Monday, April 27, 2015

SWATCH & REVIEW: Cutex Nail Polishes in Shades of Pink Nail Art

Do you know what's the best thing to do when bored? Paint your nails.

I started this blog when I figured out that I want to build my own nail polish collection. I prefer buying local products at the moment since they are much cheaper compared to those high-end ones, though, in my own opinion, they offer less satisfactory results. I do not consider it as a problem since I am changing my polish more so often that I don't mind if a bottle of a local nail polish brand chips more easily compared to those expensive ones because I can always re-apply depends on my kind of shade. It would also save me a lot while I do manicure myself.

Rummaging through my nail polish stash, I found these pink shades from Cutex (I believe that it isn't a local nail polish brand though it's four times cheaper). Cutex is so far my most favorite nail lacquer brands because;
  • it does not easily chips
  • it does not create bubbles
  • it dries out quickly
  • it has a nice brush for easy application
  • it is toxic trio-free
  • it has keratin to strengthen nails
  • it comes in a cute size bottle
  • nice shades especially those shades that are duo-chromatic
  • it retails for only 109.75php, but they are 50% off at the moment

However, I have here few negative points for this brand because they are;
  • difficult to look for. I bought mine from Watsons (SM San Lazaro & Victory Mall). I don't know if other Watsons have them.
  • comes in very limited shades only and I hope there are some more
  • frosty nail polishes are streaky when applied
  • smells too strong

Anyway, here's a photo of my current nails! I really love it because it's just so easy to do and let me show you how I did it! Picture! Picture!

My oh-so-yummy nails!

 What I used for my nails this time?

Cutex Nail Polishes in It's My Mystique, I Pink Therefore I Am, Strawberry Fields, Charmed, Caronia Base Coat, Top Coat, Cuticle Conditioner, Scotch Tape, and Scissors

Four shades of pink by Cutex! L-R: I Pink Therefore I Am, Charmed, It's My Mystique, Strawberry Fields

Here's the process on how I made this elegant-looking nail art!

First, is to paint your nails with all pink for the base color. It's somehow carnation pink in shade and if you can just see the frosty finish (well, I know you can't because the picture is on its low quality, sorry!) Be informed that before I painted my nails with this shade, I already applied base coat to protect my nails from polish stains and other chemicals the nail polish has. Don't forget to let it dry first before you proceed to the next step, otherwise, the tape will ruin the polish seriously and you don't want that to happen. Hoho! And when I say dry, it should totally be dry--the kind of dry wherein parts of polish will no longer be attached to the tape when removed.

First step (at least two coats)

Second is to paint your accent nail and every middle part of your nails with the Charmed shade then follow it with the It's My Mystique shade for added shimmers. You can do this by sticking tape on the upper and lower part of your nails, leaving a small rectangular shape in the middle where you will apply the glittery shade. You can use either Charmed or It's My Mystique alone, depends on your choice. But I apply both for a well pigmented and shimmery finish. Don't forget to let it dry!

*DIY TIP: To avoid ruining your polish, you can do so by sticking the tape on any surface first (e.g. skin) before putting them on your nails.

Second step

Results of the second step!

For the next step, I apply the I Pink Therefore I Am shade on the upper half of each nails except the accent nails.  Hmmm! It looks so yummy now! Hahahah! And then of course, don't forget to apply top coat for each nails to lengthen the life of your newly-painted nails or to avoid early polish chipping. Then apply the Caronia Kwik-Dry Conditioner for a smudge-free nails! Then tada! Isn't it so easy? Hoho!

Third step
Note: You can use whatever shades you want for this nail art, of course! :)

So that's my tutorial for today! Stay tuned for more easy nail arts! Happy blogging! xx

Love, Hanna

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