Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My July Wishlist :)

July isn't the month where I will turn 19, nor marked as a very special month for me. Well, somehow it is, for some INVALID reason. Hahah, anyway, I just wanted to post some of the things which I aim to include in my to-buy list, of course, for the month of July.

Make Up Brushes - I seriously don't wear heavy makeup when going to school. Everyday for me is just facial wash-cream-primer/makeup base-bb cream day. No popping eye shadows, no cheek tints, just a little bit of lip gloss. First, it's because my mom hate it. College girls shall not look like party girls, according to my mom. Ugh. Nonetheless, I wanted to learn how to apply makeup appropriately. That's why I wanted to have makeup brushes to practice and improve the skills (which I don't know if I do have) needed for a professional DIY makeup look.

Nail Art Brushes/Nail Dotting Tools - For the same reason as I do with makeups. I have lots (at least for a normal college girl) of nail polish at home--waiting to be touched, waiting to be opened. I don't know how to properly create nail arts using just both of my hands. I don't believe that practice makes you perfect, but I do believe that it enables you to show improvement.

Sneakers - I don't spend much on shoes. First, they are quite more expensive than other necessities (because I consider them as one). Second, I love my black doll shoes my mom bought from SO! Fab that soles are already smiling at me for frequent use. Third, as long as I can pair them with outfits that I wear on Saturdays (school's wash day--civilians allowed), then we have no problem at all. But I think I have to buy sneakers because I find them comfortable to wear. I plan on saving for a Vans or Keds.

Highwaist/Denim/Ripped Pants - I mentioned in my Mid-year Haul Collection that I need more pants, and since highwaists are on trend, then I wanted one to pair with my crop tops.

Hair Styling Tools - for styling my hair though they are not on top of my list. They would just damage my hair and I got no time to iron or even curl my hair beforehand when I'm always late for school.

HUMAN NATURE PRODUCTS - Been reading good reviews about them! And they are made from natural ingredients! The products which I am dying to try the most are the Sunflower Beauty Oil, Face Mask, Balancing Facial Wash and Toner, and their lip balms!

HBC Total Perfecting Cream - Been wanting to try this and see if there would be any significant lightening on my skin tone. I've heard the cream can be applied both on face and underarms, let's see how it'll work for me. When I drop by HBC again, I'll probably buy this one first.

Castor and Almond oil - for my DIYs soon. Guys, can you help me where can I purchase carrier oils? I've been dying to collect them huhuhu. I've got the olive and coconut oil already, both can be found on drugstores, while the castor and almond seem rare.

St. Ives Green Tea Scrub - Since I already finished my St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub, I'm planning to try this one next. You know, I'm quite a hoarder for the brands which I love best.

TonyMoly and Etude House Card - Been saving thousand bucks to get a card from each store. Hahah!

FACE MASKS!!! - I wanted to buy all the face masks from Etude House, Tony Moly, The Face Shop and Watsons for my soon-to-review posts. I've heard they are the secrets to Koreana-looking skin. Hahahah!

*Photo credits to their respective owners.

I know, I know, there's too much to buy and there's more to wish for. And truth be told, I can't have all of them in a month's time with just the 'college girl allowance'. But I'm saving hard. And I could get some help here hahah! Anyway, what's your wishlist? You can share it here with me! Happy blogging! xx

Love, Hanna


  1. I strongly recommend the brushes from InkHeart Shop. They are of good quality and won't cost you a fortune. I love my brushes from that shop, so dense and soft bristles.

  2. Currently browsing through their albums. Thanks Ms. Ice :)


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