Sunday, May 17, 2015

What is high school?

While deleting some 'things' on my Facebook account, I found this note which reminded me so much of my high school life and how I wanted that moment to come back right now so I could be able to cherish every single thing that happened years ago--when I was still on my big back pack, white socks and checkered uniform. So yeah, just wanted to share his to whoever wanted the same thing. :)

"Drama and fights. Laugh and tears. Breakups and makeups. It's rushing to grow up, then realizing you want your innocence. It's hurting over someone else. It's getting drunk and having your best friends hold your hair back as you puke, then re-capping your night the next morning (although I don't get drunk, just for some who loves to or loved, I mean). It's jealous and envy, rumors and gossips. It's wannable sluts and church girls. It's getting knocked over again and again to the point where you question if you should just stay down. it's disappointments and lies. It's those nights where you want to be alone, but you don't want to feel alone. It's those knots in your stomach that make you want to cry. A fake smile forced upon your face for so long, people actually believe your happy. It's getting back-stabbed and feeling betrayed. It's hearing lie after lie so you learn to never trust anyone but yourself. It's tears on your cheeks that you want to be wiped away by one person, the person who made you cry in the first place. It's growing up, meeting other people. It's moving one in time, lots and lots of time. It's wishing bad things onto people out of anger, it's hope for a happy future and wishing on 11:11. It's learning and discovering new things. It's hurting but still trying. It's learning from the past mistakes and it's laughing over someone you once cried over. It's getting stronger, becoming independent. It's seeing you are can and are happy on your own.

So what is high school? It's a realization you are young, carefree and having fun. A whole future at your feet. So maybe it hurts but that's life. If things always went the way we wanted them to, we'd never appreciate them. Don't listen to everything you hear and take chances, even if it risks getting hurt. Smile and mean it because in 30 years from now, you're going to look back on those years you rushed through and all you'll want is high school. ♥"

Credits to the owner who inspired and made me wanna come back to the way things used to be. Now that I will be on my third year in college in less than  month, it made me reminisce through those times when there were no reports, no sleepless nights nor rigid training--all stepping stones to prepare me to the future that awaits.

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