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REVIEW: iWhite Korea Whitening Pack (Bundle Offer)

Yesterday, I posted my review about iWhite Korea Moisturizing Facial Wash and told you about how I'm loving it. Well, today, I am going to share with you my experience while using iWhite Korea Whitening Pack. Actually, as I'm typing this blog post, I am waiting for my face mask to dry. Can't wait til it'll be ready for peeling off (the best part). Hahah!

So yeah, I guess my most favorite iWhite Korea product is their whitening pack in their Skin Whitening Vita line. I have so much to brag about this product. Anyway, here's some photo for you!

iWhite Korea Whitening Pack for PHP199

Before I bought this bundle pack, I was just using and buying those in sachets. They are for only PHP22 for an 8ml sachet. Well, compared to other face masks in the market nowadays, PHP22 is just pretty cheap, just half the price of those other face masks. But while I was roaming around Watsons, I saw that iWhite Products are all in bundle packs! So I immediately bought some for me! The best thing about it is that I'll get to try their facial cream since they come here in this bundle for free! And I've got two sachets of it! Look!

What's in the bundle pack?

So the reason I bought the Whitening Pack before was that I have read good reviews about it. Yeah, I was reading blogs before though I haven't even started creating mine.

I have been long suffering from pimple marks and blemishes, and of course the pimples themselves. I am into trying out new products to find out what will work best for me. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to recommend some products for me. Pretty please? :)

iWhite Korea Whitening Pack in tube (PHP199--old packaging/PHP209--new packaging)
and in sachet (PHP22--for every 8ml)

The texture's somehow similar to Elmer's glue, and almost have the smell of it but with the hint of the iWhite Korea's signature extracts: Mulberry and Panax Ginseng Root. But it's fine with me, just like what I always say in my blog posts: I'm not very particular with the fragrance of a product unless it's really awfully unbearable.

By the way, the photo above is the old iWhite Korea Whitening Pack packaging. You can avail of the new ones at any Watsons, supermarkets and department stores nationwide for PHP209 and with the same content. And if you wish to avail of the bundle pack, some stores mentioned above still have available stocks left, so make sure to drop by as early as possible because they are just limited offer.

Claims, Directions, Active Ingredients, Other Ingredients

If you can read it, here's the ingredients that make this whitening pack outstanding (for me):
  • Mulberry Rot Extract - whitens and evens out skin tone
  • Panax Ginseng Root Extract - improves skin health
  • Vitamin A, C, E, B5 - help prevent premature aging mainly caused by prolonged sun exposure
  • Allantoin - makes skin softer and smoother
  • Aloe Vera - relaxes skin
Direction for use: I apply this whitening pack twice to thrice a week after cleansing my face with iWhite Korea Moisturizing Facial Wash. I apply the pack on my whole face (avoiding the eye area) and wait until it all dries up. Then, I'll peel the dried pack starting from the chin upwards. To relieve stress, I always apply the iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizing Cream afterwards and follow it with iWhite Korea Facial Cream.

Mugshot of my face

The whitening pack feels relaxing and soothing on the skin upon application. It really has this cooling effect that eventually fades when the pack dries on the surface of your skin. I avoid staying in front of the electric fan when allowing for the formula to dry because I really love the effect it gives my skin. t
The pack just takes minimal time to dry and I don't think it has any use anymore when it is dried so as much as possible, I stay in a warm place while using the product.

Mugshot with the iWhite Whitening Pack

It's amazing how much money you can save as when you go to a facial salon for a facial treatment. Now with iWhite Korea Whitening Pack, you can pamper yourselves in the comfort of your own home minus the heavy price tag and the effect was just as good!

My ugly bare face

After peeling the mask off, my face looks fresher and clearer although it sometimes stings (when peeled) maybe because my facial hair's being plucked off my face together with those deep-seated dirt. I know my skin isn't perfect but I can guarantee that with every use, you'll notice an improvement in the appearance of your skin. As for the whitening effect, I can't say much as I'm not really measuring whether I got a tone lighter or what but my skin definitely has brightened up!

The mask

Does it look gross? It would look grosser when zoomed in. Hahah! Believe me, it does not look the same when viewed closer. It has some little yellow-y droplet-like dirt which might have been in my pores for who knows how long? Eeew. So yeah, the whitening pack just removes them (if not all).

What I like?
  • Budget-friendly (PHP199)
  • Leaves skin softer and smoother, radiant and glowing
  • Has lots of active ngredients
  • Dries fast
  • Effective in removing deep-seated dirt
  • Even removes pimples/pus
  • Does not cause me breakouts
  • Brightens skin
  • Comes in easy squeeze tube

What I don't like?
  • messy to use

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How 'bout you guys? Have you tried iWhite Korea Whitening Pack? Feel free to share your experience here with me! Happy blogging! xx

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