Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Hello, guys! This is my first time to post about food, so yeah, just skip it or read it (whatever you wanna do). Hahah!

What I am going to share with you today is my favorite everyday food! Well, not literally everyday, but it is my all-the-time and any-season favorite food! And they are...tantarantantan! Mallows! Hahah! I know, I know, it might be a little lame for me to post something like this, but who cares? I really love mallows especially those that are covered in chocolate or flavored as mangoes!

 Every time my mom and I go to groceries, supermarkets or department stores, I always compel her to buy any brand of mallows. There's just no single moment that I happen to forgot to remind my mom to buy one even while she's going alone. I consider mallows as my comfort food. Every time I'm confuse, stress out, mad, delighted, etc, I always crave for mallows.

Of all the brand of mallows available in the market, my favorite is this one: the one which is covered in chocolate and biscuit. These are the choco mallows from Fresco. As you can see, they are covered in aluminum foils. Okay, I'm like reviewing mallows here. Hahah!

It looks like magnum for me, except it's circular in shape. It also reminds me of the ice cream in stick which is sold in DQ. I guess that's what makes it look a lot delectable for me. It is also one food that I won't get sick of. Forget about demeanor, but I am just internally drooling over it. The chocolate is just enough and almost thin so it doesn't tend to satiate my taste buds. Also the biscuit at the base of the mallows helps.

OMG! I just finished my one box for this week and I wanted more!!! I just can't get enough of these food! One box costs only between P50-60 and the marshmallows are no highter than P50! Be careful not to overindulge as it's very high in sugar. Remember, your health and YOUR SKIN are still more important than your daily pleasures. *wink*

What's your everyday food? Share it here with me! Happy blogging! xx


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