Thursday, October 29, 2015

#NOTD1 (Nails of the day)

Lovely afternoon, everyone! Just wanna share with you guys my colorful but not so colorful(?) nails of mine for today! I'm just in the mood to paint my nails and guess what, this is my first-ever nail art that I did right in my entire life, so yeah, I hope you like it just how I do! Keep scrolling! >:D

Here's what you'll need to achieve the design!

Of course you will need a base coat before you put on the base color to avoid stains which is definitely hard to remove! You don't want that obviously. Currently, I am using San San Nail Hardener as my base coat. You can get it for only PHP37 at any HBC stores nationwide. For my base color, I used Cutex in Black (PHP50). Then, for my second coat, I used Cutex Nail Polish in Pure Cotton (PHP50) and Sally Hansen in Impatiens (I forgot the price). I could use another Cutex Nail Lacquer, but I found this Sally Hansen first on my stash so yeah. And of course, don't ever forget to use a top coat after everything's been dried up to prevent early color chipping!

For the design, you can use  single or two brush (the smallest and thinnest best work for me though.)

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

It's hard for me to explain everything but I'll try my best though. So first, just color your nails black. When dried, using a nail brush, create a wide V-shape on the middle part of your nails then fill the gap with your preferred color. Let it dry. Do the same thing as you've done with the second coat for your third coat then fill everything in. After it's all dried up (seriously, everything must be dried up first or the color would smudge when applied with the top coat), cover everything using your preferred top coat to seal in the color and add shine to your nails.

I don't claim to be any expert in painting nails and this nails art seem to be so much far from nails-that-are-done-by-a-pro. You can see that it isn't neat enough but I'm working on that. Hoho! Anyways, make sure that the previous coat is dried well enough that it won't smudge when touched by the brush. So basically, it took me an hour or two to finish the nail art as I don't have a nail polish dryer.

Share it when you tried it! Have a nice day, beauties! Happy blogging! xx


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