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5 Tips to Boost Your Immunity during the Holidays

Christmas is fast-approaching, isn't it? I can almost feel it, but I am missing that familiar December cold breeze. And when it's near December, some people would go from place to place, celebrating holidays with their loved ones. On the other hand, some of them would stay home fixing Christmas trees and lights, shopping for presents, wrapping gifts and preparing dinner for the Christmas Eve. 

All that planning to execution part during holidays is definitely a busy time for all of us. It is indeed, a joyful moment though, but it can also be something that might stress us out from the whole days of work. After all, the much-dreaded cold and flu season is credited mostly to December! Oh no!

So...boost your immunity during the holidays to enjoy more of the season! How? Here's some tips on how you can manage this busy holiday season that I wrote for all of you! I never thought I'll be giving tips like this because, you know, I quite suck at this, but oh well, I know the following tips will work!

Tip #1: Get at least 8-9 hours of sleep.

8-9 hours of sleep is the typical hours that each of us should get to make sure that we are ready to combat stress and fight vulnerability to fatigue. This is to ensure that we are getting enough energy for the next day's work! To further boost our next day's energy, it is best to take a vitamin supplement like Fern-C before sleeping which is known as an immune-system booster and a potent anti-oxidant that helps build collagen (for the muscle, bone and skin) and fight against free radicals!

Tip #2: Eat healthy food and supplements.

Sleeping is not enough. You should also incorporate eating healthy foods such as green and leafy vegetables and juicy fruits which are rich in minerals and vitamins (especially Vitamin C) that will surely boost immunity and prevent viruses from causing you sickness like cough, cold, fever, flu (which is very prominent during cold season). You can also take multi-vitamins or Vitamin-C supplements like Fern-C that fight off stress and sickness.

Tip #3: Get rid of germs!

Germs and viruses are the most common sources of the ever-dreaded cold and flu! Build some defense barriers before they defeat you by making sure that you have alcohol and/or hand sanitizers with you wherever you go. In my case, I always bring both with my hand wash and would use it during my spare times while I'm at school. Actually, it has been a habit of mine to wash my hands every time I touch something that might be contaminated with bacteria, viruses and germs. Do it too to ensure that you're free from these harmful things!

Also, you can fight it by knowing when to share! What do I mean by that? Sharing things with people is noble but sharing or borrowing things or services that might be infected with germs is a no-no! Like toilet? You got the picture, right? You can also fight germs through vaccination!

Tip #4: Live your life to the fullest.

You can avoid stress by simply enjoying yourself! If you are doing something that stresses you a lot, stop doing it for a moment and just chill out! You'll get older faster if you always stress yourself, you know.

To avoid it, do some shopping or travelling. You can also read and watch out movies, anything that would make you happy! The best thing that you can do is to keep calm and hang out with your dearest friends! They are the best people to turn to if you needed some breaking free from the day's tiresome work! But don't ever forget your family (don't you dare) as you can also spend some quality time with them by just merely chit-chatting with them! You can also take supplements that is known to help relieve stress like Fern-C!

Tip #5: Do all of these and break free from the holiday stress!

This is actually the most important tip, guys. Don't just do the other and take the others for granted. You might want to live your life to the fullest by prioritizing things, get rid of germs by washing your hands a lot (like a lot!) especially before eating as you tend to put your hands on your mouth when you eat (admit it!) and of course as you eat, don't just eat! Eat healthy so you can live healthy! And after the day's work and chill out, have enough rest and sleep! Got it!? Christmas holiday's too short for you to be stressed out! >:D

Do not despair, guys! Fern-C is here for you!!! This is the key to stress-free holidays!

(c) Rose Pharmacy

For ten years, FERN-C has boosted our immune system. It is a potent anti-oxidant that increases body resistance against infectious diseases.

Take FERN-C, your daily dose of added immunity.

For daily maintenance, take 1-2 capsules. For cold symptoms, take 3-4 capsules daily. May be given as is, or dissolved in fruit juices, water, or cold beverages of choice. FERN-C may be taken even on an empty stomach.

I have known FERN-C ever since my auntie started becoming a retailer, so basically, she's the one who's supplying us with this vitamin. It is, indeed, one of the companies that distributes high-quality products that does not need put a 'spin' on their retail and network marketing as the product itself is amazing that people would buy it no matter what.

FERN-C is an immune-system booster and a potent anti-oxidant since it strengthen the body's immune system and blood vessels and protect it from sickness, respiratory problems and viral infections, protects the heart, get rid of toxins, is anti-inflammatory, prevents tooth and gums problems, eases stress and constipation.

People think of it as expensive but did you know that one Fern-C capsule is equivalent to four 500mg ascorbic acid tablets! Effectiveness wise, this is a real value for money! Additionally, it is pure and natural and is non-acidic. The Sodium Ascorbate is four times effective than Ascorbic Acid since it does not contain binder. It also does not upset the stomach so you can even take this on an empty tummy.

Sodium Ascorbate (FERN-C) vs. Ascorbic Acid

What makes sodium ascorbate special is its alkaline content that counter-balances the acidity of ascorbic acid. Because sodium ascorbate is usually in capsule form, it also dissolves faster than ascorbic acid which is generally in tablet type.

Compared to ascorbic acid, sodium ascorbate stays longer within the body (about 12 to 14 hours) which can be beneficial for its antioxidant value. More to this, because of ascorbic acid’s acidic nature, more of it is flushed down from the body. Only 25 percent of ascorbic acid is consumed by the blood stream unlike sodium ascorbate which can be absorbed for about 95 percent.

What makes sodium ascorbate better than ascorbic is its availability - its capacity to stay longer inside the body for its antioxidant benefits.

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Always take care of yourselves! I hope my tips help you to achieve a stress-free holiday! 'Til my next blog post! Happy blogging!


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