Wednesday, October 28, 2015

My October Collective Haul!

Hi guys!

So yeah, this blog post is composed mainly of my, you know, hoards and everything for the month of OCTOBER. October is definitely my birth month (belated happy birthday to me!) so I had to give myself some me-time to shop for items which has been on my to-buy list ages ago. Ugh! Anyway, here they are!

I bought some of the items from Victory Mall Caloocan, Divisoria and on Ebay. I got each for no more than PHP500 since my budget requires buying limits. Hahah!

These three cropped tops were bought from Victory Mall for only PHP100 each! Wooo, I spotted them on sale and I had no choice but to buy them immediately. Also, I am looking for tops these days that I can wear to school and clothes where I know are comfortable when worn. These three are just the rightest!

When I first see these two tops, I was immediately caught in the moment. I love stars so yeah, guess I'll have no other option but to get it plus it's also on sale! I got it for only PHP150! Quite a steal, hmm. Meanwhile, the lilac blouse on the right side with ruffles on its sleeves and at the bottom part reminds me of the top worn by some fashion blogger I admire, so yeah. You guess what I mean naman right? Heheh. Thisis also on sale at PHP100!

Note: I hardly buy items which are not sold in discounted prices and are at a lesser price. Hoho >:D

I won this makeup brush set in an auction at Ebay for only PHP325! Can you believe it!? You'll hardly believe it as the set contains 32 pieces of makeup brush in a bag! I always wanted to have a makeup brush set ever since I got interested on putting on makeups. Well it's not like I use to wear makeup on school, it's just that I know they will be one of the things that I will be interested with in the future. And I might use the skills which I can learn on tutorials soon. It's better to know basic makeup application than end up looking ugly on a date. LOL. (Hey, I don't date, by the way, you know just in case XD)

This 12 pieces brush set here are what I'll use for my nail art sessions. LOL. I don't really know how to do some fancy nail arts at the moment but I'm willing to learn, you know? Hoho. I got it for only PHP200 (original price is PHP350). Woo! Thank goodness the seller allowed me to take it home minus PHP150 the price! Tel you what, she looked really pissed off after our encounter. Hahaha! At least I don't pay that much. If you read my July Wishlist, the makeup and nail art brushes were there so basically, it took me three months to finally have it! At last!

This Geneva watch comes also in white which my friend asked to buy from me. I got both from Ebay together with the makeup brush set and watches below. I won it in auction for less than PHP200 when it is actually sold originally in almost a thousand bucks! Whoa. The only downside here is the shipping fee. I always had to pay more or less PHP200 for the SF every time I'll order which I don't really mind as it's still at a so much lower price compared to the original.

I got both at more than PHP200 when the original price is PHP800 something. I was in love with both the trendy and sophisticated design so I had to bid for it. Anyway, I'm planning to give the other one for my mom this November because she'll be having her 48th birthday! Love you, mom!

So that's my October collective haul! I had to hurry now, guys, since I have to clean the house! Love yah all! Til my next post! Happy blogging! xx

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