Saturday, April 11, 2015

March and April Hauls: From Clothing to Skin Products!

Advisory (lol): It would be a long post of photos for my last two months(March&April) hauls!

Sorry for that. So yeah, I wasn't able to update my blog for some reasons. To name few, first, I was busy completing my requirements to be passed this second semester of my second year college life. Second, we went to visit our relatives in province. And third, okay, this is a lame excuse, but I have been watching a lot of movies and reading hard-bound books all for the sake of fulfilling my goal to finish everything I downloaded from utorrent. Yeah, lamest of the lamest excuse. Sorry for that.

Some of my hauls for the last two months will be posted again with reviews for the succeeding days of --hopefully--April.

So let's start! Now, for my clothing hauls:

This is a mom-daughter polo shirts from Giordano! My mom and dad were the ones who bought it. Aren't they so cute?

I bought it from ChicaBooti. I love its uneven cut hem: shorter in front and longer at the back. I also love its colorful design!

What I love about this dress is the lower bottom part which is the floral part. And I so love the touch of cerulean!

I think what pushed me to buy this is the sequins that are all over the top. It is cut unevenly as well and I love how it's colored neon.

Just wear it, and you'll probably know why I love this!

I love the animal print that was why I didn't think twice upon buying this pullover.

What can I say? The dress speaks for itself. Perfectly cut!

It's good for casual/semi-formal occasions.

Great for Summer 2015!

Here's a couple of bag, pair of sandals and a shade which my mom has given me!

Pink bag with matching wallet; both from Guess

A messenger bag from Cornell which is perfect for everyday use!

Shades from Guess. Actually, I don't usually buy sunglasses but this one inspires me! (What!?)

This pair of nude sandals from Bandolino, for me, is perfect for summer getaways (and everyday OOTD)!

Now for hair products! Actually, I've got unused bottles since it took time to finish one and my mom kept on buying and buying and buying without even finishing because according to her, "Mas mabuti na na may stock kaysa maubusan." 

Garnier Shampoo and Conditioner from Garnier!

Now, let's go for my skin care hauls!

Can't wait to try this soap!
It's the Under Armed Peeling Solution from Snoe. Can't wait to try it as well!

The very famous Kojie-San! Can't wait to write a review about it!

My all-time favorite scrub from St. Ives!

Lemme show you my cologne/perfume hauls!

Lewis & Pearl is actually my favorite brand of cologne! Not just its cheap, but it has wide range of fragrances that girls out there would surely love!

Sorry it's already half-empty since I transferred some on a spray bottle.

It's 'Very Elixir' from Cosmo Designs Perfumes!

Woah! Quite a long post! Stay tune for more hauls and reviews! Happy blogging! xx

Love, Hanna

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