Saturday, September 19, 2015

SALE ALERT: HBC's Rush To Flash Sale!

Nothing and no one can even fathom how huge my frustration was upon knowing that earlier today, HBC's giving away free duo lip color to Sarah G's fans since it's Popster's Day! I figured it out when I happened to read their big tarpaulin on my way to school. I am really frustrated since all I have to do was show the staff just a print screen (that I like Sarah's page), photo, or any autographed item that would certify that I am a Sarah G fanatic. Although admittedly I do not consider myself an avid fan of anyone, I seriously liked Sarah G's fan page on Facebook! I missed out an opportunity to get a free item tuloy. 

Here's another thing. HBC's hosting another sale event which started last Friday and I can't find any time to visit any of their branches! Why? Because I go to school early in the morning and the sale would be happening from 5:00pm-7:00pm only and I can't go because I have a class! I just can't skip off my class, yah know. Huhu, I already missed their sale last August and the same thing just happened. I still have one more day to shop but I still can't due to tedious work loads. Had I just live next to their shop, I need not be feeling this heartbroken.

HBC shall be the leading innovative world-class retailer of health, beauty, personal and home care products and services with the best value, giving every customer the right to be beautiful.

Anyway, you can still shop and save, lovelies! Hurry now to the nearest HBC store for the sale is only up to tomorrow! Just a little advice, grab some of their makeup essentials! They are super affordable yet of high quality! For more information, you can visit their Facebook account and official website. Happy blogging! xx

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