Friday, October 23, 2015

Review: The Face Shop Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam in Lemon

One of the products I hoard from The Face Shop' Sale last week was this Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam in Lemon. (You can read my The Face Shop Purchases here by the way.) When it comes to my desire in achieving a brightened skin tone, I always go for lemon-based products. Why? Because lemon is know for eliminating dead skin cells with the benefit of whitening your skin, thus, creating an illusion of brightened skin tone during continuous use. This has been long-proved by Science ever since and we all know that, right? >:)

I was really eager to use it that I ditch my previous soap and switched to it instead without any say. This is the very first product that I use which is a non-drugstore one, didn't I tell you that already? So yeah, after more than a week use, guess, it's now the proper time to share with you, guys, what I think about it...

Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam in Lemon at PHP265 (50%off)
I'm not actually a fan of foaming cleansers ever since my previous cleanser from other brand did not work well on me. But this hoarder in me just started to kick off so yeah, I ended up buying it instead! I bought not just one, but twice! Hey, it's not my fault that I'm really into skin care products. Hahah! Anyway, I'm going to post a separate review for the Acerola variant soon.

I like that it comes in a tube dispenser, my favorite packaging for skin care products. Its simple layout is what made it look like those products sold for thousand bucks. It simply has a lemon at the bottom part which somehow looks very straight to the point, like 'Hey, I contain some lemon. Buy me now!' This is what made it more appealing to me, I guess, as I'm very observant with packaging and such. Sorry for that. Hoho!
It has aluminum cover so the product won't easily spill out of the tube.

As it comes in a huge tube dispenser, it also comes with a lot of product on it (170ml) for, say, less than $3 and it could be use for a long period of time, since you'll only need a dime and it would lather pretty much already. Plus, you can bring it any time, any where to freshen up and you don't have to worry as the product wont leak in your travel bags.

It has expiration date printed on the upper closing of the tube.

Although, the formula mainly contains lemon, it also has other active ingredients on it like Aesculus Hippocastanum (Horse Chestnut Bark Extract), Saponaria Officinalis Leaf Extract Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract, and Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Leaf Extract--which I believe contribute to the product's skin benefits.

*You can check the ingredient list for products which may cause you some allergies.

As you can see, being an original Korean product, most of the description are written in different language, so it's really great that they have sort of  'subtitles' below.

Formulated with lemon extract, this mild cleansing foam helps remove dead skin cells and leaves skin fresh. Although it lives up to its promises, it fails to satisfy my expectations. How? Yes, it does freshen up my skin, but not for a long time. My face tends to get oily by minutes and reading one of lemon's benefit to reduce oil build up, it does not do the trick on my skin. As it remove dead skin cells, it does not dry up my pimples which I hope can be lessened somehow since lemon is known as a great help for pimple-prone skin. But come to think of it, I should expect this for the spearmint variant. Haha!

Also, it tends to be a bit drying for my skin, the feeling which I don't really like upon washing my face. It reminds me of Pond's facial foam, although not as drying. But hey, it's still drying after all! However, it does not cause me breakouts like the previous foam did, which is a good thing. The bad thing, though, is that it does not prevent acne/pimples. Ironic that the product is intended for use on any skin types, yet I think it best suits sensitive (as the product is really mild) and normal skin as it somehow is drying (so it's not for dry skin) and definitely does nothing for oily skin type (so it's also not for oily skin).

Verdict: Using this actually makes me think, how does the Acerola variant differ from it? Nonetheless, the product, being mild and all, I believe, won't do my skin any harm as The Face Shop is probably one of the best brands which uses organic ingredients. I may still continue to use it, but I do not ever promise to stick to it as I'm looking for other products that would do my skin great results. But remember, what may not work for me, may work for you as we all have different skin types and needs. Try it and see for yourself! It might be the best product in your life!

Other variants:
Lemon (detoxifying)
Acerola (brightening)
Spearmint (sebum-fighting)
Peach (nourishing)
Aloe (soothing)
Mung Beans (softening)

Hope my review helps! Happy blogging!xx


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