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Review: Sooper Beaute Tinte BB Cream

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If you can tell, this is my first time reviewing something that's not about skin care products. Although this BB Cream concerns about achieving a healthier skin, I consider it more in line with cosmetics. Be informed that I am still new to these things (foundation, bb creams, etc) but anyways, I will share my thoughts about it in the best and most honest post possible.

Also, I know that Sooper Beaute is one of the locally-owned brand that commit to organic and naturally made products, I can tell that they have lots of loyal buyers. Or should I say, hoarders? But when I searched for some reviews online, you're lucky to find more than two reviews for each product.

That's why I wanted to help! So for my review today, I'll be featuring this Tinte BB Creamin Fair  by Sooper Beaute!

Sooper Beaute Tinte BB Cream in Fair (PHP250)(PHP75)
Since I bought this on sale (and if you don't know), I got it with a discount of PHP170 in their SM Manila kiosk.

"Packed with all-natural skin nourishing and brightening ingredients with benefits for your precious skin. It's an alternative to your heavy foundations. Made with watermelon extract to totally hydrate and keep your skin younger looking. Mousse-like cream that fills in pores and hides skin imperfections. Use it as a primer before your foundation or use it alone for a fresh look."

Good thing, there isn't even one paraben on it. Also, it has watermelon extract and SPF20! Ha! It will protect you from the harsh rays and sweltering weather. The only thing I wished that was not included in the ingredient list is the Dimethicone. According to articles I have read about it, they are comedogenic or can clog pores. For an acne-prone skin like mine, I tend to ignore products with dimethicone on it as it threats to cause me to breakout drastically. So far, so good. This product does not clog my pores on my first week of use.

I find the packaging cute with expiration date on it so you'll know when it's time to let go. However, just like their other cream packaging, the 10g content is too small in amount to be caged in a bigger tub. Also, as it comes in a tub, then I have to dip my icky finger every now and then making the packaging unhygienic. Had it be on a squeeze-type tube, then it would be better.

Sooper Tinte BB Cream is available in two shades: Fair and Medium. According to Ate Geraldine (the one who assist me), they are best for my skin tone. Yeah, I may look fair to other people but I find this a little lighter for my skin tone. Thank goodness, I have Sooper Beaute Tinte Pore Reducer Cream Foundation in Beige to work with this one. In that way, the BB Cream could adjust to my skin tone.

Coverage wise, this does not offer full coverage on areas that needs more concealment. Maybe this is due to it being a BB Cream only, making face fresh-looking like that of a Koreana. Concealer will do all the hiding though. However, this BB Cream I know is working hard to reduce the sight of pores.

What I like most about is is the velvety finish it gives of on my skin. I find the formula quite easy to apply with the fingers. I have used only three BB Cream brands before and I tell you, this is the easiest BB Cream to apply. I still use sponges to blend before since BB Creams tend to create this sharp edges on my skin and tend to be not so buildable after all. With this Tinte BB Cream, I have no problem with the application.

Longevity is another drawback. The product could stay for at least maybe six to eight hours if I don't sweat but knowing that I am living in a tropical country where I perspire even in the most unthinkable parts of my face, the formula could oxidize in two hours time. So to prolong its life on my face (lol), I just dab on some powder to freshen up.

As it reminds me of mousse foundations, I find it very lightweight on my skin as if I didn't have anything on it. Although after minutes, my face still gets oily. But unlike my previous BB Cream, this does not make my pores cry. It's best to use this when I find my oil production playing hard to get.

And yeah, this is a good primer for me. I apply this before their Cream Foundation. I actually received a compliment earlier that my face looks fresh! This one friend of mine actually said, "Oh, si Hanna fresh na naman ang aura." So maybe, this just really is a good BB Cream add the fact that it's made of natural and organic ingredients!

Have you tried it? How was the experience? Anyway, happy 100th post to me! Don't forget to subscribe! Happy blogging!


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