Wednesday, August 5, 2015

My Unexpected Package From iWhite Korea!

Earlier this day, I have received a call from an unknown number. It was too late when I noticed it so basically, I didn't get the call. While doing household chores, my auntie called me, saying that someone was looking for me. According to her, he has some package for me from Biocostech, Phils. I was a little confused because I haven't bought any item online to be delivered in our house. I told yah, I would have them delivered to my friend's postal address instead. Anyway, I told her I'd pick up the parcel later. When I checked my phone, the same number who did call me left me two text messages. He was asking for any landmark near our place because he can't find our house. Of course, there's no use replying as he already left the items in my auntie's house.

So yeah, I got the package and when I opened them, oh my gosh! It was the prizes from iWhite Korea's photo contest. I have no idea that I won! I had to check the Facebook if there's any mistake but there was it! My submitted photo was already posted on their Facebook page! Hahahaha! So I really did win! The July winner was me and it was posted last August 03 and I had no idea until today. Silly mee!

I had to carefully 'unbox' everything even though I am so thrilled to see what's inside, you know, that could be the best part. Hahaha! It's like unwrapping a gift for my birthday. Lol. Since there's a tag with the Aqua Moisturizer there, I expected that the loot comprises mostly (if not all) of the Aqua Moisturizing stuff in their Skin Whitening Vita line. When I opened it, I first saw the tube and I was like, "Woah! I never expect this package to contain a tube!"

I was really glad to receive these items since I am currently running out of my Aqua Moisturizer. At the same time, it bothers me that I had to choose where to empty the sachets since I have two tubes of them already. Hahah!

The parcel contains this cute tote bag which is perfect for outings and getaways maybe. Anyhow, the tagline naman is quite inspiring. Like c'mon girls, let's look into the bright side! Yey! Admittedly, this bag is a bonus but I am really after the iWhite Products hahah!

The loot contains five sachets of iWhite Korea Aqua Moisturizing Cream in the cutest packaging ever! Read my review to know my experience about it! Really, I've got so much love for it! Not just it's fun to apply, but it does wonders for your skin as well! If I remember it correctly, a sachet retails for P22 only while the tube (50 ml) is for P179!

I'm glad that the package also has five sachets of the iWhite Korea Facial Cream. I've still got plenty of this since a little goes a long way. Hmm, I think I've got enough stock of this for a year or more! I also have a review for this. Just click the link above! A sachet of this retails for P20 only!

So yeah, that's all for today! I thank iWhite Korea for these! More power to everyone. Til my next post, sweets! Happy blogging! xx


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