Monday, November 23, 2015

Review: Sooper Beaute Black Soap

All the facial foams I've used did not really work for me. Either they tend to cause me to breakout frequently, or they won't do anything to lessen this. So as a result, I'm more confident in using soaps because they work for me even better than facial foams and facial washes do. I guess there's something in their compositions that I am allergic to so my skin reacts differently.

I am really into raving about this new soap that I am currently using, another product of Sooper Beaute that I am growing to love with each passing day lol--the Sooper Beaute Black Soap!

Sooper Beaute Black Soap 90g (PHP65)

I bought this on sale with Sooper Beaute's Buy 5 Soap for only PHP125, so it was really quite a deal. Right now it's still 70% of on some of their branches like in Expanya, Mendiola and Marikina so you can avail a bar for less than PHP20.

This soap claims to have beautifying ingredients such as Papaya Extract, Arbutin, Licorice Extract, Retinol Acetate, Rosehip Oil and Vitamin E that aims to exfoliate and whiten the skin. If bought as part of the set, it would be included and advisable to use if you want your mild scars to fade and even out your skin tone.

For a girl with so many pimple marks and blemishes on my skin, I wanted to try this out as I've been long wanting to get rid of this 'turn-offs'.

When I asked them how it works, they said it can cause some micro peeling to renew your skin which it did but I really don't know if the peel I experienced was due to my using this soap or the Cell Renewal Cream (Peeling Cream), otherwise, this product helped me a lot.

At first, I thought this product was just one of those who has established an 'all promises' image to me, until I get to notice how my skin changed little by little on the succeeding days. Using it made me realize that change does not come in an instant and I have to be patient in order to get what I want.

After every use, it leaves my skin feeling fresh and bright. It makes me feel like my face is always at its cleanest without the tightened feeling.

The soap smells strong but not bothersome and suds too much in water. It might be in color black but would eventually turn sudsy white when lathered on the face and body. Yes, I used it everywhere in my body. I also notice that it stings my face when left for minutes so I don't let it stay much longer than 30 seconds before I rinse my face. For my body, I leave the soap for at least 3 minutes. I had to seriously apply generous amount moisturizer afterwards as it seems to absorb all the moisture on my skin.

I am currently in my second bar right now and am planning to buy some more if I finished all of the other soaps I purchased form Sooper Beaute.

Since the soap easily melts, I usually cut the whole bar in quarters.

All in all, this product is worth a try. I think it won't suit those who have sensitive skin as it can cause irritation (stinginess) when applied on skin.

Share with me your experience if ever you decided to try one for yourself! Happy blogging!


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