Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Color Your Hair Brown Using Glam Works Permanent Hair Dye Color!

Yesterday, I mentioned on my blog post that I bought two packets of Glam Works Hair Dye Color in Light Brown. I am just so excited to try this product out since it would be the first time for me to do a diy hair coloring. Tell you what, I enjoyed it! I bought the one which colors hair in light brown because I really wanted a lighter hair for a long time now. Glam Works Permanent Hair Dye Color comes in four (4) shades: Light Brown, Medium Brown, Burgundy and Black. Among the four shades, I wanted the lightest color payoff, and it's the light brown. And I also think that when I buy the other three shades, I would end up regretting since the color wouldn't be that obvious. And you know, I wanted a hair that shouts "Brown!" even in dim places.

Glam Works Permanent Hair Dye Color, P49/ea

According to Glam Works, the hair dye is "made of natural herbal essences and can change the hair color in just one hair washing. It lasts up to 8 weeks, turning the hair naturally bright, and conceals your gray hair naturally. Admittedly, I didn't expect a lot from this product especially one pack is just quite cheap. But I read good reviews about it on other blogs so it increased my hope of getting better results. Anyways, you can't go wrong it naman given the price...

Another thing I like about it is the smell. I am really not that very particular when it comes to the fragrance of a certain product, but who loves the smell of ammonia!? I hate it every time I go to salon and I always have to catch a whiff of those urine-smelling chemicals that can be found on hair dyes and such. I am not saying that the scent is light but it's not that stinky smelling as well compared to other hair dyes. Actually, after rinsing, you can still smell the fragrance of the dye and it's not that strong, so for me, it's no biggie.

Of course I had to follow the instructions. I am very cautious with that because I don't want anything to get wrong on the first time I use a product. So I had to wash my hair first, making sure it's clean because I believe that the dye would stick that much longer than when your hair is covered with dusts and oil. Then I had to wring out my hair to remove excess water.

Upon cutting the edge of the sachet, you will notice this:

You have to mix them both before applying it to your hair. Since I use two sachets for my below-the-shoulder-length hair, I preferred to put the contents first onto a small bowl since I can't hold them all with my two teeny tiny hands. Hahah!

After mixing them, I just applied it on my hair the same way I apply shampoo. And you will notice bubbles! You're just like shampooing while leaving dyes on your hair! But don't forget to use the gloves if you don't want to stain your hands! The sachet has an attached disposable plastic gloves with it anyways.

Then leave your hair for 25 minutes or longer! To avoid staining my white shirt, I had to use my old shower cap that I don't mind to get stained.

Rinse it after 30 minutes! And voila! Just don't forget to apply conditioner afterwards because the chemicals on dyes can make your hair dry! This is what I've noticed upon rinsing. I'm not a fan of conditioners because they make my hair a lot more prone to hairfall but this time is an exception!

The results?

From black to brown!

All in all, I'm quite satisfied with the results (given the price)! Although the color payoff does not completely satisfy my desire for a much lighter hair and even color, I just had to keep in mind that I just paid a hundred bucks for this than thousands if I go to salon!

So girls (and guys), have you tried Glam Works Permanent Hair Dye Color yet? Share it here with me! Happy blogging!


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