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Haul + Review: Best Face Creams in The Philippines

Because of the two-month vacation, I've ran out of my moisturizing cream at home, so I decided to buy another one at the department store, SM Manila. Many thanks to my Broadcast Writing Professor who didn't attend our class yesterday evening so I still got plenty of time to buy stuff at the mall. While looking around shelves and everything, I was faced with a whole plethora of face creams. Seriously, I didn't know which one to buy first as I'm always in the verge of trying out new products every time I finish a tube or what. So yeah, I got home with these products instead. I only got one sachet for each brand since I just want to try them out for a week or two. For me, that's enough time to know if a product suits my skin well.

Aside from the creams, I've bought some facial wash and packs/masks in sachets as well. I didn't include them here as I am planning to give them a review separately.

Featuring: Olay, Ponds, Garnier, iWhite Korea, Myra E, SkinWhite

My first product from iWhite is their facial wash. I remember buying that back when I was in Grade 6. Admittedly, I didn't intend to buy the product alone. It just happened that the facial wash was included in the promo set so I guess I had no choice but to use it as I didn't want a single penny of mine go to waste. Hahah! And I never got disappointed naman so there was no doubt trying out products in the same line as iWhite is one of my most trusted brand when it comes to skin care. You can read my iWhite Korea Facial Cream review here and my iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizing Cream review here.

iWhite Facial Cream @PHP20

iWhite Aqua Moisturizing Cream PHP20

The first time I've tried a Garnier product was when I was in second year high school. My friend--and he's a guy--was the one who gave me a sachet of Garnier and it was for free so just who the hell do I think was I to reject free samples? Hahaha! Anyway, he told me that it's really is effective. I forgot the name of the product but I remember that the sachet was slightly larger and wider than the picture below. I don't know if it's the same thing and Garnier has just change the packaging or what. However, though the cream caused me no breakouts, I find it really greasy and heavy for my face so I had to switch cream. And I'm trying it again some time soon and I'm really looking forward to better results!

Garnier Multi-Action Whitening Cream @PHP15

I've known Pond's for like forever. I can almost tell that it's one if not the most famous brand of whitening creams for teens just like me. However, There's nothing much to say about this product because as I clearly remember, I was never satisfied with Pond's back then the reason why I changed my moisturizer in a snap. But I heard lots of good reviews about it from other blogs and I believe that their products already improved so yeah, I'm trying them out again once and for all. I've bought two sachets, one mainly for lightening skin and the other one was dedicated for acne-prone skin. You can read my review about Pond's White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White Glow Day Cream here!

Pond's White Beauty @PHP10

Pond's White Beauty For Acne-Prone Skin (New Detox Pack) @PHP12.50

Olay is so far the best moisturizer for me when talking about lesser expensive creams in the market. It's one of the reason why my pimple scars from puberty years started to disappear--well, not completely but it helped. I always buy sachets of this brand while I was in high school. Actually, I already forgot why I stopped using this, probably because I also wanted to give other products a try. Anyway, I'm going back and I'll always will.

Olay Natural White Pinkish Fairness @PHP20

Olay Natural White @PHP12

Honestly, I'm not a fan of SkinWhite products. But I adore them for the scent of their creams and lotions. Anyway, they have products on sachets--my target for this post!

SkinWhite Whitening Face Cream @PHP12

This is my first time to try Myra VitaWhite so I'm quite excited. I've already tried their Myra-E Lotion, Face Cream and the capsules. They're quite excellent for the moisturizing factor, but I'm currently focused on lightening creams so I had to stop. As my friend always says, the lotion from their line of lightening products was really effective, so I guess I had to try this one out.

Myra VitaWhite @PHP7
I'll update this post once in a while as I will be linking review posts for each of the product! Anyway, have you tried one of these facial creams? Share it here with me! Happy blogging! xx


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