Friday, July 17, 2015

Pastel Colors For My Nails ft. San San Polishes

Happy Eid'l Fitr! And because it's a no-class day, then I've got lots of time to paint my nails! Yieha!

Due to tedious projects and home works that we're supposed to finish these past few weeks, I've got no time to even pamper myself by painting my nails which, definitely, has been a hobby of mine since...well, I forgot. *face palm* Actually, I have still one report to do but too indolent to even start working. But I have generous time for blogging. *dance dance dance*

Anyway, the polishes that I used today were all from San San, my favorite local brand of polishes. Photos? Sure. And another thing, I've took lots of them. Since I do not know which photo should I feature, might as well include them all in this post.

Back when I was still in grade school, I always love to apply different shades on all of my finger nails. Since I was in love with them, and cannot choose which one's the best, then I prefer getting my nails painted using each bottle. It's like putting rainbow on my nails except they are not the rainbow colors. Hahah!

As you can see, the bottle looks sturdy enough for longer storage period. I actually dropped one during the photoshoot and it didn't break though. It has this signature polish handle colored in blue with the shiny silver-like plastic in the lower part.

One bottle costs only PHP37 (for a 12ml bottle), hence, the quality of the products exceeded all my expectations. I do not intend to compare them to high-end brands of nail lacquers since I haven't even tried one. The only brand of nail polish (which is more expensive than local brands such as Caronia, Chic, Bobbie, etc) is the Cutex which undeniably is still a lot cheaper than Orly, Zoya, etc (price ranges from PHP300 up to thousands). And there was no way that I would be able to collect nail polish from China Glaze, Orly, Sally Hansen, etc during these times because I was only getting money from my allowance.

If you can see, the brushes are almost similar to those of high-ends'. I cannot comment on the consistency/texture and application although I've read some reviews from other blogs that it works just as good as pricier brands.

But if you are to ask me, the application is pretty good. The brush is wider compared to other local brands so the application takes lesser time to do so. On the first coat, you will see that the polish is not that opaque enough (since they are pastel and you cannot expect a strong color payoff). You will notice streaks also. Note that I am not the professional in doing manicure.

And another thing that I like about them is that they don't tend to create bubbles. It also takes 4-5 days before you notice some cracks on your nails.

first coat

second coat
So that's my mani for today! Try to mix and match too girls! Happy blogging! xx

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