Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Jagthug's Giving Away Bags (Minimum Purchase Required)

Guys and girls (particularly youth)! Jagthug's giving away FREE fold over bags for every minimum purchase of P2,700.00 of Jag's ladies wear regular-priced item and Duffle Denim Bags for every single receipt minimum purchase worth P3,500.00 of any Jag's Men's wear regular-priced item. Hurry guys and girls as the promo will end this July 16, 2015!

  • JAGTHUG is an urban teens brand established under JAG Jeans since 2002. It is glean from work-force community of Bronx, New York City. Its culture and lifestyle was born in the period when freestylers were celebrities, breeding in the exclusive underground scene. The brand has gained a strong influence in the teen adrenaline junkies and hobbyist, that are gaining popularity in their own fields in music, art, fashion simultaneously exploring their extreme passion in online gaming, extreme sports like board riding and drag racing… now conquering the world of dance.

    The functionality, style influence of the seasonal collections bears character of this new youth genre, screaming of its unique energy and individuality.
Products incloude round neck shirts, sportshirts, polo, jackets and jeans.

For more information regarding the promo, you can visit their Facebook page.

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