Friday, July 31, 2015

REVIEW: Pond's Pearl Cleansing Gel

Hello, blogging world! This is gonna be my time to make up for the lack of new posts this past couple of weeks. As usual, I'm kinda busy with everyday shoot and practice. I was just able to interpose it in between my workloads for the day since there was this fumigation at school and we were directed to go home early.

Anyway, after more or less two weeks ago since I bought my tube of Pond's Pearl Cleansing Gel, I think it's now the right time to share with you, guys, my experience upon using this product. Come and join me as I muse about it!

I bought mine during my occasional 'exploration' at Watsons. I wasn't supposed to buy this but it was offered at a discounted price (50% off). This impulsive buyer inside me just won't let this promo slip away without buying one! So I got it for only 80PHP. I've been long wanting (though a bit wary) to try this and I guess this is just the perfect time.

Should I say more about Pond's? We all know that Pond's is one of the country's leading skin care brand that caters to every Filipina's type of skin. Their products claim to give every girl the true fairness they deserve. Since I don't think that's true, I've been wary of trying out new products from their skin care line since I've been having real nightmares while I use one. Nonetheless, this latest innovation from Pond's looks promising and I think I should give this one a speculative try. Well, I'm glad I did.

If you read my previous reviews about other products of Pond's such as the Pond's White Beauty Translucent Pinkish White Glow Day Creams (Read the review here), you'll definitely conclude that it's one of the brands of skin care products that I really hate the most. It is due to the fact that they did cause me breakouts! Had Pond's Pearl Cleansing Gel change my perspective? Scroll down, ladies. ;)

The product comes in a squeeze-type tube, just like the other Pond's products. It's easier though to have it this way since I don't need to frequently tap the tube to squeeze out the content, they would just flow effortlessly as you open. On the contrary, the opening lid is hard to open/close that you really need to pull/push hard while using.

The product doesn't lather much but you can still guarantee that your pores are being cleared off of any dirt and dust that has accumulated on your face the whole day. It is highly moisturizing, unlike other Pond's Facial Wash, Foams, Scrubs which tend to leave your skin dry, although the product might cause some skin tightening. Nonetheless, after use, you will notice that your visage seem to look hydrated and thoroughly cleansed.

The content is transparent and, of course, gel-like in consistency like those hair styling gels although not as thick. In fact, I found the formula is quite runny. The color of the tube somehow outmaneuvered me, thinking that the product is formulated and colored originally in pink when actually the gel is transparent. For me, this is one thing I hate about it. I bought it also because I thought it's really in pink!

See the amount of gel in my hand? That's the amount I lather on my face every morning and night. I believe the effects can be seen faster if you use it generously enough (what!?). Anyway, it doesn't bother me how much I should use as the formula doesn't cause me breakouts unlike other Pond's products. On the other hand, it won't also work in preventing, treating or even alleviating my suffering due to pimple problems. I cryyyyy. However, it's perfect to bring the tube during your working days to freshen up a bit, if, in anyway, you decided to wash your face and just wanted an instant relief especially this very humid season.

See the bubbles? Hahaha, aren't they cute? It's so nice and clever of Pond's to think of it. Probably it is because the product is infused with Pearl Essence and Oxygenated Gel Formula so the texture should justify it. The smell is fine with me, smells like rose, I think? Although, some might find the smell somewhat overpowering.

The Pond's Pearl Cleansing Gel, for me, is suitable and is best for dry and sensitive skin. One thing I like about it is even though the product doesn't lather much even when ample amount is used, you can still feel that your face is fresher and clearer afterwards. The effect is consistent unlike other products which give you the best result only during your first use.

The product claims to make the skin appear fairer and fresher. Again, it is infused with Pearl Essence, known to give glowing, fair skin and Oxygenated gel formula which refreshes, cleanses, removes dirt and excess oil from deep down and leaves skin so soft. All of the above claims are true except for the whitening part. As much as I wanted this product to lighten my skin, it just won't. Maybe because I still need to use it for a longer period of time to notice any significant lightening on my face.

If you are very particular to the ingredients of the product you are using, here are some of the ingredients of the product which might be harmful: Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Tetrasodium EDTA and Cocamide MEA.


a. CLEANSE with Pond’s Pearl Cleansing Gel for whiter and fresher skin
b. MOISTURIZE with Pond’s Dewy Rose Gel for softer and smoother skin
c. FINISH with Pond’s Flawless White BB + Cream for makeup + skin care in one


Yes. Most especially to those who have sensitive and dry skin. But not much to acne-prone skin. If you need something to treat your pimples/acne faster, go for astringents. They work much better. All in all, I think Pond's Pearl Cleansing Gel is worth a try! And let me say it, this is, by far, the only product of Pond's that I think I would repurchase.

Have you tried Pond's Pearl Cleansing Gel? Share it here with me! Happy blogging! xx

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Hello, guys! This is my first time to post about food, so yeah, just skip it or read it (whatever you wanna do). Hahah!

What I am going to share with you today is my favorite everyday food! Well, not literally everyday, but it is my all-the-time and any-season favorite food! And they are...tantarantantan! Mallows! Hahah! I know, I know, it might be a little lame for me to post something like this, but who cares? I really love mallows especially those that are covered in chocolate or flavored as mangoes!

 Every time my mom and I go to groceries, supermarkets or department stores, I always compel her to buy any brand of mallows. There's just no single moment that I happen to forgot to remind my mom to buy one even while she's going alone. I consider mallows as my comfort food. Every time I'm confuse, stress out, mad, delighted, etc, I always crave for mallows.

Of all the brand of mallows available in the market, my favorite is this one: the one which is covered in chocolate and biscuit. These are the choco mallows from Fresco. As you can see, they are covered in aluminum foils. Okay, I'm like reviewing mallows here. Hahah!

It looks like magnum for me, except it's circular in shape. It also reminds me of the ice cream in stick which is sold in DQ. I guess that's what makes it look a lot delectable for me. It is also one food that I won't get sick of. Forget about demeanor, but I am just internally drooling over it. The chocolate is just enough and almost thin so it doesn't tend to satiate my taste buds. Also the biscuit at the base of the mallows helps.

OMG! I just finished my one box for this week and I wanted more!!! I just can't get enough of these food! One box costs only between P50-60 and the marshmallows are no highter than P50! Be careful not to overindulge as it's very high in sugar. Remember, your health and YOUR SKIN are still more important than your daily pleasures. *wink*

What's your everyday food? Share it here with me! Happy blogging! xx

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Selected Pond's Products at 50% Off!

Yesterday, my class was supposed to be at two in the afternoon. While on my way, our block president texted us that our professor on Theater Arts will not be able to attend due to some diagnosed heart disease. We're saddened by this news because she's one of our most cherished professor at school.

Anyway, my next class would be by six in the evening so I still have four hours to spend at the mall. Hahah! First thing that I did was go to Karaoke Hub. Two of my friends from college were there and since I don't know what to do, I just joined them. After 30 minutes, my other friend texted me that she's at the mall as well. I accompanied her and we looked for Western Union because she's bought something online and that was their agreed mode of payment. There was no Western Union inside so we chilled out instead.

First thing we did was go to one of our favorite clothing store: Chicabooti! They offer 30% off on all new arrivals from Australia! My friend and I bought a purse and a headband. Originally they were for $4.99 each but we got them at P79.00 each! I didn't get the chance to buy clothes for most of the available items are a lot bigger than my size. :( Most of the available sizes are 8 (US size) and above and what fits me are only between 4-6. That's the reason why I envy most of the chubby people, they could easily fit on the beautiful dresses of Chicabooti. So in the end, Jonica, my tall friend, bought the pieces which I hope fit my body size.

We also went to Jewels. They are also on sale. Some are offered at Buy 1, Take 1. I didn't buy anything from the store since I think buying their items meant not being practical at all. Also, the quality of their clothes can't justify the prices. Also,  I've seen most of their designs in Divisoria with the prices being much cheaper.

Bench is still on sale, I've bought a couple pair of pants there already and I think that's enough for this month. We also went to Etude House, Tony Moly and The Face Shop. I didn't bought anything but included some of their products on my to-buy things. We went to Watsons and Department stores as well. I've bought sanitary napkins (hehe), the ones which are intended for night use (since my mom always mistaken the pack for day and night use).

But what surprised me is that SELECTED PRODUCTS OF POND'S ARE AT 50% OFF INCLUDING THEIR CLEANSING GEL! However, today is the last day of the sale! So hurry up, girls!

Pond's Pearl Cleansing Gel 100g (P80.00)
Pond's Dewy Rose Gel 50g (P199.00)
Pond's Age Miracle Night Cream 50g (P349.00)
Pond's Firm & Lift Day Cream 50g (P449.00)
Pond's Firm & Lift Eye Contour Lifter (P325.00)
Pond's Firm & Lift Targeted Lifting Massager (P499.00)

I've been eyeing the cleansing gel, (one of the latest product from Pond's), and I was glad that it was included in the Pond's sale! It originally retails for P160.00 but I got it for only P80.00! Even though I still have my facial wash at home, I just can't let this moment slip away. Ha! I just wish that they extend the sale for I was planning to buy the Dewy Rose Gel as well. :( Anyway, I'll be posting a review for the cleansing gel once I've tried it.

So that's it! Hppy blogging! xx

Friday, July 17, 2015

Pastel Colors For My Nails ft. San San Polishes

Happy Eid'l Fitr! And because it's a no-class day, then I've got lots of time to paint my nails! Yieha!

Due to tedious projects and home works that we're supposed to finish these past few weeks, I've got no time to even pamper myself by painting my nails which, definitely, has been a hobby of mine since...well, I forgot. *face palm* Actually, I have still one report to do but too indolent to even start working. But I have generous time for blogging. *dance dance dance*

Anyway, the polishes that I used today were all from San San, my favorite local brand of polishes. Photos? Sure. And another thing, I've took lots of them. Since I do not know which photo should I feature, might as well include them all in this post.

Back when I was still in grade school, I always love to apply different shades on all of my finger nails. Since I was in love with them, and cannot choose which one's the best, then I prefer getting my nails painted using each bottle. It's like putting rainbow on my nails except they are not the rainbow colors. Hahah!

As you can see, the bottle looks sturdy enough for longer storage period. I actually dropped one during the photoshoot and it didn't break though. It has this signature polish handle colored in blue with the shiny silver-like plastic in the lower part.

One bottle costs only PHP37 (for a 12ml bottle), hence, the quality of the products exceeded all my expectations. I do not intend to compare them to high-end brands of nail lacquers since I haven't even tried one. The only brand of nail polish (which is more expensive than local brands such as Caronia, Chic, Bobbie, etc) is the Cutex which undeniably is still a lot cheaper than Orly, Zoya, etc (price ranges from PHP300 up to thousands). And there was no way that I would be able to collect nail polish from China Glaze, Orly, Sally Hansen, etc during these times because I was only getting money from my allowance.

If you can see, the brushes are almost similar to those of high-ends'. I cannot comment on the consistency/texture and application although I've read some reviews from other blogs that it works just as good as pricier brands.

But if you are to ask me, the application is pretty good. The brush is wider compared to other local brands so the application takes lesser time to do so. On the first coat, you will see that the polish is not that opaque enough (since they are pastel and you cannot expect a strong color payoff). You will notice streaks also. Note that I am not the professional in doing manicure.

And another thing that I like about them is that they don't tend to create bubbles. It also takes 4-5 days before you notice some cracks on your nails.

first coat

second coat
So that's my mani for today! Try to mix and match too girls! Happy blogging! xx

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My Favorite Shades from Cutex

Hello! Today, I am going to swatch two of my most favorite nail colors by Cutex! These are green and Coral! Well, I actually don't like green of any shades or brand before I get to try these gorgeous colors from Cutex. I found these two as I went to Watsons at SM San Lazaro last December. Right. They have been sitting on my stash unused for quite a long time now. I hate myself for not trying them on as soon as I got them.

As I have told you, I used to hate greens of any shade so I didn't get the chance to try the green one the soonest since I also bought it for collection purposes. It turned out that it's the very first green polish I have ever had in my stash. Would you give me a high-five for that? LOL.

Picture! Picture!

Look at them! Aren't they cute? They are a bit different from the actual colors because I took the pictures during night time since I prefer painting my nails at night.

And the best thing about these colors is that I thnk they are perfect for my complexion! Plus they make my nails healthier because it's keratin-infused! I love that the texture's neither too runny nor too thick. It just glides well with every stroke, you'll definitely feel like you're a pro! I used to apply it after my preferred base coat. For the photos below, I used two coats only and I got a very pigmented nails already.

This is the actual color. Isn't it the best shade of green ever? Hihi I think the color's between pastel green and dark green. And on the back of the bottle, the name says, "Green there, done that." I currently have more than a dozen of Cutex Nail Colors, yet I have used only these two. Anyway, I'm planning to use the other shades the next time for another blog review.

This one's the "Tropical Bliss". The color here's a bit darker than the actual shade. It ranges between neon pink and coral pink. Hihi. It's just too girly but I'm loving it even more every time I look at my nails! I love how it makes my hand elegant-looking and everything! Looking forward to try the other shades on my stash soon!

What I like?
  • has keratin for healthier nails
  • packaging doesn't look cheap.
  • not too thick nor too runny.
  • costs 109php for a 7ml bottle originally, but I bought it at more than half the price (PHP50) because I think they are on sale?
  • the brush is quite manageable and thick for the bottle size that it doesn't need too much stroke to cover my nail plates
  • single coat could be enough, that's how pigmented the polishes are (I just apply another coat so it won't chip faster)
  • big-5 toxins free!
  • quick-drying
  • doesn't create streaky lines
  • doesn't smell like paint or rugby
  • available on Watsons (SM Valenzuela, SM San Lazaro particularly)

What I don't like?
  • comes in a very limited shades (I think what Watsons in SM San Lazaro been selling are pull out or surplus of US Cutex branches because they any comes in a very limited shades (for these 7ml bottles only). There are bigger ones, I forgot the size, but they are pricier of course.)
  • They are too small. I hope there's bigger sizes available because they run out too fast considering I change my polish every other day!

Would I buy this product again? Definitely, yes! Until the last stock runs out. Hahah!

Would I recommend this brand? Totally! If I'm not mistaken, it's the very first ever brand of liquid nail polish that has been established worldwide back in 20th century, so for me, it's quite a privilege to own even a single bottle from this brand!

Have you tried Cutex already? Feel free to share it here with me! Happy blogging! xx

REVIEW: Caronia Nail Care Top Coat, Base Coat, and Cuticle Conditioner

Got a problem with easy-chipping nail polishes? All it takes is just a day and there would be slight cracks and peel on your nail bed already? Say goodbye to them now! Because you can now have professional-like manis and pedis in the comfort of your own home! What I'm going to review is the Caronia Nail Hardener And Base Coat, Caronia Fast-Dry Top Coat and Caronia Kwik-dry And Cuticle Conditioner.

In 1968, founders of Vibelle Manufacturing Corporation, Don Vicente Ang and his wife Belen introduced the first locally produced nail polish brand in the Philippine market, Caronia.

Caronia, named after the luxury ship, RMS Caronia easily became a popular brand among Filipinas because it provided them an alternative to limitedly available imported nail care brands.

Caronia Nail Hardener And Base Coat (PHP49)
Caronia Fast-Dry Top Coat (PHP49)
and Caronia Kwik-dry And Cuticle Conditioner (PHP39)


If you want your nail polishes to stay longer on your nails without chipping or anything, I suggest that you use a base coat. To tell you honestly, I don't use any base coat before applying nail polish back when I was elementary nor when I was in high school. But when I became so addicted to nail polishes, that's when I became more aware to things essential for healthier nails such as base coats, top coats, nail polish remover.

Tell you what, this is my first ever brand of base coat that I was able to try. The next one is the San San (I'll be posting a different review for that one). Anyhow, Caronia changed my views whe it comes to nail care. Number rule which I have known: Invest in an efficient base coat prior to using colored polishes. It will prevent stains and will help in making your nails fuller and stronger with every coloring.

What it claims: Protect your nails from breaking and chipping with a base coat that locks on to nail polish color!

What I like:

  • doesn't look cheap.
  • prevents my nails from yellowing
  • retails for only PHP39 for a 15ml bottle
  • does what it claims
  • makes my nails harder which always weaken when cleaned using cuticle pusher
  • dries quickly
  • widely available

What I don't like:
  • smells like rugby.
  • brush is so thin that it takes too much strokes to cover my nails with base coat
  • has 30% Toulene, Formaldehyde, and DBP! For short, it has the Big 3 Toxins we always dreaded and wanted to avoid on products (Anyhow, it doesn't matter if you're not a health conscious. But I am! And as I said, I never care to nail products before as long as there's nail polish. I have already bought it before I discovered that nail polishes also has toxins which might be harmful for the health)


If you're really into nail polish, without a top coat will definitely make you feel that your manicure isn't done well. Like a house without furniture. While you can top off your polishes with colorless, Caronia Fast-Dry Top Coat assures you to dry your nails even faster.

What it claims: Get durable, glossy finish in express time!

What I like:
  • very effective in drying my nail polish faster
  • very good in providing your nails that glossy look even after days of handy works
  • protects your nails from chipping. (Well, with base coat and top coat, I noticed that even after a week, there is still very minimal to no chipping which is a lot better than having applied nail polish only)
  • 15 ml bottle costs 49php only
  • doesn't contain the Big 3 Toxins except I'm using it together with the base coat
  • widely available
What I don't like:
  • smells like those rubber balloons that children always wanted to play
  • makes me feel dizzy everytime I caught a whiff
  • the brush is too thin for my nails (I'm having thin nails as well)


While I already topped my nail polish with my preferred top coat, I still apply Kwik-Dry & Cuticle Conditioner. Although it's not that necessary (in my own opinion) since my top coat is already fast-drying, I still apply it for conditioning purposes. It also prevents my nails from getting smudges, dirt and even light touches--which I always get from certain activities--which ruin my manis and pedis. Anyways, who would want ugly nail polish? Of course, you would want it to be as perfect as the first time you apply your nail polish. So if you would want a well-moisturized, added fast-drying components and smudge-free nails, you definitely would want to give this a go!

What it claims: Dry your nail polish faster and keep it smudge-free while you condition your cuticles at the same time!

What I like:

  • totally Big 3 Toxins-free (though, as I was saying, using it together with the Caronia Top Coat does not make any difference at all)
  • has mineral oil for further moisturizing effect (Best use it at night before you sleep to find you nails the next morning totally smooth-looking!)
  • very cheap as well for only 49php for a 15ml bottle
  • doesn't smell strong like the top coat and base coat, probably because of its ingredients
  • Widely available

What I don't like:
  • None


As of now, I'm still in the process of trying out new things to find what suits me best. But in any instance I'm not satisfied with any product which offers the same service, well, yes, I am most certain to buy these again!

Have you tried any Caronia product? Feel free ro share it here with me! Happy blogging! xx

SWATCH AND REVIEW: Wonder Woman Nail Polish Duo by Bench

Hi, guys! Wanna tell you that I so love this nail polish duo I bought from Bench! But first, et me show you the things that I used for my today's manicure before we proceed to further details!

(From left to right: Caronia Nail Hardener & Base Coat (for holding nail polish) 49php, Wonder Woman Nail Polish Duo in Gold, Wonder Woman Nail Polish Duo in shimmering pink 129php (available in all Bench stores nationwide), Caronia Fast-Dry Top Coat to fully seal the color 49php and Caronia Kwik-Dry & Cuticle Conditioner for smudge free nails 49php, and the San San Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover Pads 49php)

So here's another nail polish blog post. Today, I'm going to show you my most honest thoughts about this Nail Polish Duo by Bench. How I got this? Well, As my mom and I went shopping and everything, this suddenly caught my attention. Obviously, it's the packaging. It just looks great! Although I don't like the blue handle. It looks like a typical polish handle though it doesn't look cheap. Plus the nail polish is heavy, probably because of the heavily-lidded glass packaging. As I paid in the cashier area, I happen to notice the different shades of nail polish display just right behind the wax and other hair styling products of Bench. I actually didn't know that Bench also sells nail polish. I guess I am not that so keen as when I go there, I just look for tees or pants only.

So yeah, as the cashier punch all the stuff we've bought, I took the chance to look at their polish, and I saw these!

I'm really glad that when my mom saw me looking at them, she insisted that I include those on the things that we're buying. And that's how I got these! Maybe mom just saw this on me that I'm internally drooling over the polishes lol haha!

There are actually three of these, one has this red and blue duo, while the other one is gold and red. But since I fell in love with these gold and pink first, I chose them instead! I am actually planning to buy the other two next time I drop by Bench.

After applying base coat, I applied my first coat of this pink one on four nails only. Since this is a duo, I believe that I can't use just one of them, so I prefer to apply the gold one on my accent/ring finger instead. I don't know if they go well but hey, since they came from the same packaging, I think they are like a combo.

You can almost see little specks of green, gold, red, orange, violet, etc in the pink nail polish. Gold is the most prominent. So anyway, I love glittery shades, and I think that was what persuaded me to get this duo. Haha. What I didn't like is that the polish is not really opaque. It wasn't very pigmented at all that I had to apply several coats to get the finish that I wanted.

 (first coat)

Another thing I didn't like about the pink one is that it's quick-drying (in a bad way). I am just spreading the polish on my nail plate when the consistency of the fluid gets thick already. Well, for some other people, maybe that's a good thing since drying will be faster, but for me, it just makes the whole thing messy. But this isn't a problem if you have solvent for thinning out nail enamels.

As for the gold one, I have no problem with it. It just glides smoothly. Plus I really love the color gold when it comes to nail polish! Its elegance just never fades.

On my second coat, I achieved the fullness and opacity I wanted. It lasts 4 days in me before I got minimal chipping. The top coat and base coats helped a lot!

(second coat with top coat)

For this duo, you will just have to pay for as low as 129php. Not bad!

On the base of the bottle, here's a sticker there that says Warrior Princess. It's kinda made me feel like I am a warrior too lol! I guess it refers to the duo color? It has no ingredients listed on the nail polish. However, the full details are to be read on the plastic packaging.

So yeah, I think that's all I have to say! Happy blogging! xx

REVIEW: Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Fortifying Shampoo And Conditioner

If there's any part of my body that I care less, I'll tell you it's my hair. Not that I don't care whether it's damaged or what, but as long as I see that there's still this normal shine and vitality, then I don't mind it that much. And if there's any part of my body that requires less attention, I guess it's my hair as well.

My friends would usually compliment my hair especially back when I still haven't cut my hair short. They always say that it's beautiful. I say it might look beautiful for you because it's long. And seriously, it's hard to allow your hair to grow butt-long when there's split-ends and hair fall that's been bothering you. Now that I have medium-length hair, it's easier to take care of it.

But it has been easier when my mom brought home Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Shampoo and Conditioner.

Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Fortifying Shampoo And Conditioner

When we ran out of the shampoo and the conditioner, I had to immediately search online as to where I could avail for another bottle. Sadly, all that dealers and shops are based abroad. So where do I get them here in the Philippines? Can someone tell me please??? Pretty please??? My mom said that she actually didn't buy it herself. It was given to her by her colleague. Well, Garnier sells their products here so I thought I could easily avail their shampoos and conditioners as well. But no.

Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Fortifying Shampoo ($3.99)

Just like what I've said, I care less for my hair than other parts of my body. So as a result, I don't spend much on products concerning hair care. I don't even give a deym as to which brand of shampoo I am to use. As long as there isn't significant drying, then, let's not talk about it. Geez. *clap clap

Anyway, the pearly peach-colored formula produces a frothy lather and has a yummy tropical scent like the scent of pineapple and melon.

Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Fortifying Conditioner ($3.99)
And when I care less for my hair, then I don't care whether or not I use conditioner at all. I'm not actually fond of conditioners because I think they tend to make hair flat and greasy. My face is oily so as my scalp so I don't think I need to use anything that would greatly contribute to oil buildup. So it's a no no for me.

Click the photo to enlarge (shampoo)

The product is proven to perform 3X the damage resistance. It is a moisturizing shampoo for hair that has lost the shine it once had. It also cleanses, fortifies hair shaft and makes hair stronger.

For it to really take effect, you have to use it for a week or more. After that, you will notice that your hair will become stronger than ever. I suffered from hair fall lately and I think it's primarily due to school stress. And with the constant use of this shampoo, every time I brush my hair (when wet), there's significant lesser hair that's sticking on the bristles of my brush. And take note, the results I experienced was before I used the shampoo together with the conditioner. Using the conditioner brought much better results.

The formula includes Sodium laureth sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate which (may cause serious harm yet) cleanses hair; coconut oil, cupuaçu butter, and sugar cane extract which helps lock in moisture; and hydrolyzed corn, soy, and wheat proteins which works to strengthen hair.

There's just one thing I don't like about the shampoo. It does cause dandruff.

Click the photo to enlarge (conditioner)

Since I started to love the shampoo, I told myself, “why not try the conditioner as well?” And I regret something: that is not using the conditioner and the shampoo at the same time. The results were unbelievable. My friends would always say that my hair is ‘bubbly’ and is so soft! I need not to blow dry my hair since using both the shampoo and conditioner give extra volume to my hair. There’s always been flyaways but the conditioner fix them all. Now my hair’s flatter (without the flat figure if you know what I mean).

The formula's yellow and creamy in texture and it looks yummy too. The pale peach formula feels rich and creamy and smells like ripe tropical fruit. It also has mineral oil, glycerin, and coconut oil to moisturize every strand; cupuaçu butter and corn, soy, and wheat proteins which works to strengthen hair from roots to tips.

If you regularly use heat-styling tools, here's your chance to fix your hair's problems. One week of washing with this shampoo and conditioner, your frayed hair actually lay flatter and felt significantly smoother and silkier. And after a month of washing, your hair stopped breaking off so easily so you can style your hair whichever, whatever, whenever you want!

Have you tried Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser Fortifying Shampoo And Conditioner already? Feel free to share it here with me! Happy blogging! xx

Love, Hanna

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

UNI Kojic With Gluta Whitening Beauty Soap Review

How would you feel when a friend of yours or someone you used to know suddenly complimented your skin tone by asking, "Lalo kang pumuti ah. Anong gamit mong sabon?" ("You look fairer. What soap are you using?"). For me, it was kind of uplifting that someone notices how careful you take care of your skin. But the best part is...telling them what soap you really are using and advising them in order to get the same result. In a way, you help them discover what products might suit them.

We all know that most of the Pinays are kayumanggi (brown) in complexion. It is by nature and we can't do anything about it. We are gifted with this skin tone just like how Koreans or Americans were gifted with a fairer complexion. As a result, we tend to buy products infused with different ingredients which can make our skin tones lighter. And because of this high demand, almost all of the beauty/skin care brands offer huge selection of products which claim to whiten Asian skin.

Speaking of beauty commodities, we have this highest expectations on products which contain Glutathione and Kojic Acid to whiten our skin. Believe me, I am one of those hoarders of anything that can cause skin lightening. Don't get me wrong, I was born with a somehow fair complexion. My mom was fair and thank goodness I got her skin tone. Still, I wanted to find products which would eventually make my skin even toned and brighter after years of staying under the sun, especially when I was in high school when we had to undergo Citizenship Advancement Training. Believe me, I got at least three tones darker and back then, I hadn't been introduced to sun screen benefits just yet. I thought sunblocks can only be used for swimming since that's where you get most of the tan.

Anyway, enough of my high school life...what I'm going to review today is the UNI Kojic With Gluta Whitening Beauty Soap. But first, I think you should have some more background about Kojic Soaps, how it works, its benefits, etc by reading the full article here.

As you can see, they can be availed for 2 bars of soap for the price of 1! I forgot the price but it's way too cheap (not over a hundred bucks for a 135g X 2 bar). Because my mom and I have grown so much love for this soap, this is already our fourth box. Basically, we have been using this soap for 2-3 months already. And it became my favorite, probably one of the best among all the Kojic Soaps I have used before.

As you can see the soap is sealed in a plastic and is almost divided into two parts. The upper one is obviously the signature color of Kojic Soaps, orange, and the lower portion is the Glutathione. If you are to use the soap all over your visage and body (just like me), then a bar is likely to stay un-melted for at least a week. Just a note of advice, for longer staying power of Kojic and Glutathione Soaps, you can divide/slice the soap in twos or fours so only there's a quarter-size to use. Return the other soaps on the box and keep it there until you needed another one. Believe me, my mom had praised me for the idea since being covered in water during bathing tends to melt it easily, right? (Thanks to Kim for this advice!)

The best thing about this soap is that it does not cause me breakouts, instead, it prevents them to occur. I just massage it all over my body during bath time twice a day, then let it sit for minutes before rinsing off. Upon frequent use, I notice that my skin really became even toned. Although I do not recommend this to those who have dry skin as it may sting and to those who do not want to experience micropeeling.

Unlike other whitening soaps, this does not at all leave my skin dry probably because it is formulated with moisturizers. On the other hand, after my first week of use, I notice that the skin on my body started to peel (except for the face). It's a good thing for me though, my body was getting rid of dead skin cells for a healthier and newer skin. And after the peeling, I noticed that my skin tone became lighter. I held no bias, o'right?

During the second week, I experienced peeling also. I started to hate the soap for the frequent peeling but it has been the last time for the first month of use. I still experience peeling every now and then but I think it's a proof that the soap is really working and it still allows the skin to fully recover first. Just make sure to apply generous amount of moisturizer, preferably sun block, afterwards while or while not experiencing peeling as it's better than take a risk since using lightening soaps may increase skin's sensitivity to the sun.

Would I recommend it?

Definitely! I've been recommending it to my friends and I will be recommending it to everyone who does not mind experiencing peeling upon use and those who have extra time to still apply sunblock/moisturizers after taking a bath as lightening soaps increase skin's sensitivity to the sun. And most especially, I recommend it to those who love to try effective products without breaking the bank (just like me)! For more recommended Kojic Soaps that are must-try and which are available in the market, please do check kojic acid soap reviews.

Have you tried UNI Kojic With Gluta Whitening Beauty Soap before? Let's talk about it here! Happy blogging!


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