Saturday, August 15, 2015

My Ebay Haul Snapshots :)

Last week (I think), I've posted my Ebay Haul Part 1 and told you guys, that I will be sharing with you my next purchases from my favorite seller. Since there are too many items, I divided them into different posts. First, let me tell you how I abhor my being so impulsive in buying things which I won't be needing at least for now. On the other hand, I'm so excited sharing these good buys with you. Hihi *_*

Here are the snapshots!!!

This is comprised mostly of lip glosses from Covergirl, NYX and Naturistics. I'll be posting separate reviews for each brand soon. And you can watch out for my detailed post about the items above; price lists and information.

Pouches from Estee Lauder, sleeping masks from Roxy, callus-remover and foot paddles from Sally Hansen (will use this for my diy foot spa hihi), clip lamp which already broke the first time I unwrapped it from the box huhu, other trial things from Etude House and Sally Hansen which I won't be able to use are the items for my third part of ebay hauls. Why? The Sally Hansen Bump-free is expired already while the Etude House AC Clinic Trial Set has o expiration date so I'm kinda scared to use it for my face.

This set is composed of nail polishes from Sally Hansen and Borghese. You won't believe how I paid so cheaply for these bottles to think that they are from Sally Hansen! Watch out for my reviews about them soon. There are also lipglosses from Pantina in shades of Winter Mints, Strawberry and Cocoa, eye shadow palette from Covergirl and NYC. Huhu, too many items to be reviewed, while I have too little time to spare. :(

This composed of concealers from Covergirl and Maybelline (which I just gave to one of my classmates since the shade barely match my skin color). There are soaps from Beauty Credits which I am yet to try out. Also, there are necklace, rings and pairs of earrings from Claire's and Forever 21 (I gave some to my friends) I've also bought wipes which I will be throwing out since it is already expired! I now learned not to buy products which expires. Good thing I got it for as low as PHP10 or I will kill myself for spending too much for a useless product!

So yeah, that's my latest purchases from Ebay. Expect more to come. Hihi! Happy blogging! xx

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