Friday, October 23, 2015

Semestral Break Thoughts

Being a Mass Communication student is not easy. In fact, it never has been easy. I say so because I am one of them. I am one of those guys and girls who always dream to be a broadcaster/reporter, DJ, event hosts and organizers, photographer, etc. In behalf of all of these aspiring dreamers, I think we deserve credits and complements; after all, there are just few of us who took the initiative to be these professionals someday. I say this not to brag nor compare, I say this to emphasize that we are so much more than what most people think about the degree program that we are taking.

Funny how serious I have been in my first paragraph. LOL. I just wanted to talk about my semester. This has been, by far, the most challenging semester for me. The highlight would be my theatre class—where we spent so many sleepless nights, where I learned how to build basic house through hammering and cutting things out, where I learned how to rush things and cram due to lack of preparation time, where I go home by midnight or early morning, where I just think positive instead of thinking about the dangers there might be upon going home late, where we suffered from not eating because we were doing what we MUST do, where I explain everything to my strict parents and where I faced my biggest challenge—overcoming every obstacles and problems there is just to pass every course I’m taking.

It has been a roller coaster ride for me, but, I’m glad to say that I did pass! And my professor gave each of us a grade of 1! You can tell how lucky we were just by learning so much from her! Thank you for that, Ms. Gabello. You truly are one of the best teachers that I had.

Aside from theatre arts, we have Film Aesthetics, wherein we were required to watch 8 movies and write a review for each of them. Not just that! We were also instructed to download movies or buy it from Video 48 in case the movie is not downloadable. I had to run to Video 48 in Quezon City with a friend just to get copies of Joey Gosiengfiao’s movie. And I had to seriously pay 300php for it! We also had to put them on CD tapes and produce jackets for each CDs. The burning part of the movie took me so much time because I had to watch numerous tutorials on YouTube just to learn how to burn CDs. It was my first time, and I hope my CDs would work in different DVD players. Hahah!
There was also the Broadcast Writing. Our president got the class cards and we were told that our grades were incomplete! Incomplete! I did not even remember a single requirement from the course which I fail to pass so I was really shocked that I got an incomplete grade! It was equivalent to 5.00 but out former professor talked to our BroadWrit professor to double-check the grades and we got 1.75 instead. It wasn’t any higher than my other grades but more than enough to send me flying in happiness! Afterall, it wasn’t a 5.00 or my mom would kill me. Hahah!

My other subjects were also challenging but they did not surpassed how the other subjects gave me chills so I will not tell them anymore. Although I’m really am grateful for all the professors that I have. You al left something in me that I would forever cherish in my life. Thank you because if it weren’t for all of you, I may not be one of the dean’s listers this semester. You all made me jump and scream to the fullest! Thank you so much!!!

Here’s my grade! I believe this is more than what I deserve so I thank You, Lord for making all of these possible. This is all for you and I know I will be forever indebted to all the people I’ve mentioned in my little blog post. Thank you very much!!!

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