than a healthy and abundant life for them. I thank my friends too for supporting me in every way they can especially in all my blogging activities. Thank you, guys, for keeping me company in the talk of beauties, makeup and anything in between.

If you, in any instance, drop by and read this, here's some tips which you can easily master to start and end the 2016 with a sweet smile.

Live your life to the fullest. You may heard it a million times, but really, it's the best that you can do to enjoy your life. Just do what you want and don't mind what others think. Say what you want and don't hold anything back. You'll be surprised how fast and swift you'll forget your problems. Dress and beautify as if it's your life.

Follow your heart. You'll never receive satisfaction and happiness if you don't, by the way. Always, remember that joys can be found in the heart!

Spend time with your loved ones. This could be the easiest and the hardest tip. You can't just live your life to the fullest without your family, your friends or special friend if there is. So when there's plenty of time, spend it with them!

Have some me-time and evaluate. Think of all the blessings that surrounds you and you might be surprised how uncountable and rare they are. Don't forget the One who has given you all the joy and happiness there is in your heart.

And lastly, share your happiness! It could be viral, you know. There are plenty of ways on how you can infect someone with a smile. Don't count how many people to share with nor identify who they are, just give it and allow it to boost happiness in your heart!

Don't forget to start the year with a bang! I start from blogging. How would you? :)


Photo taken by: Jazelle Rante
Photo taken in: Herald Suite Solana

Top: M.Z
Shoes: So Fab
Watch: Geneva

Instagram & Twitter: @hannapoleng

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Review | Skin Temptations Grapeseed Oil

This year, I've been active with my Instagram account. From there, I was introduced to a lot of IG shops that formulate and sell what they claim as products that are naturally-made and are all organic. I got rocked and eventually vowed to let go of commercial products that actually did me no good and switch to organics vehemently.

Weeks ago, Miss Joy of Skin Temptations sent me a soap, berry cream and a bottle of Grape seed oil. I was really glad as they are all organic so it would be great to be able to try them. I got really excited as it would be my first time to include an oil as part of my skin care routine. I have been enthusiastic about it that I skipped my moisturizer and subbed the oil to its spot in my regimen so as not to 'over moisturize'.

Grapeseed Oil 20ml
Bought for: Free

Anyway, before I go down to my verdict with this product, let me share to you some of my research regarding its benefits for the body.

Grape seed oil regulates oil production and is full-packed with nutrients such as Vitamin C. It's also considered as an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties. It is also used to treat acne, wrinkles, dry and itchy skin, age spots, sun burns, chapped lips, hair loss, stretch marks, dandruffs and premature skin aging. Just imagine a little bottle with all those hard working components! Now, we're never curious why Grape seed oils has been frequently included in lots of cosmetics, skin care and body care products!

The formula comes in a typical cute amber glass bottle with a dropper. This makes the application easy and hygienic. It has a sticker label and the logo of the brand which can easily be removed. Should the sticker be a bit irremovable, packaging is a winner.

The oil is clear, thinner and more lightweight compared to other carrier oils like castor oil which is thick and heavy when applied on the skin. However, it's still oil that triggers oil production despite it being lightweight and can be absorbed easily by the skin. It smells okay too with a hint of grape on it.

Application: I apply it (instead of my usual moisturizer) every morning and every time I go to sleep to reap maximum results. This is a multi-functional oil so I can also apply it almost every part of my body like my face, hair, hands, and feet.

Although it's organic and has lots of nutrients in it, using this for over weeks tend to break me out. I do not blame it on the oil though as it's characterized to have low chance of clogging the pores (1/5). I have a very oily and pimple-prone skin but sometimes I also think that I have sensitive one. I used the bottle after some chemical peel and maybe this isn't great for maintenance since all my pimples came back. May hiyang factor just got lost somewhere after peel so maybe my skin needed some time to cope with in time before I use another product.

Although this product caused me to breakout, there are still this 85% of my body that needs grape seed oil badly. This is good for the hair if you want to get rid of dry and frizzy waves. I also use it on my hands and feet until now and they were never this smooth and soft before. It helps relieves stress and pressure from a day of hard work and moisturize all my parched pelts too. Aside from that, I include it on my DIY's like facial masks and scrubs and it works really amazing.

VERDICT: This is a product that is worth your every penny. Try it and see why beauty bunnies love Grape seed oils and why it's actually one of the best oils for the skin! I highly recommend it to girls and guys out there who have been suffering from skin dryness.

Have you tried it? Share it here with me! Don't forget to subscribe and do follow me ony Twitter and Instagram account. Happy blogging!



Product was sent by Ate Joy of Skin Temptations. Nonetheless, reviews are all mine and is true without bias.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My First Ever Beautymnl Haul

2016 is fast approaching and I promised myself to mark the coming year as the year for practicing and learning to do my own pro-like makeup. Basically, I'm starting from scratch so I always make time to watch some tutorials on basic application of eye shadows, foundation, lip sticks, mascara, eye liners, contour and most importantly, eyebrow kit to get some tips and tricks. I hardly perfect my shaping and taming my eyebrows and it will always need some real hard work.

To start this goal, I definitely need some beauty products to work my hands on and practice 'til I get to 'paint' like a pro (if that will ever happen, lol). So...I purchased my materials online!

Bought from:
Beauty Mnl (Shop here.)

Dream Satin Skin Liquid Foundation in B4 (PHP499)(PHP350)
Dream Satin Skin Two-Way Cake in B3 (PHP399)(PHP350)
3D Brow and Nose Palette in Dark Brown (PHP299)(PHP250)
Hypercurl Mascara (PHP199)(PHP150)
Fashion Brow in Dark Brown (PHP250)(PHP150)
L'oreal Gel Intenza 36H Eyeliner in Profound Black (PHP399)(PHP350)
Carmex Moisturizing Lip Balm (PHP119)

I first came across Beauty Mnl website while reading Laureen Uy's blog. She's the current face of the shop so I got curious and decided to further explore the shop. I figured out that they have tons of promos every now and then like sales, freebies, discount coupons, and credits so I thought of mini-hoard some of the products of Maybelline. That's why most of my purchases are from this brand.

They also have review portions wherein you will receive PHP500 credits for every successful 35 reviews to be filtered by the moderator. I got PHP1000 credits, mind you.

I love foundations--both liquid and powder. Also, I heard these two acts as a duo and when combined give you great results, so yeah, I did buy both. I also bought their Matte Mousse Foundation in the department store yesterday since the product is not available online. My love for them just shows!

I really have dark eyebrows and I recently dyed my hair blond so black eyebrows look silly. Through using the fashion brow in dark brown, I can lighten up my eyebrows so it would match my hair and complexion nicely. It's also perfect to use with the brow and nose palette to achieve a perfectly framed face.

I love using mascara and it's the first thing I've perfected doing. I hate clumps and unnatural-looking lashes which do not happen with Maybelline Hypercurl Mascara. Also, it's very affordable at PHP150 so you know it's a steal.

I'm supposed to buy the Maybelline Gel Liner but instead settled on Loreal Gel Intenza 36H Eye Liner since its cheaper and discounted and looks a lot more high-end with its glass jar compared to the Maybelline Gel Liner in plastic.

I have been eyeing Carmex lip balms ever since so when I figured out Beauty Mnl carries them, I lost control and grabbed a stick. It smells and feels good on my lips, what other bloggers raved about. Now, I can tell why every body's gushing about this little thing here.

When I made my very first purchase at Beauty Mnl, their freebie includes this Lancome Genifique in 5 ml. I am yet to figure out what's the use of this small yet promising product.

So yeah, that's all for my haul! Stay tune for future full reviews about each product! Happy blogging!


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Re: Affordable Plus Size Dresses!

Plus Size Dresses Have Never Been This Affordable And Accessible Like This Red Chiffon Plus Size Off The Shoulder Mini Dress!
Plus Size Dresses are sometimes hard to find these days and whether we like it or not, brands that usually create and sell these kinds of dresses are not bought at a low cost and they can never be cheap. But I fortunately happened to encounter this website that do not only cater to girls who are petite or slim, but also to those who want to show off their attractive curvy body with these dresses that look beautiful for plus size women and are also trendy and comfy.
This dress looks really fresh, airy and comfy because it is made of chiffon. I really admire the mini off the shoulder style that shows a subtle hint of sexiness without showing too much. It’s the perfect Red dress for that casual evening summer party and also comes in tons of colors too. You can choose from Pink, Tiffany Blue, Beige, or Black. You can choose one that will suit your flavor and style. It’s currently available in the sizes S M L XL XXL 3XL.

It is very affordable because it currently only costs an amazing PHP594 (88% Off) which originally costs about PHP5142! You get to save about PHP4548. That’s an incredibly huge saving for something so beautiful to wear!
Transactions for payment are made through PayPal which is a 100% guaranteed safe method. Want fast shipments? Here’s to Express Shipping because they can deliver your item in just a matter of 3-5 days! If you want to get more gigantic discounts, subscribe to the website and get your free coupon codes.
Browse through pages of different fashionable and beautiful dresses in this website just by clicking on this LINK.


Re: Discover The Inner Unique And Eccentric You With This Colorful Tea Dress!

Who needs to blend in when you can stand-out? I, for one, am definitely more inclined to stand-out than to join the bandwagon. I love unique pieces that don’t only look beautiful but also feel beautiful. Comfort over style, always. But it’s really hard to find these pieces, which makes them even more unique, and once you find one, it comes with a very pricey cost. Will there ever be a unique piece that won’t be too heavy in the pocket?
The answer is a definite yes. I recently found this online shop that sells dresses that are very affordable and so beautiful. And I found the one. The unique one.

This is best fit for women like me who want the unique and fun look without the expensive price. The printed buttons on the fabric is very cute and colorful. It’s not too over the top but it’s also not just simple. I love the drape and structure of this dress which is very appropriate with the print on the fabric. It’s made of polyester so it’s very light and does not crease easily. It is now available in the sizes S M L XL.



This dress is very much affordable too! Currently priced at PHP811 (82% Off) which originally was at PHP4482, you definitely get to save about PHP3671! A pretty nice deal for a pretty nice dress indeed!
Transact your payments with a 100% guaranteed safe method through PayPal and expect to receive your item in just a matter of 3-5 days done by Express Shipping. Bigger discounts await to those who are currently subscribed to the website through free coupon codes.
For a wider closet selection of dresses form the hottest trends to the classic styles, just easily click on this LINK.

Re: Drown In A Sea Of Compliments Without Breaking The Bank With This Black And White Dress

Ever wanted to own a piece of clothing that goods look on you no matter what you pair it with? I have longed to own one since I got interested in the fashion trend and style. But somehow, trendy doesn't do the part well. I want something that's classic, easy to wear, comfortable, but still unique. It's hard to find pieces on shops at mall these days and it gets really exhausting sometimes. But I have finally found what I am looking for.
Black and White Short Dress for Party Casual
This DRESS is classic and unique and definitely inexpensive!

This dress has a classic style with its short sleeves on both arms, a v-neck cut neckline and an a-line short skirt that blends perfectly with the subtle, soft and unique print on the fabric of the dress. It's an eye-catcher because you will rarely ever find something like this in other retail shops, online or off. It fits just right on the waist and on the chest area and can definitely be worn casually or formally. It's made of polyester so expect it to be very comfortable and snug. It available in the sizes S M L.
This number is currently priced at only PHP676 (84% Off). The original cost was at PHP4104 and with this discount you get additional savings of PHP3429! This dress is pretty much a steal because it costs less than it should have been priced at.
Transactions for payments are to be done through PayPal which is guaranteed to be 100% safe! In just a matter of 3-5 days, your item will instantly be delivered through Express Shipping. If you're subscribed to the website, you can get free coupon codes which you can use for additional discounts when you purchase an item.
Choose your perfect style and trend by browsing through hundreds of other dresses by clicking on this LINK.

Re: Get That Sexy And Glamourous Look With This Blue Lace Off Shoulder Dress

Blue Lace Off Shoulder Long Dress for Party Casual Evening
If you want to get that sexy and glamorous look for that casual evening out with your friends or with your boyfriend, then this DRESS is perfect for you! It has a very unique style and design that suits ladies who are chic and fashionable and very trendy. It doesn't need to be paired with layers and layers of jewelries because it is already very beautiful in itself. Just do a pair of sleek high heels, a pair of studded sparkly earrings, and a dainty necklace, and you are already good to go.
Blue Lace Off Shoulder Long Dress for Party Casual Evening
Blue Lace Off Shoulder Long Dress for Party Casual Evening
Blue Lace Off Shoulder Long Dress for Party Casual Evening
I really like the off shoulder style of this dress and the combination of the Beige and Blue color. It's skirt has pleats at the very bottom of it which makes this dress look very fashion-forward. It's lace sleeve plus the lace details on the top are also very chic and unique. The overall aesthetics of this dress is really amazing. Its fabric is made of polyester which is less prone to creasing and comfortable as well. It's currently available in the sizes S M L.
Not only is this dress very pleasing to the wear and eyes, it's also very pleasing with the price. It's currently priced amazingly at PHP784 (88%) which originally cost PHP6416You get to save as much as PHP5632! Its quality is very great considering the price that you pay for it.
Shopping online is very easy with PayPal because you're assured that you get 100% safe transaction. You also get to have fast delivery with Express Shipping within just a matter of 3-5 days! Free coupon code discounts are also offered to those who are subscribed to the website.
You can also browse through more options and dress selections with great big discounts just by clicking on this LINK.


Mini Loot from Skin Temptations!

It took a while for me to write about my recent loot from Skin Temptations. Anyway, finally, I got the time to give my first impression posts about some of their products which was given to me by Ate Joy (thanks sis!). She even left a note asking to accept her gift. How sweet of her! Actually, it's my pleasure to try and write my innermost thoughts about her latest creations.

If you read my previous posts, you'll know that I'm into organic and naturally-made products that's why I'm following lots of them on my Instagram account. I've actually made a mental note to myself to hoard each of them even though there are a whole plethora of options. Just a big thank you, I was given the chance to try Skin Temptations skin care products.

Anyway, let's just randomly discuss the what I've got here! Just a simple warning, you might love everything as they are all worth raving about!

The biggest one in the loot is the Black Bites Bar (PHP100) , the product which instantly caught my attention. It comes in black color and the moment I saw this, I just can't wait to try it! Just give me another week so I can post a full review about it. I seriously wanted to gush about my experiences but not now! Not yet. Hihi!

It claims to give the skin superior whitening and gradual renewal without redness and irritation. It also exfoliates dead skin cells through its resurfacing crystals and willow bark.

Actually, this soap looks promising and it's big enough (135g) for a month of consumption. No breakouts yet, so far, so good! And it smells delicious too!

Th second one is the grape seed oil. I've never tried any beauty oil before since I thought it could trigger more oil production. That's the least I wanted to happen on my face as of the moment, you know. I can't afford to apply oil and eventually start to think of my face as something so unsightly.

However, this Grape Seed Oil (PHP160) is pretty amazing. No breakouts so far. I did not get an oil slick every time I use this (though there's still oil development after hours). It just leaves a sheen finish on my face after application. I guess this is a good sign that my hiyang factor goes to this! Just give me few more days to make my verdict whether it's something that I would want to include in my beauty regimen.

This is the last one from my loot and it's a Berry Kiss Cream (PHP80) that is advisable to use on both lips and cheeks. I am actually a fan of products that acts as multi-taskers like making cheeks flush and adding some natural tint to lips like this so I was really glad that I get to receive one from Skin Temptations. Although upon first use, I can say that it's perfect for my cheeks but not for my lips. It dries to moisturizing matte creme finish but it tends to accentuate dryness on my lips. I'm going to try this on my cheeks for a few more days and see if I get some breakouts. Mind you, my cheeks are very sensitive. Moreover, I find the scent a little bit off-putting but isn't bothersome at all.

All in all, most of their products looks promising to me, looking forward to try their lip balms and soaps soon when I emptied my previous purchases since I don't want them ready to throw away unused.

So yeah, that's all! Stay tuned for full reviews! Wanna try their other products? Go and visit their Instagram page! Don't forget to subscribe too. Happy blogging!


Disclaimer: Products were sent by Skin Temptations. However, all the views, thoughts or opinions presented are guaranteed my own.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Review | Sooper Beaute Pimple Away Solution

There was never a time when my pimples fail to appear on the surface of my skin. No matter what I do, no matter what products I use or how I change my skin care routine, they just keep on coming back. They never get tired and I am.

One of the products I got on my Sooper Beaute Mini Loot is this Pimple Away Solution.

Sooper Beaute Pimple Away Solution (PHP250)(PHP75)

I've bought this bottle while it's on 70% off in their SM Manila kiosk.

The packaging is just fine, no leaking of the product even when placed upside down. It also has 60ml of the product inside so it can lasts you up to two-three months depending on the amount that you put on your skin.

There's complete information about their accounts so you'll know where to ask queries. However, the ingredients list isn't presented at all so you won't know what it's made of, neither some directions for use. All that you'll know is that it has some lemon extract known to lighten skin and prevent acne-formation.

There's also an expiration date sticker on the bottom. Just be careful not to remove the sticker so you'll know when it's time to throw this out.

For the application, it is advisable to use every night together with their Pimple Away Soap, Day and Night Cream to see visible results.I asked Ate Anna (saleslady at their SM Manila kiosk) about this so that's how I knew.

Do you know Maxipeel? For me, this solution performs just like that (without the lightening part though). It causes your skin to peel to reveal your fresher skin underneath. It comes in transparent form, smells like typical solutions, so there's nothing much to say.

This product caused me to peel but using their soap, day and night cream just tortured my skin big time and eventually, the sting became intolerable so I stopped using. There's no significant lightening though but I noticed that I got lesser pimples on my days of using it. The only trouble it gave me was the pain and that's it. Once my skin recovered, I may still use it and give it another chance.

So yeah...tried using it? Share it here with me!

By the way, Sooper Beaute's products still at 70% off so start hoarding now!

Happy blogging!


Sunday, December 6, 2015

Review | Sooper Beaute Underarm Brightener and Spray

I honestly been wanting to post my review about this underarm duo weeks ago but I want to be fair and give these products some justice first before I tell you what my experiences are with them. First, I got these two from Sooper Beaute Kiosk at SM Manila when they were having 70% discount for all of their products. Originally, one retails for PHP250 but I got them for only PHP75/ea. Anyway, keep on reading if you want to know more about them.


Sooper Beaute Underarm Brightener 15g (PHP250)(PHP75)

These underarm brightener promises to smoothen chicken skin, whiten and gently exfoliates underarms with papaya and chamomile extracts, alpha arbutin and citric acid.

It is also advisable to use at night or alternately with their Bleaching Compound.

Just like other Sooper Beaute products, their containers are too big for the amount (15g) but anyway, it's sturdy enough and not fragile, so storing has no problems at all.

It also has the expiration date below to know when it's ready to throw out. However, there was no direction for use or complete ingredients list so you may never know what's in it for your underarms.

The consistency's comparable to that of a whip cream and is thick and creamy. It smells nice as well without a whiff of alcohol. A little goes a long way so a small tub could definitely last you up to two months or three at most.

Verdict: Sad to say, this is one product of theirs that did not meet my expectations. I am really glad that I got it for only PHP75 or I'll forever hate myself for buying it at PHP250. Although it makes my skin soft and smooth, I don't think it ever did anything to chicken skin and uneven skin tone--the problem we always have, girls. Actually, I don't really think it ever did anything to my pits though. Definitely, I'm not getting my hands into it again for like...forever.

Sooper Beaute Underarm Brightener Anti-Perspirant Spray  (PHP250)(PHP75)
This promises to brighten the skin, smoothen and reduces chicken skin, soothes and even out skin tone with papaya and chamomile extracts and alpha arbutin.

I apply it every morning after shower. I love how easy it is to apply this product--one to two spritz for each underarm are enough. It has a transparent, watery-like texture that dries quickly without the greasy feel. It also does not make your light shirts turn yellowish over time.

As you can see, it comes in a spritz bottle--both an advantage and drawback. It's nice since application is easy as pressing the nuzzle yet droplets would tend to go anywhere. I once spray it to the side of my face. Lucky me! >:(

You can also guarantee that it's free from harmful chemicals like parabens.

Verdict: This is a good deo spray. It's convenient to use and is travel-friendly given its size. This will not annoy you since it won't leave you feeling sticky unlike other roll-ons do. It's as if like you didn't put anything on your underarms once it dries out (in seconds after application). However, just like their underarm brightener, even though I used them both for over a month now, I do not see any significant lightening on my underarms. There are still uneven portions and chicken skin.

People may think Sooper Beaute is my favorite brand of organic skin care, but my reviews are all pure and honest without any bias. So yeah, have you tried this duo? You can share it here with me and let's talk about it!

Happy blogging!


DIY: Honey Lip Scrub

Having those ever-dreaded chapped and dry lips? Worry no more! You can already create your own lip scrub which addresses this dilemma in the comfort of your own home. The following basic ingredients can also be found in your kitchen! I've tried doing this before but it's the first time I've ever had the gut to share this recipe to you. Lol.

Just read  and tell yourself that you've found the easiest DIY project there is. After doing your own scrub, you need not to spend much on buying already made lip scrubs online or at the store plus you get to get rid of that dark and dry lips you can get from harmful lipsticks, smoking and abrupt change in weather.

So for the ingredients, you'll only be needing virgin coconut oil (or any oil), honey, strawberry extract(optional), sugar, spoon, bowl and some plastic storage. There's no need for heat as it's all mix and mix! You also never have to worry with how many ingredients to put as you can never go wrong with it!

First, prepare the sugar which is the main ingredient for this DIY. This will help remove dead skin cells on your lips to make it smoother and softer. The amount of sugar in the bowl are just one teaspoon. I prefer to do little because I don't know, I just feel like it's fresher when it's newly-made. Lol.

Next is add some VCO. I just add two drops. The Virgin Coconut Oil will help moisturize your lips and prevent dryness and chapping.

You can also add one to two drops of your preferred food extract. DO NOT PUT TOO MUCH AS YOU DO NOT WANT TO EAT SCRUB THAT TASTES LIKE ALCOHOL. This will serve as the flavor of your lip scrub. I chose strawberry because for me, this is the yummiest of all. You can add some pandan, langka, ube, cinnamon, whichever you like. Extracts are available in any supermarkets. You can also add some coloring since extracts like this comes in transparent and coloring makes it more appeal like the flavor that you put on it. Just remember, these are optional.

You might want to mix everything. This is the most fun part!

Another important ingredients for this lip scrub is the honey! It will make the scrub delectable and fun to apply. It's hydrating and moisturizing properties is also good for your lips!

You have to mix everything. For this DIY, you do not follow which ingredients to put first. You can just throw everything in the bowl and mix. If you prefer to add more honey or oil, then do it as long as the scrub maintains in tolerable abrasiveness to shed dead skin cells.

Then after that, transfer the formula on cosmetic storage like this! Tada! They are now ready to use anytime, anywhere! Just scrub, rinse and remember to moisturize afterwards using some petroleum jelly or organic lip balms. Try not to use chemical-based lipsticks and other lip products as they are the culprit for chapped, dark and dry lips!

Stay tuned for more DIYs in the future. Happy blogging!