Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Part I: My Ebay Haul

Hello guys! This would be just a short post about my recent haul from Ebay! It's actually my very first purchase from the said shopping site. Sharing this post to you, guys, is as exciting as when I first got hold of my package from 2012Louie25! Hihi!

Ebay is definitely one of the most popular and visited shopping sites in the world. They offer almost everything people need and want--from gadgets to beauty products, etc. I have discovered Ebay years ago but it was only last week when I've decided to join their auctions. Yes, some of the sellers put their (probably) surplus stocks of what they usually sell on auction wherein the bidding price starts for as low as...guess what??? PHP10.00! And most of the items are guaranteed authentic, although dated.

I've been first a little suspicious and wary thinking that the seller is part of a scam, but there are good reviews and feed backs (and I so love their purses, pouches, authentic cosmetics, etc), so I ordered my first batch of items from them. I told her to ship the items to my friend's house instead (shout out to Jonica!) because my mom would not want me to order online. She'd figure out when the package arrive at our doorstep of course and thank goodness my friend agreed to just give their address now I can order more items online!

Total of 9 items for only P821.00

Wanna see what's inside my first batch of items? Scroll down for the breakdown list. :)

Brand new Authentic LOLA by Marc Jacobs Leather Cosmetic Pouch Bag
Purchased for P250.00
Refer on the given site for the 'Buy It Now' price.

Estee Lauder Lisa Perry Limited Edition Cosmetic Pouch Bag
Purchased for P99.00
Refer on the given site for the 'Buy It Now' price.

Pantina Strawberry Lip Balm Organic Infused
Available in Strawberry, Cocoa, Winter Mints
Purchased for P10.00
Refer on the given site for the 'Buy It Now' price.
*to be reviewed soon

New York Color City Duet Eye Shadows #811B Island Sunset
Purchased for P31.00
Refer on the given site for the 'Buy It Now' price.
*to be reviewed soon

2014 Authentic Estee Lauder Cosmetic Pouch/Bag (3x)
Purchased for P99.00, P36.00, and P51.00
Refer on the given site for the 'Buy It Now' price.

Authentic Clinique Pin Floral Zip Make Up Cosmetic Pouch Bag
Purchased for P40.00
Refer on the given site for the 'Buy It Now' price.

I also bought a mascara from Covergirl which I got for only  P55.00 but my friend insist on buying it from me for the same price so I gave it to her. Also, I bought 3 the Estee Lauder Striped Pouch which I gave to my two friends so there's only one left. Actually, I'm not satisfied with the sizes of the pouch upon receiving it because I expected them to be bigger than they were originally. Nonetheless, you'll get what you've paid for naman so there's no way I should complain.

Anyways, I'll pay for the next batch on Thursday! Most of my purchase were cosmetic items, soaps, accessories, and so much more! I'm so excited!

Have you ever purchased and joined auctions on Ebay? Any top-rated seller to recommend? Looking forward to it! Til my next post, sweets! Happy blogging! xx

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