Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Review: Sooper Beaute Skin Brightening Creme

Hi, guys! It's an hour before midnight but I am still energetic enough to write on another blog post. This will be, again, a review post about another Sooper Beaute product. I've been raving about Sooper Beaute for quite some posts now, haven't I? It's because it's so far my favorite brand of skin care products.

I was suppose to review their Skin Brightening Creme along with the Cell Renewal Cream but I got lazy and bored so I decided to do just a separate review. Anyway, here it is!!!

So I bought this on a Buy 1, Take 1 at their SM Manila kiosk. Originally, it costs PHP180 for a 10g tub but since I bought it with the Cell Renewal Cream, basically, I got it for only PHP90. It's quite pricey still given that this tub only has 10g for the content. Maybe it's good for only two-three weeks depending on the amount that you put in your face.

Again, just like the Cell Renewal Cream, the tub is a little deceiving since it's too big for the content. Also, I much prefer it if the name of the product is printed on the cover to make it look, I don't know, more presentable? I say that their packaging looks nothing special but it does not bother me though as I'm still counting on the product's effectiveness.

There's their contact detail on the washi tape sticking on the tub. You can visit them if you want to order online. They are very accommodating too, so you won't have any problem.

It's great that they have expiration date on the product so you'll know when it's already bad for consumption. However, you can see no direction of use anywhere (just like other Sooper Beaute's product) so you might need to ask the Sooper Beaute people about it. If you forgot to ask the saleslady of the branch where you've been to, you can easily contact them through their social media accounts. I will put their links below.

They say that I should use this Skin Brightening Creme in the morning and the Cell Renewal Cream at night, so that's what I do. I don't usually put on make up before I go to school so I don't know how it works as a base for foundation. However, I'm gonna buy their Tinte Poudre Foundation to use with it maybe tomorrow? Their products are at 70% off, I heard. I should never miss this biggest sale ever!

Some of the active ingredients are: Glycerin (moisturizer), Papaya Extract (skin lightener), Aloe Vera Extract (for moisturizing, soothing, keeping aging at bay), Rosehip Oil (improve skin condition), Chamomile Extract (has soothing properties), Kojic Acid Depalmitate (skin lightener and exfoliant), Retinol Acetate (antioxidants), Alpha Arbutin (skin lightener), Citric Acid (enhances skin cell turnover).

I don't count Alpha Arbutin though as a contributor to skin lightening since I'm pretty sure it comes in a very small amount.

It looks the same as the texture of the Cell Renewal Cream--both look like facial foams except it's a face cream. The only differences are the color (since this seem to be a little bit yellowish, just the tiniest bit of color, although it hardly shows. You'll notice this once you compare the two formula.) and the smell. The Skin Brightening Creme smells milder compared to the Cell Renewal Cream, maybe because that's made up of harsher ingredients since that's a peeling cream.

Just like the Cell Renewal Cream, it stings upon application but would eventually fade after seconds. It does leave skin feeling a bit greasy (although not heavy on skin) but that doesn't bother me since I could use some face powder to cover the greasiness.

In more than a week's use, I notice that my skin looks healthier compared to before. There are also less breakouts so this must be a really good product. However, I don't know if the effects are long-term since some of the other products offer short-term benefits, you know. For my pimple scars, there are very mild noticeable results. Maybe I should use this and the Cell Renewal Cream longer for more satisfying outcomes.

So yeah, that's my impression about Sooper Beaute Skin Brightening Creme! Have you tried it? Share it here with me and I'd be glad to talk about it. If you want to buy one, you can visit them on the following stores. Their products are available at 70% off until November 20, 2015 only!

- Espana, Manila (Shopitude)
- Marikina City (Empire Fashion Cafe)
- Malolos (Nail Haven)
- Dasmarinas, Cavite (Fashionology)
- Angeles, Pampanga (Beautology)
- Alabang Town Center
- Bacoor, Cavite (U.N.I. Furniture)
- SM North
- SM Manila
- Mendiola, Manila (Pink Gossip Boutique)
- Tri Noma
- Greenhills Shopping Center
- SM Southmall

Or you can visit Sooperbeaute on their Facebook and Instagram page for online orders and inquiries!

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