Thursday, January 15, 2015

Review: Bobbie Nail Polish Solvent and Correction Pen

For my January Haul, I included these two product from Bobbie--best known nail polish brand producing premium yet affordable nail cremes in the Philippines-- the Bobbie Nail Polish Solvent and Bobbie Nail Polish Correction Pen!

L-R: Bobbie Nail Polish Solvent in 30ml glass bottle and Bobbie Nail Polish Correction Pen in 5.5ml


If you love painting your nails like me, you've probably undergone this abominable moment when you found out that your once perfect (not too thick nor runny) nails polishes gone gooey, creating streaks and bubbles as you apply them on your nails. And you would be like, "How will I save them? Because I can't afford to lose one of my treasured bottles of nail polishes from my favorite brand!" And this would be the end of your dilemma.

What I like?

  • It's very affordable at 29php for a 30ml glass bottle. There was this Caronia Solvent as well and it's pricier than Bobbie since it retails at 35php for 15ml.
  • It has this plastic seal when you open the twist-able cap which prevents drying
  • It really dilutes your old thickened polishes
  • It's toxic-trio free
  • Available in many drugstores nationwide

What I don't like?
  • It's messy when poured into old nail polish bottles. I hope there's a medicine dropper along with this bottle to avoid spillage while transferring the liquid to the small craters of polishes.


Got shaky hands? Worry no more! Because that unwanted streaks and strokes on your skin can be easily removed with this correction pen from Bobbie! If you love trying out different nail arts and accidentally paint the part on your nails that should not be painted, they can be easily removed with this pen!As an amateur nail artist, it's my biggest challenge to make my nails look like done by a pro artist, and I think it's not impossible with the help of this product.

The felt tip looks really like colored pens.

What I like?
  • Affordable at 39php
  • Can be used easily since holding it is like holding a normal pen

What I don't like?
  • Can ruin my nail art

Would I buy these products again? Yes! The moment I'll stop buying Bobbie nail products is when my nails failed to grow anymore. Lol.

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