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Gluta-C Intense Whitening Body Scrub Review

I just ran out of a body scrub so I've recently wandered around Watsons and looked for different drugstore body scrubs until I decided to try this one from Gluta-C. This was the first time I am going to try something from the brand so I was so excited. Also, I'm really into trying out different products as of the moment as I wanted to gauge which product works best for my skin type. It's actually one of my hauls last month (check out my hauls by clicking the 'hauls' tab on my homepage), and finally, I get to start using it weeks ago.

To start off...let me first commend all the packaging of Gluta-C products. Hahah! I don't know if you find them cute, but I just do! The body scrub comes in a tub containing 120g of product which isn't bad considering that it only retails for P99! This is the cheapest among all the other Gluta-C full size products. For a student like me, price is really the verdict of whether to buy a certain product or not. Since I've gone to Watsons for over a hundred times and a hundred more times looking through this product, I've finally been able to buy myself a tub and post a review for it!

What I like about the packaging is that it has all necessary information printed on the back part of the tub. The best thing about this product, for me, is the smell! It reminds me of my perfume from Elizabeth Arden. The smell of Green Tea is very prominent the moment you unscrew it. And it just... I mean...Oh my g! It's just so intoxicating and very relaxing I could go all day sniffing the formula until it runs out! That reminds me that this scrub has Green Tea, making it more ideal for tired skin that needed both physical and mental de-stressing. However, if you aren't so much of a Green Tea fan, you'll find the scent quite strong and bothering.

When you open the tub, you'll see that the formula is very creamy and thick. The scrubs are so visible that you might think it's harsh on the skin but it's actually the other way around. The creamy formulation moisturizes the skin and the grainy texture is abrasive enough to slough away dead skin cells. It really smoothen skin's rough areas in just minutes after application!

According to the packaging, it contains Glutathione, Vitamin C, and Papaya Enzyme, all known effective as skin lighteners. For the lightening effect, however, I noticed that my skin lightens a bit although I cannot say it's because of this scrub since I'm using it together with a kojic soap and a lightening lotion (not Gluta-C Soap though). Although it's nice to know that it works well with different brands of product. It doesn't sting or dry out my skin and doesn't cause me any allergic reactions. I guess it's hypoallergenic lol (not mentioned).

Gluta-C Intense Whitening  Body Scrub--What I like?
  • smells like green tea
  • not harsh on the skin
  • softens and smoothens skin instantly
  • availability
  • packaging
  • moisturizing
  • brightening

Gluta-C Intense Whitening  Body Scrub--What I don't like?
  • need using a lot of the formula for satisfying results making it less affordable since you tend to consume a lot for a single wash
  • my former scrub is still better
  • although I like the packaging, I prefer it to be in a tube so the application will be much easier and hygienic
  • has artificial beads which are harmful for the environment

Verdict: I am quite satisfied with the product and the pros just outweigh the cons so this is good product in the market. However, my previous scrub which is St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub works better than this, hence, pricier. My favorite scrub retails for 250php but every grain is worth it. And I rather buy the latter. And for best results, use it together with Gluta- C Intense Whitening Toner Spritz, Gluta-C Intense Whitening Facial Night Serum and Gluta-C Intense Whitening Facial Day Cream.

Anyway, that's all! Btw, do you mind checking out my other Gluta-C products reviews? They are linked down below, just check them out! Happy blogging!

Gluta-C Insta-White Cream


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