Friday, January 9, 2015

Review: Hortaleza Professional Hair Spa Treatment

As a beauty product junkie *ehem*, I always drop by at every beauty store if I have the time. (I wish I have all the time in the world haha!) Two months ago, I had my hair dyed in this favorite salon of mine. I also had their keratin treatment and they advised me to go back to their salon every month so that I could keep my hair smooth--since dyeing your hair could make your hair rough and frizzy because of the chemical content hair dyes have, I know all you are aware of that lol-- and well, I could not afford to get my hair pampered that often so I head to the HBC store, the nearest one from my place, to find something which I could use for my DIY hair treatment. Oh how I love DIYs, not just you get to learn beautifying yourself, but you could also save a lot!

Anyway, the HBC people (lol) told me that this Hortaleza Hair Spa Treatment is best for color-treated, rebonded and straightened hair. They told me how effective this product is but of course I know better not to believe until I tested it myself. And I wasn't disappointed! Thanks to them I got the chance to try the magic of this tub! Hahah! And I wanna thank them as well for patiently answering my questions until I brought the product all the way to the cashier. They are very accommodating as ever.

Hortaleza Hair Spa Treatment is available in 20g sachets (less than PHP20 I think?), 250g tub (for PHP153) and 500g tub (which retails for PHP200-PHP300). Should I have known at first that HBC has the bigger tub, I would have bought it instead since I could save more if that's the case. Well, talk about being practical. Heheh!


*I poured some honey on it for better effects, thus the tinted product.

What I like:
  • The price. It's very affordable (153php)
  • It lasts long. I bought it two months ago, and its still half full. (If my calculation is correct, buying the largest tub would save you more. This is 153php for 250g. The price of the sachet is 18php for 25g) I didn't buy the largest since it's not available the time I bought this.
  • The smell. Even after two days, the smell still linger in my hair! It's just so sad that I need to use it only once a week. I'm actually tempted to use it as my conditioner instead. Haha!
  • The effect! OMG! I love how it makes my hair feels so soft and smooth you can hardly notice it's a DIY treatment!
  • Exclusively available at HBC stores nationwide.

What I don't like:
  • It has parabens. Although it's not yet clear whether parabens are unsafe or not, it would still be better if we get to be conscious enough as our health is what's at risk here


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