Sunday, August 16, 2015

Part III: My Ebay Haul

Because I will probably be busy this coming week, I will be writing another blog post today to make up for my soon lack-of-new-post blog. This post will contain my ebay haul part 3!

This set is composed of pouches from Estee Lauder, sleeping masks from Roxy, callus-remover and foot paddles from Sally Hansen, clip lamp and other things intended for trial purposes from Etude House and Sally Hansen.

Here's some snapshots of the items!!!

Estee Lauder Lisa Perry Limited Edition Cosmetic Pouch (P149.96)

This is my second cosmetic pouch (same design which I got on my first purchase). I actually didn't get this pouch from the auction. I bought it from it's original price and just substituted it from the Marc Jacobs pouch because that is a lot smaller than this and I don't know where to use it. At least, by getting this one instead, I could have a reserve pouch when I needed.

Fashion Women 3 Zipper Coin Wallet/ Purse (P16)

I gave this one to my friend. No, I mean she actually bought it from me since I do not know where to use it and I've got lots of pouches already. Nonetheless, the pouch is of good quality and I just bought it for P16! Quite a steal, right!?

Roxy Eye Sleeping Masks (P12-P20)

This will be great on overnights! Hahahah! I placed a bid on them just because I wanted to have some. I actually bid for another one to give away to my friends on our overnight! Hahahah.

Sally Hansen Just Feet Foot Paddles (P10-P39)

I've bought two of these since it would be great to be used for my diy foot spa. However, when I opened one of them, the file just happened to fall out, I needed to re-glue it :(

Etude House AC Clinic Skin Care Kit Sample Set Acne Pimple Solution (P14)

I had to throw this out since it does not have any expiration date printed on it. I also don't like the minty scent of it although it smells just the same as the ones in the tester tubes of Etude House. Nonetheless, I do not want to risk anything as it might cause me to break out just because I didn't mind it having no expiration date.

Ped Egg Foot Smoothing Callus Removal File (P16)

I am yet to try this out. However, it looks promising though as it was viewed on television before. For that, I really do expect a lot from this product. Hahah!

Sally Hansen Medicated Zero Bumps Pads For Bikini & Underarm (P21)

This is one thing I hate the most in all my ebay purchases! It is, no doubt, expired since 2010! I have no idea why the seller still posted this one when it is already unusable! I did not complain about this though as I've paid P21 only for this and even though I asked for an exchange, I don't think they would be giving me unexpired tubs. Anyways, I won't be buying products that expires anymore from them. I know better now!

Adjustable Mini LED Clip Light Folding Reading Table Light (P37)

See the clip at the base? It already broke when I tried to clip this on a book. And now I don't know where to use it anymore. Maybe on rotating brownouts? Ha-ha.

So that's the items for Part III: My Ebay Haul! Stay tuned for more hauls! You can visit 2012Louie25 if you want to bid/buy the items mentioned above! Happy blogging! xx


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