Friday, November 20, 2015

Meet our new tiny baby, Borgy!

It is my very first blog post concerning about animals. Lol, so yeah, we just got another puppy! The first one was Potchie, she's a female dog. She's a bitch. Lol. My father got her from I don't know where, at the same time he was going gaga about having his own dog which he could take care of. Actually, Potchie's big now, she's all grown up but she's chained because she always barks at people. She's like a crazy dog who always whines when we are at home and get silent whenever we aren't. She's cute in her own little ways, but our new puppy is so much more adorable! I am really sorry for comparing them. Don't get me wrong, I fell in loved with them both at first sight. It's just that, I am still scared of Potchie being big and all.

My mother and I was actually against it, firstly, because my mom was so strict about the smell and cleanliness of the house, secondly, because I am so afraid of dogs. I abhor dogs since they scare me more than anything else in the world.

So when my father told us that he's going to adopt one of my uncle's newly-born puppies, I was shocked, like 'hey, what do you think it would do to me!?'. But my father told me that it's gonna be a cute Lhasa Apso one, sort of like a Shih Tzu, then, at least I was not at all against this whole adopting idea, I became just apprehensive. But my mom still can't be bugged. Hahah!

So yeah, meet our new baby, Borgy!

My Kuya said he looks like a white rat but for me, he looks like a little pig. Hahah! He's so sweet and silent and he whines last night because maybe he's still not used to staying in different place. Yet, he stays silent almost all the time which is really cute! He is always sleeping and laying on his stomach under the chair we used to bring to school during grade school! He rarely go out and walk or play because he always wanted to stay on narrow places. Hays, what a cute little thing!

I also can't take a picture of him facing the camera because he always diverts his head. Well, my lil brother said, "Hindi siya selfie lord, ate". Fine.

His furs are as white as snow but he has this round birthmark-like creamy spots on his body. But that's just makes him more adorable and fluffy!

I guess he will be cuter when he grows up! His mom and dad are now both stout and big and they always barks at me whenever I go to my uncle's house. Huhuhu. Nonetheless, they are so cute especially with those long white hairs! I can't wait to see Borgy all-grown up!

Seeing this cute little thing actually appeased my mom. You just can't ignore how sweet he is. I guess he always wanted to play with Potchie as he is now going to Potchie and Potchie would just bark at him. What a stubborn dog she is!

Anyway, how do you find the name Borgy? Hahah, I think it was a combination of cuteness and strength so I just think Borgy is a good name for him! It was actually my father who gave him that name. And when my mom heard it, she thought it was 'pogi' (handsome), and when she learned it was actually Borgy, she just laughed at my father.

So anyway, hope you love meeting Borgy just as much as I did!

Happy blogging!


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