Saturday, August 15, 2015

Already Got My Beep Card!

Earlier this afternoon, I intend to go to my mom's office in Makati. To be able to go there, I should take the LRT 1 and get off at Gil Puyat/Buendia Station. From there, I should take a jeepney with the sign PRC...hmm, I'm supposed to be talking about LRT Beep Card here! Why am I narrating my journey to my mom's office anyway? Hoho *peace sign

So yeah, to make long story short, I got my Beep Card earlier! Yehey! As a frequent LRT commuter, it's very important for me to buy a stored value card (or beep card whatever) so as to avoid hassle in buying single tickets. You know, waiting in line just to get to ticket booths is quite a long process now that there are over 600,000 commuters daily. Kaya nga po ako nage-LRT para mapabilis ang mga bagay-bagay diba? Hehehe.

Here's my beep card!

P100 per card (valid until December 2019)
Available for purchase at LRT ticket booths

LRT Authority (LRTA) said the public trial of the "beep cards" on the southbound direction of LRT-1 (from Roosevelt to Baclaran) will start tomorrow! It's been a great relief to my meager transportation budget because I can now save more if I buy beep cards than if I am to buy single-ride tickets.

Pre-loaded beep cards will also be available for purchase beginning August 17 at the Unibersidad de Manila, Philippine Normal University, Technical University of the Philippines, Masagana Building and Victory Mall.

That's all for today, sweets. Happy blogging! xx


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