Thursday, January 15, 2015

Review: San San Nail Polish Remover With Vitamin E

Admittedly, I am really into nail polish. I love changing my polish every 3-4 days, and removing the nail polish without drying my nails is really a challenge for me. Before I became aware of the effects of the different nail polish remover, I always buy the Jackie Nail Polish Remover in any drugstores or sari-sari stores nearby which retails for only 5php. It's so cheap that I don't mind changing my nail polish as often as I'd like since well, it's just 5php. But it makes my nails oh-so-dry! That is why I decided to give San San Nail Polish Remover with Vitamin E a try!

A few days ago, I ran out of my other San San Nail Polish Remover (the one that comes with pads) and it is pricier by at least 20php, so I decided to buy the nail polish remover in bottle instead. As you can see on the photo below, the San San Nail Polish Remover comes in cute baby blue plastic bottle. Anyway, sorry for the stained nails! I just removed my red polish. Hehe!

the oh-so-cute bottle
comes in twistable cap with narrow opening so as to avoid spillage

What I like?
  • cute and durable packaging
  • very affordable at 30php
  • available in any HBC stores nationwide
  • the scent is not that strong compared to nail polishes with acetone
  • with Vitamin E
  • acetone-free (non-drying)
What I don't like?
  • dries quickly just like any nail polish remover with acetone
  • hardly removes glittered polishes

Would I buy this again? Yes! But I'd love to try the Cutex Nail Polish Remover first to gauge which nail polish remover is the best!

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