Friday, October 16, 2015

My The Face Shop Haul #TFSOctoberPromo

Hello, semestral break! Hello, blogging world! Hello, beautiful people from around the globe! Yes, just to let you know, I am still alive and breathing. LOL, just kidding. >:D Without further ado, may I now present to you my purchases from The Face Shop! This is actually the first time I bought a Korean slash non-drugstore product since I mostly buy face products there. Hahah!

So as I was saying, I took advantage from the 'Buy 1, Take 1' Promo TFS is offering. Who would not, anyway? Don't get me wrong, this is for hoarders like me lol. Yes, being a hoarder of beauty products that are on sale (especially those that are marked down for as low as 50%), I would and I should not let this pass as I'll forever regret it. Whaaaaaaaaaat!?

And now, for my purchases!!!

TFS Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam in Lemon and Acerola 175ml/ea (PHP265)
Jeju Aloe 99% 300ml/ea (PHP195)

The moment I've read on TFS' Facebook Page that they're gonna have a Buy 1, Take 1 for their Jeju Aloe, I had to set aside everything I have to do that day and head to the nearest TFS store since the sale is due on October 15, only as part of their Pay Day Special. It just happened that their cleansing foams are also on sale, so I had to grab these two Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foams in Lemon and Acerola--my preferred 'flavours' among the six variants.

This retails for PHP265 when not on sale. But I got it for 'Buy 1, Take 1' so basically, I got each for only PHP132.50. Correct my Math, guys, I hate it.

Actually, I have no idea what Acerola is but it says there that it offers to brighten up your skin, so yeah. And the lemon! We all know that it works well in whitening and removing dead skin cells!

And it's as if I had any choice while I was at the store! The only available variants there is Acerola and Lemon. Hmm, smells like the others are fast-selling. Anyway, when I searched it on Facebook, both of their benefits are what my skin needs! Quite lucky, am I? Hoho!

I was just amazed when I saw the tub of Jeju Aloe in person! It's just so big, I'm almost overwhelmed at how it would take time to finish a single tub! Hoho! I'm gonna post separate reviews for these products soon!

So yeah, that's my The Face Shop Haul! Don't forget to visit their facebook page to know more of their upcoming sales.

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