Friday, November 20, 2015

Purchases from Sooper Beaute's Biggest Sale!

Being my most loved organic beauty brand, I never wanted to miss the opportunity when I've heard that they had their products at 70% off! Who would ever dare ignore that!? Well, not me! I was a bit slothful to get out and go to malls this APEC week, but due to this huge sale, I did not hesitate to commute all the way to Manila (from Valenzuela) to hoard the items that has long been on my wishlist. This promo will only be until today, so better hoard now or miss their biggest discount!

I actually wanted to take a selfie with Ate Geraldine and Ate Anna, they are the ones who always assist me every time I drop by their kiosk. They are always accommodating and answer my queries as honest as they can be.

I got most of the items, but leave their bestseller oils and other tinte foundations all undiscovered. If they had their next sale, maybe I'll try to get all the rest.

If you happened to read my Sooper Beaute Mini Loot blog post, you'll know that this is my second time to hoard some of their items. The first products I got from them was the Bleaching Compound, Underarm Brightener, Cell Renewal Cream, Skin Brightening Creme and their Antiperspirant. That was like, two weeks ago? And their kind of sale was Buy 1, Take 1! This time is unmissable!

So for my purchases, let's break them down but be informed that I posted them here not to brag but to inform you, guys, that these are the products all lined up for my to-review list. Also, this isn't paid advertisement but since I so love Sooper Beaute, I am willing to share with you the good news!

Tinte Kiss Lip Balms in Shy Girl, Makeup and Kiss Me (PHP180/ea)(PHP54/ea)

If you read my previous post, I always gush about how I wanted to try their lip balms! In every feed backs and swatches, I think of it as a better substitute for lipsticks due to its high pigmentation and moisturizing properties. Wait for my swatches soon!

Tinte BB Cream in Fair (PHP250)(PHP75)

I was a bit apprehensive about getting a tub for myself before thinking that it can't be worth the price. For only 10g in content, I find it too expensive to pay PHP250. Since it's 70% off, who am I now to complain, right?

Tomato Serum (PHP280)(PHP84)

This is also one of the products I wanted to try. Almost every beauty shops there are in Instagram have their own version of tomato serum so I guess, it really is a bestseller. I easily jumped into the bandwagon and got one for myself.

Pore Reducer Cream Foundation in Beige (PHP380)(PHP114)

I actually would want to buy their Tinte Poudre Foundation but according to Ate Geraldine, it's out of stock. People would visit them and would ask for Tinte Poudre Foundation just because. I resort to their Tinte Fluid Foundation instead but she says that it's too dark for my skin tone. She is actually right. But then I found this Pore Reducer Cream Foundation and she said the Beige one would suit me though. So yeah, I bought it. I was quite disappointed when I got home and found out that it has parabens on it. Anyway, I have it now, there's no turning back. People are also gushing about it on social media. I might as well be one of them. Hoho!

Pore Eraser Toner (PHP230)(PHP69)

I bought he toner since it's part of the pore erasing set--toner, serum, cream foundation and soap (I didn't buy soap as I still have four bars left). It's content has nothing fancy about and smells really almost nothing, but who knows?

Pore Minimizing Serum (PHP270)(PHP81)

This claims to matte-n the skin so I was easily convinced to purchase it. It claims to be a good primer for the cream foundation also, so yeah. I have oily skin, this looks promising, and you get the picture na, right?

Pimple Away Solution (PHP250)(PHP75)

I actuallt don't have any idea how to apply this on my skin, I forgot to ask Ate Geraldine. Maybe I'll just use it as a toner. Anyway, this must work for my pimples, or else.

Pimple Away Night Cream (PHP250)(PHP75)

Being part of the the set, I feel like I needed to buy it. I have nothing much to say about it since I've read few feed backs on it on social media. Just wait for my review. I think it will be too soon since I've got lots to review first.

Pimple Away Day Cream (PHP250)(PHP75)

This is the day cream, the one that should be used together with the pimple away solution and night cream. I don't know the difference in the formulation of the two products, but I'll figure it out.

Anyway, that's all for my purchases yesterday! Looking forward to hoard more especially Christmas is near! Share with me your bucket of Sooper Beaute products that you hoard yourself and let's talk about it!

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