Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The Blogger's Tag 2015

Yo, pretty girls out there! I was really glad when Ms. Iris (owner of Rave and View) tagged me in a blog post wherein I am supposed to answer questions about my blogging experience. If you'll ask me, I really do love answering questions like how I used to back when I was in grade school and my friends would tell me to write on their slam books. It's like the same thing though!

Only a few rules:
1. Answer all the questions below.
2. Tag fellow bloggers in post.
3. Link back to blogger who tagged you.
4. When you post a response and you are advertising it please use the hash-tag BloggerTag.

1. When did yo start blogging?
I started blogging this January 2015, looks like I'm a newbie here.

2. What encouraged you to start?
I love to read reviews about skin care products online even when I was just in high school. I never knew that certain people posted them, I mean I had no idea they were the so-called bloggers. Back then, I think they were just simply articles made by contribution of ideas of different people until I get to college wherein I started to explore more within a single blog account. I read their 'abouts' and everything and I can see their passion in writing what they wanted to write so I started making one. It was an experience full of wariness and doubts since I do not have the slightest idea if I would be passionate about it til the end of time. Nonetheless, I love writing and I'm loving it even more.

3. What was the first blog you ever actively followed?
It was KikaySiKat. I started to get familiar with her blog because every time I search for a product review back then, her blog was what frequently appears first in the search engines.

4. What type of things do you blog about?
I love blogging about hauls, random thoughts and impressions in certain products, fashion OOTDs, and everything which I am yet to explore pa since I am new to this.

5. What has been your biggest revelation since beginning blogging?
Sometimes, I think that I am just wasting my time blogging thinking that I will not have readers for everything that I post here. I sometimes think that what I was posting in here was not worth reading. Haha! But as time went on, I figured out that it's not about the daily traffic, it's about finding your soul-'sisters' that understand dearly what you are sharing with them.

6. What do you find toughest about blogging?
The toughest part is organizing all your ideas in a single blog post and cursing yourself for not remembering what should you write next when you actually did have a lined-up ideas to write before you even started.

7. What is your favorite thing about blogging?
My favorite thing about blogging is that I am able to share a part of me through the different ideas and feelings that I have which I cannot possibly share to anyone else. Here, even though no one is replying to your post, you can still feel that you have someone to talk to and someone who could even 'listen' to you.

8. What are your blogging ambitions for 2015/2016?
Just to have more things in which I could blog about in the next few years and of course, to have more knowledge and passion in what I am doing.

9. Recommend five blogs for anyone reading to follow.... 
I recommend the following blogs because they have been my first inspirations while I am just starting in the blogging world.

10. Who do you tag?
I actually am a silent reader ever since. I rarely reply through comments but you can assure that I am reading blogs more so often. So I'll just tag the blogs linked on answer in question #9.

Thanks for reading,sweets! Til my next post! Happy blogging!


Sunday, August 23, 2015

OOTD For This Sweater Weather!!!

Hello guys! Yesterday we conducted a photo shoot for the teaser and poster/s of our play: the reason why I've been busy during the previous weeks. We just went around the Intramuros, looking for places to shoot while it's already 7:00 in the evening. We even rode the E-trike and it's my first time! Hahahah! Anyway, a printing shop happened to lend us a portion of their place wherein we could take photos. I'm not one of the actors, so yeah, there would be no taking of photos for my OOTD until my friend dragged me outside and insisted that I should pose while she took the shots.

Here are the photos anyway!!! Sorry for the blurry shots!

Cropped Pullover: Divided by H&M
Belt: Genevieve Gozum
Colored Pants: Whoops
Slippers: Havaianas

Photo credits: Jonica Ordonez

I was actually wearing sneakers earlier that day but when my foot socks got soaked up from the rain, I had to replace my footwear. Hahah! Anyway, This is my first OOTD posted in my blog, so watch out for more! Take care, sweets! Happy blogging! xx

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Part III: My Ebay Haul

Because I will probably be busy this coming week, I will be writing another blog post today to make up for my soon lack-of-new-post blog. This post will contain my ebay haul part 3!

This set is composed of pouches from Estee Lauder, sleeping masks from Roxy, callus-remover and foot paddles from Sally Hansen, clip lamp and other things intended for trial purposes from Etude House and Sally Hansen.

Here's some snapshots of the items!!!

Estee Lauder Lisa Perry Limited Edition Cosmetic Pouch (P149.96)

This is my second cosmetic pouch (same design which I got on my first purchase). I actually didn't get this pouch from the auction. I bought it from it's original price and just substituted it from the Marc Jacobs pouch because that is a lot smaller than this and I don't know where to use it. At least, by getting this one instead, I could have a reserve pouch when I needed.

Fashion Women 3 Zipper Coin Wallet/ Purse (P16)

I gave this one to my friend. No, I mean she actually bought it from me since I do not know where to use it and I've got lots of pouches already. Nonetheless, the pouch is of good quality and I just bought it for P16! Quite a steal, right!?

Roxy Eye Sleeping Masks (P12-P20)

This will be great on overnights! Hahahah! I placed a bid on them just because I wanted to have some. I actually bid for another one to give away to my friends on our overnight! Hahahah.

Sally Hansen Just Feet Foot Paddles (P10-P39)

I've bought two of these since it would be great to be used for my diy foot spa. However, when I opened one of them, the file just happened to fall out, I needed to re-glue it :(

Etude House AC Clinic Skin Care Kit Sample Set Acne Pimple Solution (P14)

I had to throw this out since it does not have any expiration date printed on it. I also don't like the minty scent of it although it smells just the same as the ones in the tester tubes of Etude House. Nonetheless, I do not want to risk anything as it might cause me to break out just because I didn't mind it having no expiration date.

Ped Egg Foot Smoothing Callus Removal File (P16)

I am yet to try this out. However, it looks promising though as it was viewed on television before. For that, I really do expect a lot from this product. Hahah!

Sally Hansen Medicated Zero Bumps Pads For Bikini & Underarm (P21)

This is one thing I hate the most in all my ebay purchases! It is, no doubt, expired since 2010! I have no idea why the seller still posted this one when it is already unusable! I did not complain about this though as I've paid P21 only for this and even though I asked for an exchange, I don't think they would be giving me unexpired tubs. Anyways, I won't be buying products that expires anymore from them. I know better now!

Adjustable Mini LED Clip Light Folding Reading Table Light (P37)

See the clip at the base? It already broke when I tried to clip this on a book. And now I don't know where to use it anymore. Maybe on rotating brownouts? Ha-ha.

So that's the items for Part III: My Ebay Haul! Stay tuned for more hauls! You can visit 2012Louie25 if you want to bid/buy the items mentioned above! Happy blogging! xx


Part II: My Ebay Haul

Just because I'm almost 3k in hits, I was kinda inspired to blog something today! Although I'm quite busy as there are in-lined reports from my major subjects and research paper that I should be working on, still, I wanted to find time to blog. There's just times like this when I feel like doing it hahah!

I've told you like a hundred times that I bought some items from Ebay. Already posted my ebay hauls part 1 (read it here), so up to my next ebay purchases, sweets! I divided them into different posts because I'm too lazy piling all things up in one blog post so yeah, you got the picture na right?

P517 in total (shipping fee not yet included)

For my Ebay Haul Part 2, I've decided to post first the lip glosses and lip balm that I bought online. The brands that I got here are Covergirl, Nat Robbins, and NYX. Most of them are from Covergirl.

From left to right:
Covergirl Shineblast Glimmer Lip gloss (P49)
Covergirl Shineblast Ablaze Lipgloss (P16)
Covergirl Shineblast Dazzle Lip gloss (P22)
Covergirl Shineblast Sparkler Lip gloss (P26)
Covergirl Shineblast Flare Lipgloss (P13)
Covergirl Shineblast Ablaze Lip gloss (P10)
Covergirl Shineblast Glow Lipgloss (P49)

Could you believe how cheaply I paid for these? Anyway, I got them all from auction wherein you can bid but for a limited period of time only and just like how auctions work, the highest bidder gets the item!

From left to right:
NYX Round Lip gloss in Baby Pink (P49)
NYX Round Lip gloss in Queen of Africa (P39)
NYX Round Lip gloss in Kiss (P49)
NYX Round Lip gloss in Whipped (P49)

NYX as, we all know, is a good cosmetic brand, probably one of the high-ends, but I don't like these lip gloss. I don't like how they taste, for me, they are unbearable. The effect on my lips wasn't great either, and I got them for a more expensive price (at least when compared to Covergirl (which I find as something that I can use daily) and I don't know when or if I'm gonna ever use them. My worst judgement for these lip glosses are they are worth tossing out from your cosmetic pouches.

Covergirl Lipslicks Smoochies Lip balm (P39)
Nat Robbins Brush-on Lip Lacquer (P39)
Naturistics Natural Glow Lip Definer Currant (P39)
Covergirl Outlast Double Lipshine in Coral Shimmer (P29)

The only lip product here that I will be throwing out is the Nat Robbins Lip Lacquer. I can barely stand the smell of the product and it looks like it has been used and is expired. :( Some of the details are already removed/erased showing signs that it has been manufactured like a long time ago. The lip balm from Covergirl is best to top off lipsticks which cause drying. The lip liner has a pretty decent color and is perfect for my other Maybelline lipstick. The Double Lip Shine is the best product here as it offers good color payoff although the formula has shimmers on it which I can hardly like.

Some of the items are good buys which I can use when going to school while the other are better off staying underneath my makeup stash or worse, on the trash bin.

So that's my Part II: My Ebay Haul post. By the way, if you want to bid for some quality items, visit 2012louie25's shop on Ebay! Stay tune for more hauls and shops where you can shop for less yet quality's the best! Happy blogging! xx


Saturday, August 15, 2015

Already Got My Beep Card!

Earlier this afternoon, I intend to go to my mom's office in Makati. To be able to go there, I should take the LRT 1 and get off at Gil Puyat/Buendia Station. From there, I should take a jeepney with the sign PRC...hmm, I'm supposed to be talking about LRT Beep Card here! Why am I narrating my journey to my mom's office anyway? Hoho *peace sign

So yeah, to make long story short, I got my Beep Card earlier! Yehey! As a frequent LRT commuter, it's very important for me to buy a stored value card (or beep card whatever) so as to avoid hassle in buying single tickets. You know, waiting in line just to get to ticket booths is quite a long process now that there are over 600,000 commuters daily. Kaya nga po ako nage-LRT para mapabilis ang mga bagay-bagay diba? Hehehe.

Here's my beep card!

P100 per card (valid until December 2019)
Available for purchase at LRT ticket booths

LRT Authority (LRTA) said the public trial of the "beep cards" on the southbound direction of LRT-1 (from Roosevelt to Baclaran) will start tomorrow! It's been a great relief to my meager transportation budget because I can now save more if I buy beep cards than if I am to buy single-ride tickets.

Pre-loaded beep cards will also be available for purchase beginning August 17 at the Unibersidad de Manila, Philippine Normal University, Technical University of the Philippines, Masagana Building and Victory Mall.

That's all for today, sweets. Happy blogging! xx


My Ebay Haul Snapshots :)

Last week (I think), I've posted my Ebay Haul Part 1 and told you guys, that I will be sharing with you my next purchases from my favorite seller. Since there are too many items, I divided them into different posts. First, let me tell you how I abhor my being so impulsive in buying things which I won't be needing at least for now. On the other hand, I'm so excited sharing these good buys with you. Hihi *_*

Here are the snapshots!!!

This is comprised mostly of lip glosses from Covergirl, NYX and Naturistics. I'll be posting separate reviews for each brand soon. And you can watch out for my detailed post about the items above; price lists and information.

Pouches from Estee Lauder, sleeping masks from Roxy, callus-remover and foot paddles from Sally Hansen (will use this for my diy foot spa hihi), clip lamp which already broke the first time I unwrapped it from the box huhu, other trial things from Etude House and Sally Hansen which I won't be able to use are the items for my third part of ebay hauls. Why? The Sally Hansen Bump-free is expired already while the Etude House AC Clinic Trial Set has o expiration date so I'm kinda scared to use it for my face.

This set is composed of nail polishes from Sally Hansen and Borghese. You won't believe how I paid so cheaply for these bottles to think that they are from Sally Hansen! Watch out for my reviews about them soon. There are also lipglosses from Pantina in shades of Winter Mints, Strawberry and Cocoa, eye shadow palette from Covergirl and NYC. Huhu, too many items to be reviewed, while I have too little time to spare. :(

This composed of concealers from Covergirl and Maybelline (which I just gave to one of my classmates since the shade barely match my skin color). There are soaps from Beauty Credits which I am yet to try out. Also, there are necklace, rings and pairs of earrings from Claire's and Forever 21 (I gave some to my friends) I've also bought wipes which I will be throwing out since it is already expired! I now learned not to buy products which expires. Good thing I got it for as low as PHP10 or I will kill myself for spending too much for a useless product!

So yeah, that's my latest purchases from Ebay. Expect more to come. Hihi! Happy blogging! xx

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sale Alert: 3-Day Exclusive HBC Member Sale

Looking for affordable bb creams, cc creams, foundations, lipsticks, eye shadows, makeup palettes, nail polish, sun screen, skin care products, etc.? Girls, HBC got them all! As they always say, "Girl, gets kita." This coming weekend (August 14-16), an opportunity is being served as you can hoard your favorite HBC products at a lower price! But take note, this is exclusive for HBC Beauty Members ONLY!

How to get a card? Go to the nearest HBC store near you. Along with the accomplished application form, present a 2,000 worth of products receipt that has been accumulated in a year's time or pay P58 and instantly get your card!

Where to shop? They've got lots of branches everywhere in the Philippines. Just visit their facebook account and official website for more information. If I post all of them here, I think I'll be finished by tomorrow. Hahah!

I think I'm gonna go to Marulas Branch this Friday to buy some of their cosmetic products. I've heard their cc creams are great! Anyway, busy week ahead. I don't know when I shall be able to post my Ebay Haul Part 2. Huhuhu, anyway, that's all for today. Happy blogging! xx

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Unexpected Package From iWhite Korea!

Earlier this day, I have received a call from an unknown number. It was too late when I noticed it so basically, I didn't get the call. While doing household chores, my auntie called me, saying that someone was looking for me. According to her, he has some package for me from Biocostech, Phils. I was a little confused because I haven't bought any item online to be delivered in our house. I told yah, I would have them delivered to my friend's postal address instead. Anyway, I told her I'd pick up the parcel later. When I checked my phone, the same number who did call me left me two text messages. He was asking for any landmark near our place because he can't find our house. Of course, there's no use replying as he already left the items in my auntie's house.

So yeah, I got the package and when I opened them, oh my gosh! It was the prizes from iWhite Korea's photo contest. I have no idea that I won! I had to check the Facebook if there's any mistake but there was it! My submitted photo was already posted on their Facebook page! Hahahaha! So I really did win! The July winner was me and it was posted last August 03 and I had no idea until today. Silly mee!

I had to carefully 'unbox' everything even though I am so thrilled to see what's inside, you know, that could be the best part. Hahaha! It's like unwrapping a gift for my birthday. Lol. Since there's a tag with the Aqua Moisturizer there, I expected that the loot comprises mostly (if not all) of the Aqua Moisturizing stuff in their Skin Whitening Vita line. When I opened it, I first saw the tube and I was like, "Woah! I never expect this package to contain a tube!"

I was really glad to receive these items since I am currently running out of my Aqua Moisturizer. At the same time, it bothers me that I had to choose where to empty the sachets since I have two tubes of them already. Hahah!

The parcel contains this cute tote bag which is perfect for outings and getaways maybe. Anyhow, the tagline naman is quite inspiring. Like c'mon girls, let's look into the bright side! Yey! Admittedly, this bag is a bonus but I am really after the iWhite Products hahah!

The loot contains five sachets of iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizing Cream in the cutest packaging ever! Read my review to know my experience about it! Really, I've got so much love for it! Not just it's fun to apply, but it does wonders for your skin as well! If I remember it correctly, a sachet retails for P22 only while the tube (50 ml) is for P179!

I'm glad that the package also has five sachets of the iWhite Korea Facial Cream. I've still got plenty of this since a little goes a long way. Hmm, I think I've got enough stock of this for a year or more! I also have a review for this. Just click the link above! A sachet of this retails for P20 only!

So yeah, that's all for today! I thank iWhite Korea for these! More power to everyone. Til my next post, sweets! Happy blogging! xx

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Part I: My Ebay Haul

Hello guys! This would be just a short post about my recent haul from Ebay! It's actually my very first purchase from the said shopping site. Sharing this post to you, guys, is as exciting as when I first got hold of my package from 2012Louie25! Hihi!

Ebay is definitely one of the most popular and visited shopping sites in the world. They offer almost everything people need and want--from gadgets to beauty products, etc. I have discovered Ebay years ago but it was only last week when I've decided to join their auctions. Yes, some of the sellers put their (probably) surplus stocks of what they usually sell on auction wherein the bidding price starts for as low as...guess what??? PHP10.00! And most of the items are guaranteed authentic, although dated.

I've been first a little suspicious and wary thinking that the seller is part of a scam, but there are good reviews and feed backs (and I so love their purses, pouches, authentic cosmetics, etc), so I ordered my first batch of items from them. I told her to ship the items to my friend's house instead (shout out to Jonica!) because my mom would not want me to order online. She'd figure out when the package arrive at our doorstep of course and thank goodness my friend agreed to just give their address now I can order more items online!

Total of 9 items for only P821.00

Wanna see what's inside my first batch of items? Scroll down for the breakdown list. :)

Brand new Authentic LOLA by Marc Jacobs Leather Cosmetic Pouch Bag
Purchased for P250.00
Refer on the given site for the 'Buy It Now' price.

Estee Lauder Lisa Perry Limited Edition Cosmetic Pouch Bag
Purchased for P99.00
Refer on the given site for the 'Buy It Now' price.

Pantina Strawberry Lip Balm Organic Infused
Available in Strawberry, Cocoa, Winter Mints
Purchased for P10.00
Refer on the given site for the 'Buy It Now' price.
*to be reviewed soon

New York Color City Duet Eye Shadows #811B Island Sunset
Purchased for P31.00
Refer on the given site for the 'Buy It Now' price.
*to be reviewed soon

2014 Authentic Estee Lauder Cosmetic Pouch/Bag (3x)
Purchased for P99.00, P36.00, and P51.00
Refer on the given site for the 'Buy It Now' price.

Authentic Clinique Pin Floral Zip Make Up Cosmetic Pouch Bag
Purchased for P40.00
Refer on the given site for the 'Buy It Now' price.

I also bought a mascara from Covergirl which I got for only  P55.00 but my friend insist on buying it from me for the same price so I gave it to her. Also, I bought 3 the Estee Lauder Striped Pouch which I gave to my two friends so there's only one left. Actually, I'm not satisfied with the sizes of the pouch upon receiving it because I expected them to be bigger than they were originally. Nonetheless, you'll get what you've paid for naman so there's no way I should complain.

Anyways, I'll pay for the next batch on Thursday! Most of my purchase were cosmetic items, soaps, accessories, and so much more! I'm so excited!

Have you ever purchased and joined auctions on Ebay? Any top-rated seller to recommend? Looking forward to it! Til my next post, sweets! Happy blogging! xx