Sunday, November 29, 2015

Review: Sooper Beaute Pimple Away Day and Night Creams

Moisturizing is an essential step in order to achieve a healthier skin and prevent premature aging.

Since I have very oily skin, I tend to neglect this part (adding some more of these greasy drugstore moisturizers into my face) since it never fails to cause me excessive oil production which eventually would lead to unwanted results like pimples or if severe, acne. Like by the end of an hour, my face already resembles an oil slick. As a result, I have to frequently dab some face powder or blot it to remove the oil.

That's when my search for moisturizers that would not leave my face greasy began.

One of the products that addresses pimples is the Sooper Beaute Pimple Away Day and Night Cream--my subjects to review.

Sooper Beaute Pimple Away Day and Night Cream (PHP250/ea)(PHP75/ea)

Just like the previous products of Sooper Beaute that I recently reviewed, I got both also with a 70% off discount when I had the time to hoard most of their items at their kiosk in SM Manila (4th floor). It's still ongoing until today only (November 27-30)!

These come in a pump bottle so application isn't messy nor unhygienic. You can even control the amount that you want to apply on your face. In my case, 3-4 pumps is enough to cover my face and neck. Yes, I do apply it on my neck as well since I sometimes get a breakout even on that area.

They have expiration date on the bottom part. However, there was no ingredient list on the packaging so you may never know what's inside this bottle. The only ingredient I know that they have is lemon extract which is good for pimples. I've read it on their Instagram page.

Also a pump is good for consumption for only a year. This is just a not-so-bothering drawback when using an all organic/natural ingredients in products. They tend to not last so long.

I really have no idea what's the difference between the two except the night cream is yellowish in color while the day cream is creamy white and is thicker in consistency. Their scent's with a hint of acid yet they aren't strong for my face. Guess my face really that thick, huh? Lol. But seriously, no stingy sensation after application. They even soothe my skin after their Pimple Away Solution and Soap tortured my skin like a hell of big time!

They are also easy to blend and dries in a matte finish! I do not even have to dab some powder on my face because it's already matte. It's also lightweight on the face. I apply it after tomato serum so all the sheen and shine are gone!

Even when my menstrual hormones loses over this. During my two weeks of use, I did not experience even one single acne which has been reliving on my face since only time knows! Although I still get some butlig butlig (tiny pimps) on my face every now and then. Be informed that they appear every time I get to my red days. Who knows what will happen if I use them on ordinary days?

And I've said earlier that I apply it on my neck which also get pimples every now and then. Upon using this, I DID NOT experience having tiny heads on my neck. AS IN NONE.

Conclusion? So far, these are the best creams for pimples that also work for me. In fact, they are the only creams which promise a pimple-free skin that do what it claim and not just promise.

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