Sunday, November 22, 2015

NOTD2 (Nails of The Day)

This is actually my second installation for my NOTD Series. Lol. So I got bored, then I decided to just paint my nails earlier. I won't talk much. I'll just show my newly-painted nails to you. I saw the design on Google and I think I can do it naman hehe. So here it is!

For the materials...

I am using three kinds of nail brushes, the one I used for this nail art is the dotting tool, then for filling in the heart, I used the one which is slightly wide then I used the pointed brush for painting the heart beats. I bought the brushes on Divisoria. I forgot the price but it's between PHP200-PHP300, I think.

For the polishes, I used Sansan in French White and my old Sally Hansen No Chip 10-Day Nail Color in Rose.

 It's really simple to do this heart beat nail art and even without steps, I guess anyone could do this. So first, color your nails white. San San Nail Polishes dry fast enough so it does not took me lots of minutes to wait before designing my nails.

The photo above is the result for two coats since a single coat can't fill in sparse parts.

Next is, designing the heart beats using the pointed brush from BK, leaving my accent finger undone. Doing the heart, for me, is the hardest part since I can't draw a perfect heart on my nails. What I did was this: using the dotting tool, I patterned it like a heart so when I used the wider brush, I could just easily fill in the inside of the heart.

The photo above shows the heart unfilled yet.

My heart still looks a bit disoriented hahah. Anyway, for an amateur like me, I think that will do.

So yeah, isn't this easy? Do this for yourself and tell me how's it! Happy blogging!


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