Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My Favorite Shades from Cutex

Hello! Today, I am going to swatch two of my most favorite nail colors by Cutex! These are green and Coral! Well, I actually don't like green of any shades or brand before I get to try these gorgeous colors from Cutex. I found these two as I went to Watsons at SM San Lazaro last December. Right. They have been sitting on my stash unused for quite a long time now. I hate myself for not trying them on as soon as I got them.

As I have told you, I used to hate greens of any shade so I didn't get the chance to try the green one the soonest since I also bought it for collection purposes. It turned out that it's the very first green polish I have ever had in my stash. Would you give me a high-five for that? LOL.

Picture! Picture!

Look at them! Aren't they cute? They are a bit different from the actual colors because I took the pictures during night time since I prefer painting my nails at night.

And the best thing about these colors is that I thnk they are perfect for my complexion! Plus they make my nails healthier because it's keratin-infused! I love that the texture's neither too runny nor too thick. It just glides well with every stroke, you'll definitely feel like you're a pro! I used to apply it after my preferred base coat. For the photos below, I used two coats only and I got a very pigmented nails already.

This is the actual color. Isn't it the best shade of green ever? Hihi I think the color's between pastel green and dark green. And on the back of the bottle, the name says, "Green there, done that." I currently have more than a dozen of Cutex Nail Colors, yet I have used only these two. Anyway, I'm planning to use the other shades the next time for another blog review.

This one's the "Tropical Bliss". The color here's a bit darker than the actual shade. It ranges between neon pink and coral pink. Hihi. It's just too girly but I'm loving it even more every time I look at my nails! I love how it makes my hand elegant-looking and everything! Looking forward to try the other shades on my stash soon!

What I like?
  • has keratin for healthier nails
  • packaging doesn't look cheap.
  • not too thick nor too runny.
  • costs 109php for a 7ml bottle originally, but I bought it at more than half the price (PHP50) because I think they are on sale?
  • the brush is quite manageable and thick for the bottle size that it doesn't need too much stroke to cover my nail plates
  • single coat could be enough, that's how pigmented the polishes are (I just apply another coat so it won't chip faster)
  • big-5 toxins free!
  • quick-drying
  • doesn't create streaky lines
  • doesn't smell like paint or rugby
  • available on Watsons (SM Valenzuela, SM San Lazaro particularly)

What I don't like?
  • comes in a very limited shades (I think what Watsons in SM San Lazaro been selling are pull out or surplus of US Cutex branches because they any comes in a very limited shades (for these 7ml bottles only). There are bigger ones, I forgot the size, but they are pricier of course.)
  • They are too small. I hope there's bigger sizes available because they run out too fast considering I change my polish every other day!

Would I buy this product again? Definitely, yes! Until the last stock runs out. Hahah!

Would I recommend this brand? Totally! If I'm not mistaken, it's the very first ever brand of liquid nail polish that has been established worldwide back in 20th century, so for me, it's quite a privilege to own even a single bottle from this brand!

Have you tried Cutex already? Feel free to share it here with me! Happy blogging! xx

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