Sunday, November 8, 2015

My Sooper Beaute Mini Loot

Is it just me who adores promos and discounts like Buy 1, Take 1 or 50% off? No. Surely, in this, I am not alone. Yes, girls?

Sooper Beaute is just one of those fast-rising shops promoting the usage of 100% natural ingredients in their products. Their products ranges from skin care to cosmetics with all organic formula, so you can guarantee that they will not, in anyway, harm your skin (unless, of course, if you are allergic to some natural ingredients). They sell on kiosks, boutiques and online as well so if you cannot visit any of their branches nationwide, well, online shopping is your best choice.

So for now, I am going to show you my hoards from the previous sale of Sooper Beaute. I've bought mine from their kiosk at SM Manila. I am really glad they have their shop there as I don't prefer including shipping fees on my budget right now. You know, hoarding these previous weeks/months broke me big time. LOL.

To start with, here's a flat lay of my mini loot.

The first time I heard of Sooper Beaute was on Instagram. I've also read lots of good reviews with regards to their products so it just ignite my interest and when they finally got on sale again this November 6-8, I felt like I had to hoard or never at all. I could buy everything but my budget just won't let me, so yeah.

Actually, I've been eyeing their tomato serum the most (PHP280), but I don't know why I ended up with these products instead. Hahaha, anyway, I'm really excited to try everything so I'll be able to post a review for each the soonest time possible.

Sooper Beaute Bleaching Compound 100g (PHP850)

This is the most expensive product of Sooper Beaute and the key to everything since it can be used on the face, body and even on bikini area. Since it's a Buy 1, take 1, I got it for only PHP425 each. They may not be too costly for others but for a girl with a meager budget like me, well, it's a bit pricey I guess. Nonetheless, I just feel like I had to purchase it or everything just won't work the way I wanted them to. I won't spoil anything about it just yet, wait for my review about it after I tried this myself!

Black Soap, Pimple Away Soap, Glutathione Soap, Kojic w/ Papaya Soap 90g/ea (PHP120)
These are smaller version of their 150g bars of soap. I got these 5 for only PHP120 as part of their sale. Well, tbh, I am not gonna buy these but those ladies sales-talked me! Huhuhu! LOL.

Again, review soon!!!

Sooper Beaute Cell Renewal Cream 10g (PHP180)

Their cell renewal cream is also called peeling cream. I could use it instead of Maxipeel Mild Solution since it's Hydroquinone free. I could ditch Maxipeel if and only if this will work better. Hmm, let's see. Also, it is advisable to apply at night, says the saleslady. Hope it'll work for me though!

Sooper Beaute Skin Crightening Creme 10g (PHP180)

This should be used together with the cell renewal cream as per advised. If the cell renewal cream should be used at night, this brightening creme is for daytime. It just saddens me that it has no SPF. Maybe, I'll be going to use Maxipeel sunblock underneath.

Sooper Beaute Underarm Brightener Cream 15g (PHP250)

Obviously, your underarms is something that should not be taken for granted. To further take care of the sensitive skin on your armpits, this is advisable to use alternately with the bleaching compound.

Sooper Beaute Antiperspirant 50ml (PHP250)

I've never used an all-organic antiperspirant before which isn't creamy and colored. This looks promising as it claims to whiten and prevent sweat and odor. I think this will stay with me for a long time since a pump or two is enough to cover the whole armpit.

So yeah, that's all! You can visit Sooperbeaute on their Facebook and Instagram page. You can also visit them on their following retail stores and they'd be happy to see you!

- Espana, Manila (Shopitude)
- Marikina City (Empire Fashion Cafe)
- Malolos (Nail Haven)
- Dasmarinas, Cavite (Fashionology)
- Angeles, Pampanga (Beautology)
- Alabang Town Center
- Bacoor, Cavite (U.N.I. Furniture)
- SM North
- SM Manila
- Mendiola, Manila (Pink Gossip Boutique)
- Tri Noma
- Greenhills Shopping Center
- SM Southmall

Anyway, before I end this blog post, thanks to those beautiful salesladies who assist me well and answered my queries patiently! They asked for my number so that they could inform me when the next sale will be! Hoho! Thanks much!

That's all, I guess! Happy blogging! xx


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