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A Bonne' Spa Milk Salt Review

A Bonne Spa Milk Salt 380g
Bought for: P100

One of my purchases from my Mid-year Haul Collection post was the A Bonne' Spa Milk Salt--one of the things that has been long sitting in my to-buy list. I was really glad when I went to Watsons and found this. Just like what I've said, it wasn't on sale, but I still included it in my purchases because there are lots of good reviews about it compared to other salt scrubs available in the market. Salt scrubs weren't actually on the uppermost part of my list, but I saw it on one of the shelves of Watsons, and just grab it on a whim. Since I was also looking for a cheaper alternative for my St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub, it wasn't really a bad idea that I got this.

Actually, I was torn between getting the ActiveWhite Salt Scrub and the A Bonne' Spa Milk Salt because they both look quite promising to me. However, I had to decide (one of my hardest decision) which one to try out first. So I based it on the packaging. Hahah! Since the A Bonne' Spa Milk Salt's pink and black layout in the packaging first grabbed my attention, then I went home with it.

According to A Bonne, this product is a skin whitening and slimming product with milk formula and natural spa benefits. It also has Pure Milk which would help retain moisture, prevent dryness and roughness, give your skin radiance, Alpha Arbutin which promote even skin color and lightening effects, and Allantoin known for its anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to soothe skin irritation. Being a scrub, it mainly aims to remove deep-seated dirt and dead skin cells that has been accumulated in your skin for a long time.

The product being made from Thailand is a plus point for me. I mean Thai products are famous for skin care. That was what made me more enthusiastic about trying this.

Product is full to the brim!

One of the things I like about it is the smell! Oh my goodness! I have used Watsons Salt Scrub before but the smell is nothing compared to this! I had to seriously suppress myself not to eat these tiny grains of salt! I have been a fan of beauty products with milk on it because I bet they would smell great and I wasn't wrong.

Another thing I like about it is the feeling it leaves my skin after rinsing my body with water. It just feels so soft, not a hint of dryness at all, like there's some body conditioner on it. I apply kasi this salt scrub after cleansing my skin so I need not to soap my whole body after exfoliating. I also apply it in circular motion and with real gentleness and let it stay for at least a minute or until the very last grain of salt melts away. Then afterwards, I'll pat dry my skin with a gentle towel, I would still apply lotion to relieve pressure on my skin.

The only problem I had with salt scrubs is how messy application can be since there's nothing to hold the grains altogether. Tendency is, some of the products just go to the sink...unused and deprived of the chance to work wonders on my skin. Huhuhu, so what I usually do is combine it with honey before I apply it on my skin!

If you are to see the real product, you can tell that the product is almost similar to powdered milk in texture and smells almost just the same. Compared to other salt scrubs that I used before, this is gentler, still be careful enough while massaging it on your skin as some skin might still find it abrasive.

And I do not apply it on my face as it stings so much and I find it a bit rough and abrasive for thin skin like my face! I don't know why but it just not seem perfect for it. Nonetheless, it works great for my body. Composed entirely of Sodium Chloride (Salt), the formula easily melts on your skin, so you might want to take advantage of it while still it's in its concrete form. And you can use as many product as you like (like I always do) since it's not very expensive naman. And try not to use it often (just two to three times a week as exfoliating often may do more harm than good on your skin.

As for the lightening effect (which I am always skeptical about), I didn't want to measure how my skin tone became fairer since I am currently using Kojic Acid Soap and I don't know which one should take the credit. However, every time I use this salt scrub, I notice that my skin brightened and smoothened.

Yeah, that's my belief in beauty products, that they don't really lighten your skin, they just make it brighter or more even toned, but not a tone lighter/fairer. With the exemption, of course, of Glutathione soaps and capsules and Kojic Soaps because I really believe in the power of them in lightening the skin. Who wouldn't anyway, right?

Would I recommend it?

I highly do recommend trying out A Bonne' Spa Milk Salt to those who are looking for alternatives on much more expensive salt scrubs. It's cheap, yet effective. Girls, there's no harm in trying! The best thing about not-so-expensive-products is that you don't have to commit too much.

Have you tried A Bonne' Spa Milk Salt? Feel free to share it here with me. And I'd be happy to talk about it!

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