Friday, July 10, 2015

iWhite Korea Will Be Giving Away Some Goodies & A Canvas Bag!

IWhite Korea just ended their summer promo contest and now hosting their rainy season promo contest! Being an avid user of iWhite Products from packs to moisturizers, I won't let this opportunity slip away from me. I also joined the contest haha. While reading reviews of their products, I accidentally happened to drop by on their Facebook Page and found out that I haven't liked their page yet. So I followed them (seriously, like a stalker), scrolled down and down and down and found their ongoing rainy season contest! Hahaha!

I never had the chance to join in their previous contest and it's my time now! I don't really expect to win but, I just wanted to submit an entry. You know what, I really love to join contests like this where prizes include beauty and skin care products.

Actually, I once won in the Chic Nails Centre contest where participants must submit a nail art using one of the polishes in Kathryn Bernardo's Collection. The prizes includes 500 worth of Robinsons GCs and a Limited Edition Kathryn Bernardo Planner. I wasn't able to claim my prize since the claiming location is far away from my place. It was just so sad when you know you won but just can't claim your prize.

Promo mechanics:

As you can see, the mechanics for this contest is pretty easy. All you have to do is upload your rainy season outfit and answer the question "What is your iWhite skincare rainy season regimen?". PM them your photo together with your full name, location and mobile number and tada! You just have to wait for the announcement of winners. Ms. Iris Cee was the June winner.

And for my entry?

My photo entry on Facebook

My answer

I also entered on Twitter but 140 characters is too short so I had to use for my answer!

I didn't enter on Instagram since I'm not an active Instagram user as of the moment.

Have you already entered girls? Join now for a chance to win iWhite goodies and the canvas bag! For more information regarding the contest, you can visit their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts!

Happy blogging! xx

Love, Hanna


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