Sunday, November 15, 2015

Review: Sooper Beaute Bleaching Compound

Hey, guys. It's a lil bit devastating that I can't think of a proper introduction for my blog post right now. So I guess I just had to skip through introduction and proceed with my review about Sooper Beaute's Bleaching Compound that I just bought recently and one of my splurges of the month. (Isn’t it an introduction already? Phew.)

If I am to comment about the packaging, well, I must say that at first look, you won't think of it as something luxurious or expensive. There's nothing special about the packaging too. It might need a little bit of change though. I don't like the sticker, maybe they should try to make it at least printed on the cover of the tub. However, the packaging does not bother me as it won't affect the content inside naman.

I got two tubs since the moment I purchase it, it was on a Buy 1, Take 1. One tub retails for PHP850. It's quite expensive, yeah sort of, but the 100g of the product is enough to last a long time and longer depending on how and where you use it. Suppose you are just using it on your underarms or bikini area (which you can), a tub would approximately lasts up to 6 months since a little of the formula goes a long way already. Longevity wise, this is worth the price.

The expiration date is written on the plastic seal and it says that it is good for less than a year. This is just one of the disadvantages that you can get from using products formulated with 100% natural ingredients. They expire faster since they have the littlest preservatives (to none). However, it does not bother me as I think I could finish the tub before it expires. Or can I? I just said earlier that a little goes a long way!!! Anyway, I’m gonna apply it all over my body to save time. LOL. You don’t want any waste of the product, do you?

Just like what I have said, it can be used ALMOST everywhere on your body. I asked the saleslady, Miss Anna, if I could apply the product on my face and she said no. I was a bit disappointed so to make sure, I vibe their online shop and asked the same thing, and they replied, “Yes, you can.”

The consistency of the formula is rich although it has only seven (7) ingredients written at the base of the tub. This is good for me as I can guarantee that there is less chemicals in the compound. I don’t need to worry whether there are harmful chemicals or none. Anyway, anything much does real harm, right?

The texture’s seem to be like that of a whip cream. It smells mild and good with a hint of baby powder(?). I guess it really is concentrated as there are minimal ingredients and it tends to sting my face (but not my body) a bit. The pain is tolerable though. It stings maybe because I am also using their cell renewal cream (peeling cream) alternately with the bleaching compound.

Upon application, you’ll notice that the formula is hard to blend and apply resulting to sharp edges and would cling to your epidermal layers. Again it would not bother me as I apply it as a night mask for my body (including my face) and nobody would see me like an espasol by that time. Haha. I guess bleaching creams are like that, no?

The white cast on your skin would give it a brightened complexion although you may find it a bit drying since it aim to remove mild scarring. It needs scrubbing as well as you can't just easily remove the product by just washing your skin with soap.

Application: I would let the formula stay on my skin overnight and would eventually wash it off the next morning. I do it every other day as advised by the saleslady of Sooper Beaute.

Key Ingredients: Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids which ‘exfoliate the skin, reduce the look of wrinkles, smoothens uneven and pigmented skin and stimulate the growth of elastin and collagen (both of which depleted with age’).

After a week’s use, I can say that this product brightens my skin. I don’t have that many scar on my body (mostly are pimple and acne marks) so my only concern is the uneven akin tone I got long ago from my swimming class and staying under the sun without protective sun screens although when it comes to the miniscule scar on my left thigh, I notice that it hasn’t lightened a bit. Maybe I should apply the product on affected areas only or areas which needed more lightening to notice results apart from other parts of my body.

All in all, this is a good product. Maybe, I just have to continuously use it to notice more significant effects. After all, a week isn’t too soon to judge the product, right? I'll update you anyway.

So I recommend this product to anyone who wanted a product that can be applied even on the most sensitive parts of the body and to those who wanted to use a bleaching cream which is safe to use since it is paraben and hydroquinone free.

You can visit them on their following outlets:

- Espana, Manila (Shopitude)
- Marikina City (Empire Fashion Cafe)
- Malolos (Nail Haven)
- Dasmarinas, Cavite (Fashionology)
- Angeles, Pampanga (Beautology)
- Alabang Town Center
- Bacoor, Cavite (U.N.I. Furniture)
- SM North
- SM Manila
- Mendiola, Manila (Pink Gossip Boutique)
- Tri Noma
- Greenhills Shopping Center
- SM Southmall

Or you can visit Sooperbeaute on their Facebook and Instagram page for online orders and inquiries! Til my next post, lovelies! Don’t forget to subscribe! Happy blogging! xx


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