Sunday, August 2, 2015

REVIEW: Novelina Zeelke Powder Hair Color in Dark Brown

A couple of weeks ago, my mom brought home a sample of Novelina Zeelke Powder Hair Color. I have no idea whether it's an international or local product as I haven't yet encountered its brand name before (not until my mom gave it to me). It was just a free item which was given to her while she was walking along Makati, according to her. I badly wanted to color my hair for weeks now and there's no one in the household who dared to use the product, so might as well it be me.

According to the product, it's easy and fast to use. I think it's just as hard as any hair dyeing process especially when you're doing the coloring all by yourself. It's long-lasting? Let me see. And it looks natural. On that I have to agree but in a bad way. It just makes my hair look closer to how my hair color looks like (without any dye).

First of all, the powdered hair dye is herbal and is free from ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, so there's no way I'm gonna get scared applying it as there would be lesser possibility of it damaging my hair. My mom got the dark brown but I wanted a lighter hair dye. Anyway, it's for free naman and I think there's no harm in trying.

I really have no idea where to purchase it. And it's not bothering me at all. There's no way I'm gonna purchase another one of these. Why? Because I'm quite disappointed with the product while it looks promising. I'm so sorry I forgot to take some pictures when I mixed the products and when I applied it on my hair. If it makes any difference, I can't say much. It just makes my hair darker like close to jet black when I'm expecting some sort of mahogany brown tone for my hair.

For the application, I follow the directions. I just have to add 6 teaspoons of water to the powder. Quite easy, right? Upon opening, I already catch a whiff of the product and it smells worse compared to hair dyes with ammonia! The powder can easily be compared to crushed charcoals while the description says it's in dark brown! When I mix the water, the texture turned like a loose paste and as black as the canal! No exaggeration here.

I really had to pull some guts to apply the formula in my hair. The smell was unbearably awful that I had to seriously resist from breathing for seconds.

All in all, I am not satisfied with this product. Although it did not cause me any irritation at all, I am still not going to repurchase. I'm sorry I didn't take pictures of my hair before and after. But believe me, this product just turned them darker. Anyway, still thanks to this, I just read some memo from my school just now that hair dyeing will be banned for both gender starting tomorrow. XD

Hey! Have you tried Noveline Zeelke Powder Hair Color? Share it here with me! Happy blogging! xx

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