Saturday, July 18, 2015

Selected Pond's Products at 50% Off!

Yesterday, my class was supposed to be at two in the afternoon. While on my way, our block president texted us that our professor on Theater Arts will not be able to attend due to some diagnosed heart disease. We're saddened by this news because she's one of our most cherished professor at school.

Anyway, my next class would be by six in the evening so I still have four hours to spend at the mall. Hahah! First thing that I did was go to Karaoke Hub. Two of my friends from college were there and since I don't know what to do, I just joined them. After 30 minutes, my other friend texted me that she's at the mall as well. I accompanied her and we looked for Western Union because she's bought something online and that was their agreed mode of payment. There was no Western Union inside so we chilled out instead.

First thing we did was go to one of our favorite clothing store: Chicabooti! They offer 30% off on all new arrivals from Australia! My friend and I bought a purse and a headband. Originally they were for $4.99 each but we got them at P79.00 each! I didn't get the chance to buy clothes for most of the available items are a lot bigger than my size. :( Most of the available sizes are 8 (US size) and above and what fits me are only between 4-6. That's the reason why I envy most of the chubby people, they could easily fit on the beautiful dresses of Chicabooti. So in the end, Jonica, my tall friend, bought the pieces which I hope fit my body size.

We also went to Jewels. They are also on sale. Some are offered at Buy 1, Take 1. I didn't buy anything from the store since I think buying their items meant not being practical at all. Also, the quality of their clothes can't justify the prices. Also,  I've seen most of their designs in Divisoria with the prices being much cheaper.

Bench is still on sale, I've bought a couple pair of pants there already and I think that's enough for this month. We also went to Etude House, Tony Moly and The Face Shop. I didn't bought anything but included some of their products on my to-buy things. We went to Watsons and Department stores as well. I've bought sanitary napkins (hehe), the ones which are intended for night use (since my mom always mistaken the pack for day and night use).

But what surprised me is that SELECTED PRODUCTS OF POND'S ARE AT 50% OFF INCLUDING THEIR CLEANSING GEL! However, today is the last day of the sale! So hurry up, girls!

Pond's Pearl Cleansing Gel 100g (P80.00)
Pond's Dewy Rose Gel 50g (P199.00)
Pond's Age Miracle Night Cream 50g (P349.00)
Pond's Firm & Lift Day Cream 50g (P449.00)
Pond's Firm & Lift Eye Contour Lifter (P325.00)
Pond's Firm & Lift Targeted Lifting Massager (P499.00)

I've been eyeing the cleansing gel, (one of the latest product from Pond's), and I was glad that it was included in the Pond's sale! It originally retails for P160.00 but I got it for only P80.00! Even though I still have my facial wash at home, I just can't let this moment slip away. Ha! I just wish that they extend the sale for I was planning to buy the Dewy Rose Gel as well. :( Anyway, I'll be posting a review for the cleansing gel once I've tried it.

So that's it! Hppy blogging! xx

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