Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Kojie-San Lightening Soap Review

Who does not want to get whiter skin or at least achieve an even-tone skin--which results from too much sun exposure--here? Many of the Filipino women/ladies nowadays are looking for commercial products such as soaps to whiten their skin: soaps, that acts not just as skin lighteners, but moisturizers as well. And I am so glad to have found this: Kojie-San Lightening Soap! Thanks to my mom who bought me my very first set!

Kojie-San Skin Lightening Soap
Bought for: P72.50
Bought from: Savemore
Available on department stores, drugstore, supermarkets

Kojie-San is the most popular brand of Kojic Soaps in the Philippines (or at least that is what I know). And for me, it is the most effective kojic soap available in the Philippine market. Ugh no! Correction: it is the ONLY soap that works for me! I've tried lots of Kojic soaps ever since I became conscious of my skin tone but nothing satisfied me just like how Kojie-San does.

I always pass through shelves of this soap every time my mom and I go shopping and at first, nothing convinces me to buy one since I've tried like hundreds (OA hahah!) of lightening soaps and nothing works well. I have known Kojie-San for like...forever, but I wasn't convinced of its effectiveness even though most of my friends do...until I was able to use one myself. Currently, I've been using it for almost 5 months and there's no way I'll switch back to other brands of Kojic Soaps I've tried before. Okay, maybe I'll still road test some but I would go back to Kojie-San.

I am not saying that the other brands of lightening soap really don't work. Remember that we all have different types of skin and our skins react differently when exposed to chemicals, but for me, Kojie-San Soaps really do whiten my skin and I want to testify on its effectiveness.

  • Widely available in almost (if not all) markets nationwide with a retail price of 72.50php for every box of 3x65g lightening soaps (Note: there is a bigger package worth 120php for 3 bars and you can also avail by singles)
  • Nice citrus scent
  • Deeply whitens skin for a short period of time
  • Most of the lightening soaps results to dry skin, but I never experienced skin-drying ever since I've used Kojie-San Lightening Soap probably because it has Virgin Coconut Oil that is known to naturally moisturize the skin.
  • Not harsh on the skin unlike other Kojic Soaps which easily irritates my skin when left over a period of time

  • Melts easily
  • Guess I have no major problems at all

Kojie-San Lightening Soap does not only whiten my skin, but moisturize it as well. Be informed that while using soaps that exfoliate and prevent melanin production, it is important to wear sunblock and limit sun exposure to avoid the side effects of using those products.

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