Sunday, November 29, 2015

Review: Sooper Beaute Pimple Away Day and Night Creams

Moisturizing is an essential step in order to achieve a healthier skin and prevent premature aging.

Since I have very oily skin, I tend to neglect this part (adding some more of these greasy drugstore moisturizers into my face) since it never fails to cause me excessive oil production which eventually would lead to unwanted results like pimples or if severe, acne. Like by the end of an hour, my face already resembles an oil slick. As a result, I have to frequently dab some face powder or blot it to remove the oil.

That's when my search for moisturizers that would not leave my face greasy began.

One of the products that addresses pimples is the Sooper Beaute Pimple Away Day and Night Cream--my subjects to review.

Sooper Beaute Pimple Away Day and Night Cream (PHP250/ea)(PHP75/ea)

Just like the previous products of Sooper Beaute that I recently reviewed, I got both also with a 70% off discount when I had the time to hoard most of their items at their kiosk in SM Manila (4th floor). It's still ongoing until today only (November 27-30)!

These come in a pump bottle so application isn't messy nor unhygienic. You can even control the amount that you want to apply on your face. In my case, 3-4 pumps is enough to cover my face and neck. Yes, I do apply it on my neck as well since I sometimes get a breakout even on that area.

They have expiration date on the bottom part. However, there was no ingredient list on the packaging so you may never know what's inside this bottle. The only ingredient I know that they have is lemon extract which is good for pimples. I've read it on their Instagram page.

Also a pump is good for consumption for only a year. This is just a not-so-bothering drawback when using an all organic/natural ingredients in products. They tend to not last so long.

I really have no idea what's the difference between the two except the night cream is yellowish in color while the day cream is creamy white and is thicker in consistency. Their scent's with a hint of acid yet they aren't strong for my face. Guess my face really that thick, huh? Lol. But seriously, no stingy sensation after application. They even soothe my skin after their Pimple Away Solution and Soap tortured my skin like a hell of big time!

They are also easy to blend and dries in a matte finish! I do not even have to dab some powder on my face because it's already matte. It's also lightweight on the face. I apply it after tomato serum so all the sheen and shine are gone!

Even when my menstrual hormones loses over this. During my two weeks of use, I did not experience even one single acne which has been reliving on my face since only time knows! Although I still get some butlig butlig (tiny pimps) on my face every now and then. Be informed that they appear every time I get to my red days. Who knows what will happen if I use them on ordinary days?

And I've said earlier that I apply it on my neck which also get pimples every now and then. Upon using this, I DID NOT experience having tiny heads on my neck. AS IN NONE.

Conclusion? So far, these are the best creams for pimples that also work for me. In fact, they are the only creams which promise a pimple-free skin that do what it claim and not just promise.

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Review: Sooper Beaute Tomato Serum

There are a lot of organic skin care brands online that has their own version of tomato serum. It is maybe because tomato-based products are really bestsellers since it has lots of skin benefits. In Sooper Beaute, their tomato serum is also one of the highly sought-after product by their loyal buyers. And back then, I think I should also try one for myself to know why it's popular.

And I did. In fact, I added this tomato serum in my beauty arsenal.

Before I go down to further details about this most-raved product, lemme just share with you why tomatoes are beneficial. Most of you know it already but I'll put it here anyway.

Tomato extract...
  • protects skin from free radicals
  • repair damaged cells
  • reduces pores size
  • makes skin radiant and glowing
  • is good for acne-prone skin
  • is known for ints anti-aging properties
  • lightens skin tone
  • removes dead skin cells
  • smoothens skin
So yeah...tomatoes are powerhouse of nutritional benefits. First of, let me tell you that it also has become one my favorites.

Sooper Beaute Tomato Serum 50g (PHP280)(PHP84); Sooper Beaute

Even though it comes up in a pump up dispenser, you can't just easily control the amount since the product is quite liquid-y. Sometimes when I use it, droplets would spill anywhere but I guess it's fine.

Good to know that aside from tomato extract, it is also full-packed with Korean Ginseng, Mulberry Extract and Green Tea Extract to soothe the skin and fight aging. However, aside from them, there are no complete list of ingredients written. Are they all? There even has no expiration date printed so you won't know when it's best to throw it away.

It claims to promote naturally rosey skin, finer pores and brighter skin and is hydroquinone and paraben free. At least it has none of the ever-dreaded parabens. Also, it does not smell overpowering yet I think it has alcohol in it.

I think its being runny is an advantage since it dries quickly after seconds of application. It would feel sticky at first but will eventually fades after minutes. In my case, I apply it before my night and day cream to alleviate stinginess I get from their soaps. This product is really awesome for it soothes my skin better than any product I've used before.

The best thing about it is the radiant and bright face you get when you wake up in the morning. However, there was no significant size reduction in my pores and oil production is still as stubborn as it was before.

Have you tried it? Share it here with me! Happy blogging!


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Review: Skin White Naturals Whitening Lotion in Papaya Milk

I've tried lots of drugstore lotions ever since time knows. It's just to give everything a go. What I'll be reviewing this time is a products which isn't new in the market, but a product that I grew to love now that I have tried it. And this is no other than Skin White Whitening Lotion in Papaya Milk!

We all know that Skin White has vast range of lotions. The first lotion I've used from them is the pink one? I forgot the name and it just explodes with fragrant smelling liquid! I have used their facial cream and their powder cream and they totally smells so nice. That's one thing I love about Skin White. They surprise me with these ever amazing product's scent.

Another thing is the price of their commodities. A bottle of 350ml does not cost my mom more than PHP200!

Good thing it comes in a pump bottle as well as I can control the amount to be put in my body. It claims to have papaya enzyme and milk protein that whitens and moisturizes as well as Vitanourish formula (Vitamins B3, B5, B6, C and E for healthy skin in 7 days.

I've long accepted the fact about products' hypocrisy when they say that they can make your skin whiter in 7 days. With those in the packaging, I feel like it's just being so dishonest. Maybe it can really lighten your skin but not that early. That's a bit trumped up, don't you think?

Anyway, as it looks promising and with SPF10 (which I hope is higher than that), why not give it a try? I used it for a week now and here's what I think exactly.

I was surprised they just have a couple of ingredients--Tetrasodium EDTA and Dimethicone--to hate. Knowing that drugstore products seldom offers completely naturally-made products, this is a highlight though.

It comes in a creamy white texture which isn't thick nor runny just enough to make your skin moisturized all day. It does not leave any sticky feeling so this is a good product for me.

Did I already say that it smells oh-so-good? Oh yeah. It stays for hours in my skin that I hardly can resist myself from sniffing. This is such a yummy treat for tired and dull skin! After a week's use, I notice my skin brightened up a bit but not totally lighter.

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Review: Sooper Beaute Tinte Pore Reducer Cream Foundation

My review for today again is related to makeup as I'm trying hard enough to conceal some blemishes redness and uneven skin tone when I'm going anywhere. As time goes by, I'm becoming more and more conscious in the way I look, although there are more times that I prefer putting on just minimal amount of makeup as I'm still convinced that I need not to put a lot of makeup if I invest in good skin care. But let's admit it, no one's skin is perfect.

To make up for this, we tend to use BB creams, concealers and foundation as our second resort. This isn't something to be ashamed of though. We are all beautiful because of our imperfections.

Anyway, one product I had been eyeing for a long time and was able to try out now is the Sooper Beaute Tinte Pore Reducer Cream Foundation in Beige.

Sooper Beaute Tinte Pore Reducer Cream Foundation (PHP380)(PHP114)

Since I  bought it on their sale, I got it for only PHP114 nd save PHP266! This also comes in three shades: Ivory, Beige and Tan. I was suppose to get the ivory since I find Beige a little dark for me but it was out of stock.

I like that it comes in a pump dispenser so you can control the amount that you can use. Also, being in this type of packaging makes it more hygienic. It also comes in an amber-colored plastic so it would not be easy for light to destroy its skin benefits and such.

It claims to reduce the appearance of pores and blemishes as it's a foundation and has snail extract (newest trend in skin care), shea butter (moisturizing), chamomile, aloe vera (both known for its soothing properties) and sunblock (although the factor isn't indicated).

Sad to say it has the four parabens on it (Methyl, Ethyl, Propyl, Butyl) and Disodium EDTA which may be harmful for the health. I was a bit disappointed as I'm thinking that all of Sooper Beaute's products are free from these ingredients.

That was the actual amount that I use to cover my whole face. Actually, a little of the formula goes a long way already so I'm quite sure that a bottle would last me up to 3 months, depending, of course, to the amount that I wanted to put on my skin.

Also, it seems to be darker on my skin tone so I use their Tinte BB Cream (which I find lighter for me) before this and I would finally achieve my shade.

The formula isn't that thick nor runny and dries with a moisture finish. It smells mild as well so you're not gonna complain if you're one who is very particular with a product's scent.

Coverage wise, it does not fully cover my skin's imperfections even on the second coat. It offers just light coverage. I guess this should be use when you want to look like you didn't put foundation on your face and would just want to look fresh all day.

I was amazed when I first use the product actually. It seemed to be dark at first but would eventually turned a shade lighter when blended on the skin. I don't know if all foundations are like this, but yeah, that's one thing I have observed about it. It feels light on the skin as well, but when you touch your face, it feels sticky so I just dab some powder to it.

It has a strong yellow undertone on it, making it perfect for Asian skin. I also didn't have problems with the application even I was just using my fingers to apply it on my face. After using it for a week, I experienced no breakout with this so there might be some hiyang factor for me.

All in all, this is a good foundation. however you might need the help of concealers if you really want to cover your blemishes and pimple marks.

Have you tried it already? Go get it for 50% off if you haven't! You can order online on their Instagram account or visit them on their branches! I got mine at their SM Manila kiosk.

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Review: Sooper Beaute Tinte BB Cream

Hi, guys!

If you can tell, this is my first time reviewing something that's not about skin care products. Although this BB Cream concerns about achieving a healthier skin, I consider it more in line with cosmetics. Be informed that I am still new to these things (foundation, bb creams, etc) but anyways, I will share my thoughts about it in the best and most honest post possible.

Also, I know that Sooper Beaute is one of the locally-owned brand that commit to organic and naturally made products, I can tell that they have lots of loyal buyers. Or should I say, hoarders? But when I searched for some reviews online, you're lucky to find more than two reviews for each product.

That's why I wanted to help! So for my review today, I'll be featuring this Tinte BB Creamin Fair  by Sooper Beaute!

Sooper Beaute Tinte BB Cream in Fair (PHP250)(PHP75)
Since I bought this on sale (and if you don't know), I got it with a discount of PHP170 in their SM Manila kiosk.

"Packed with all-natural skin nourishing and brightening ingredients with benefits for your precious skin. It's an alternative to your heavy foundations. Made with watermelon extract to totally hydrate and keep your skin younger looking. Mousse-like cream that fills in pores and hides skin imperfections. Use it as a primer before your foundation or use it alone for a fresh look."

Good thing, there isn't even one paraben on it. Also, it has watermelon extract and SPF20! Ha! It will protect you from the harsh rays and sweltering weather. The only thing I wished that was not included in the ingredient list is the Dimethicone. According to articles I have read about it, they are comedogenic or can clog pores. For an acne-prone skin like mine, I tend to ignore products with dimethicone on it as it threats to cause me to breakout drastically. So far, so good. This product does not clog my pores on my first week of use.

I find the packaging cute with expiration date on it so you'll know when it's time to let go. However, just like their other cream packaging, the 10g content is too small in amount to be caged in a bigger tub. Also, as it comes in a tub, then I have to dip my icky finger every now and then making the packaging unhygienic. Had it be on a squeeze-type tube, then it would be better.

Sooper Tinte BB Cream is available in two shades: Fair and Medium. According to Ate Geraldine (the one who assist me), they are best for my skin tone. Yeah, I may look fair to other people but I find this a little lighter for my skin tone. Thank goodness, I have Sooper Beaute Tinte Pore Reducer Cream Foundation in Beige to work with this one. In that way, the BB Cream could adjust to my skin tone.

Coverage wise, this does not offer full coverage on areas that needs more concealment. Maybe this is due to it being a BB Cream only, making face fresh-looking like that of a Koreana. Concealer will do all the hiding though. However, this BB Cream I know is working hard to reduce the sight of pores.

What I like most about is is the velvety finish it gives of on my skin. I find the formula quite easy to apply with the fingers. I have used only three BB Cream brands before and I tell you, this is the easiest BB Cream to apply. I still use sponges to blend before since BB Creams tend to create this sharp edges on my skin and tend to be not so buildable after all. With this Tinte BB Cream, I have no problem with the application.

Longevity is another drawback. The product could stay for at least maybe six to eight hours if I don't sweat but knowing that I am living in a tropical country where I perspire even in the most unthinkable parts of my face, the formula could oxidize in two hours time. So to prolong its life on my face (lol), I just dab on some powder to freshen up.

As it reminds me of mousse foundations, I find it very lightweight on my skin as if I didn't have anything on it. Although after minutes, my face still gets oily. But unlike my previous BB Cream, this does not make my pores cry. It's best to use this when I find my oil production playing hard to get.

And yeah, this is a good primer for me. I apply this before their Cream Foundation. I actually received a compliment earlier that my face looks fresh! This one friend of mine actually said, "Oh, si Hanna fresh na naman ang aura." So maybe, this just really is a good BB Cream add the fact that it's made of natural and organic ingredients!

Have you tried it? How was the experience? Anyway, happy 100th post to me! Don't forget to subscribe! Happy blogging!


Friday, November 27, 2015

Mini Lip Products Haul from Sooper Beaute

It's past midnight and I am still in front of the computer and typing another blog post. I have an afternoon class for tomorrow and I have one profile feature story and group presentation to be done but here I am, just being once again effusive about my recent loot from Sooper Beaute. This X-marked at least five items from my wishlist, mind you. Hahah!

Anyway, I swear it won't take up much time since I am just going to show you what I purchased from their 50-70% off sale which will happen from November 27 (today) until November 30, 2015.

All lotions, soaps, creams, lip and cheek cremes/fluid, toners and UA spray are at 70% off. Their oils, serums, cosmetics, lipsticks, foundation, concealer stick, are at 50% off. However, their new lip and cheek So Matte in the shade Astra is only at 30% off.

Since I've bought most of their items except for their So Matte Lippies and Oils, I just purchased five lip products from them which I can definitely use everyday when I'm in school.

Lip and Cheek Therapy in Hot Red (PHP180)(PHP54)

Just imagine how much did I save up for this tube! It's also available in Delicious Pink but I, sort of, don't like how it looked when swatched earlier. Heheh. I'll do a review about it soon. Hope you stay tuned. >:D

Lip and Cheek Therapy Fluid Tints in Sweetie and Vamp (PHP230)(PHP69)

These are fluid tints which easily dries on your lips without that sticky feeling. You might like it if you prefer 'unfelt' lip products.

Lip and Cheek Theraphy Creme in Sweetie and Vamp (PHP230)(PHP69)

These are the equivalents of Sweetie and Vamp except they are creme-finished. Unlike the fluid tints which just dry up like you haven't put on anything on your lips in the first place, these cremes leave your lips moisturized. These, however, isn't like their lip balms which gives your lips some sticky feeling, these two gives some velvety finish.

I'll be posting swatches and reviews for the products soon!

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Review: Sooper Beaute Black Soap

All the facial foams I've used did not really work for me. Either they tend to cause me to breakout frequently, or they won't do anything to lessen this. So as a result, I'm more confident in using soaps because they work for me even better than facial foams and facial washes do. I guess there's something in their compositions that I am allergic to so my skin reacts differently.

I am really into raving about this new soap that I am currently using, another product of Sooper Beaute that I am growing to love with each passing day lol--the Sooper Beaute Black Soap!

Sooper Beaute Black Soap 90g (PHP65)

I bought this on sale with Sooper Beaute's Buy 5 Soap for only PHP125, so it was really quite a deal. Right now it's still 70% of on some of their branches like in Expanya, Mendiola and Marikina so you can avail a bar for less than PHP20.

This soap claims to have beautifying ingredients such as Papaya Extract, Arbutin, Licorice Extract, Retinol Acetate, Rosehip Oil and Vitamin E that aims to exfoliate and whiten the skin. If bought as part of the set, it would be included and advisable to use if you want your mild scars to fade and even out your skin tone.

For a girl with so many pimple marks and blemishes on my skin, I wanted to try this out as I've been long wanting to get rid of this 'turn-offs'.

When I asked them how it works, they said it can cause some micro peeling to renew your skin which it did but I really don't know if the peel I experienced was due to my using this soap or the Cell Renewal Cream (Peeling Cream), otherwise, this product helped me a lot.

At first, I thought this product was just one of those who has established an 'all promises' image to me, until I get to notice how my skin changed little by little on the succeeding days. Using it made me realize that change does not come in an instant and I have to be patient in order to get what I want.

After every use, it leaves my skin feeling fresh and bright. It makes me feel like my face is always at its cleanest without the tightened feeling.

The soap smells strong but not bothersome and suds too much in water. It might be in color black but would eventually turn sudsy white when lathered on the face and body. Yes, I used it everywhere in my body. I also notice that it stings my face when left for minutes so I don't let it stay much longer than 30 seconds before I rinse my face. For my body, I leave the soap for at least 3 minutes. I had to seriously apply generous amount moisturizer afterwards as it seems to absorb all the moisture on my skin.

I am currently in my second bar right now and am planning to buy some more if I finished all of the other soaps I purchased form Sooper Beaute.

Since the soap easily melts, I usually cut the whole bar in quarters.

All in all, this product is worth a try. I think it won't suit those who have sensitive skin as it can cause irritation (stinginess) when applied on skin.

Share with me your experience if ever you decided to try one for yourself! Happy blogging!


Sunday, November 22, 2015

NOTD2 (Nails of The Day)

This is actually my second installation for my NOTD Series. Lol. So I got bored, then I decided to just paint my nails earlier. I won't talk much. I'll just show my newly-painted nails to you. I saw the design on Google and I think I can do it naman hehe. So here it is!

For the materials...

I am using three kinds of nail brushes, the one I used for this nail art is the dotting tool, then for filling in the heart, I used the one which is slightly wide then I used the pointed brush for painting the heart beats. I bought the brushes on Divisoria. I forgot the price but it's between PHP200-PHP300, I think.

For the polishes, I used Sansan in French White and my old Sally Hansen No Chip 10-Day Nail Color in Rose.

 It's really simple to do this heart beat nail art and even without steps, I guess anyone could do this. So first, color your nails white. San San Nail Polishes dry fast enough so it does not took me lots of minutes to wait before designing my nails.

The photo above is the result for two coats since a single coat can't fill in sparse parts.

Next is, designing the heart beats using the pointed brush from BK, leaving my accent finger undone. Doing the heart, for me, is the hardest part since I can't draw a perfect heart on my nails. What I did was this: using the dotting tool, I patterned it like a heart so when I used the wider brush, I could just easily fill in the inside of the heart.

The photo above shows the heart unfilled yet.

My heart still looks a bit disoriented hahah. Anyway, for an amateur like me, I think that will do.

So yeah, isn't this easy? Do this for yourself and tell me how's it! Happy blogging!


Saturday, November 21, 2015

Color Your Kissers With Sooper Beaute's Tinte Kiss Balms!

How's your Sunday going? Mine's great even though I just got our bed sheets and pillowcases laundered and did some household chores. Hahah! At least I could take a break tomorrow and mind about my blogging and nothing else.

I was rummaging through my drawer and looking for a product ready to be reviewed and decided on Sooper Beaute's Tinte Kiss Balms instead. I was quite excited doing reviews on their other products but I'm currently still road testing them so my opinions would not be all positive. Lol.

Anyway, skip the talk and let's proceed to the one of the bestsellers of Sooper Beaute. I haven't found much of reviews about them so I'm doing this.

Sooper Beaute Tinte Kiss Balm in Kiss Me, Make Out, Shy Girl (PHP180)(PHP54)

I got mine from their SM Manila kiosks last Thursday when I met with my high school friends. It was originally PHP180 but since it's 70% off, I got mine for only PHP54/ea. By afternoon, there was already no stock for Kiss Me so I settled for Make Out and Shy Girl but I'm pretty much into having the three shades so I waited by just 10 minutes or so since Ate Geraldine (the saleslady) told me Ate Anna will arrive in minutes and she had the new stocks for lip balms, and so I did! I really love them both because they are so sweet! Ate Geraldine even called me as I walked by when Ate Anna arrived.

The lip balms comes in three shades only: Make Out, Kiss Me and Shy Girl. They also come in retractable tubes so application is easy. The sticker label extends up to the bottom part so twisting is hard for me at first, I had to scratch the bottom part of the sticker to detach it. I just hope they improve it by changing the stickers into printed ones. That's my only problem with the packaging though.

I am really sorry I swatched it on my arms already before taking the pictures so there are obvious streaks on the balms already. I tried to remove it but it's like it's there forever.

Ingredients: Arachidyl Propionate, Carnauba Wax, Lanolin, Virgin Coconut Oil, Paraffin, Phenoxyethenol, Flavoring, FD&C Colorant

This one is in the shade of Make Out. It's also the darkest among the three shades. It reminds me of Cherry-flavored lip sticks since it looks and smells like one. Due to its color, it offers the best color payoff. This shade is also perfect on night outs and more formal occasions.

This shade is in Kiss Me and this is my favorite shade because I can wear it at ordinary days. It's a perfect shade when you are going out with friends or just hanging out all by yourself and it would instantly give you a boost on your self-confidence! This smells like bubblegum too!

This shade in Shy Girl gives you a look of innocence. Wear this if you want to be a little minimal on makeups or if you wanted a no-makeup makeup look. It will give instant color on your lips, making you look fresh.

I swatch them on my arms ONCE and I was amazed by how pigmented they are. I've seen the feed backs of other users of the Tinte Kiss Balms on Sooper Beaute Instagram account and they were all gushing about how pigmented these balms are and how they look like lipsticks on their kissers.

I even remove them by using tissues FOUR TIMES and the pigmentation is still strikingly good. Believe me, I was awestruck. Even if they sell this at their original price, I would still buy them.

After working hard to remove the colors, here's what it looks like. A little bit of touch ups might be needed but not so much. It gives a nice tint on the lips without going a little overboard.

Anyway, here's some swatches on my lips! Take note, it takes me some hard work before I completely remove each swatches.

Make Out

Kiss Me

Shy Girl

I only use one swipe for each lip for the photos above. It just proves of how pigmented each kiss balms are. These, I think will always be one of my favorite lip balms! It leaves my skin moisturized for up to 4 hours (with drinking and eating) before I need to retouch. 

My lips reacts to lip products by having chapped and dry lips, but that's just not the case upon using Sooper Beaute Tinte Balms. Now I don't need to worry of getting dark and chapped lips as this is all made up of organic and natural ingredients!

Another thing to tell you, when I wake up the next day, there are still stain left on my lips! I did lots of drinking and brushing and eating, but its staying power is really that good.

What I like?

-highly moisturizing
-lasts a long time on the lips
-leaves a natural-looking stain
-no harmful ingredients
-does not cause chapping and drying on the lips
-affordable at PHP180 (but more affordable when on sale!)
-smells good

What I don't like?

-Sticker label

What do you think of Sooper Beaute Tinte Kiss Balms?

Happy blogging!