Saturday, November 21, 2015

Color Your Kissers With Sooper Beaute's Tinte Kiss Balms!

How's your Sunday going? Mine's great even though I just got our bed sheets and pillowcases laundered and did some household chores. Hahah! At least I could take a break tomorrow and mind about my blogging and nothing else.

I was rummaging through my drawer and looking for a product ready to be reviewed and decided on Sooper Beaute's Tinte Kiss Balms instead. I was quite excited doing reviews on their other products but I'm currently still road testing them so my opinions would not be all positive. Lol.

Anyway, skip the talk and let's proceed to the one of the bestsellers of Sooper Beaute. I haven't found much of reviews about them so I'm doing this.

Sooper Beaute Tinte Kiss Balm in Kiss Me, Make Out, Shy Girl (PHP180)(PHP54)

I got mine from their SM Manila kiosks last Thursday when I met with my high school friends. It was originally PHP180 but since it's 70% off, I got mine for only PHP54/ea. By afternoon, there was already no stock for Kiss Me so I settled for Make Out and Shy Girl but I'm pretty much into having the three shades so I waited by just 10 minutes or so since Ate Geraldine (the saleslady) told me Ate Anna will arrive in minutes and she had the new stocks for lip balms, and so I did! I really love them both because they are so sweet! Ate Geraldine even called me as I walked by when Ate Anna arrived.

The lip balms comes in three shades only: Make Out, Kiss Me and Shy Girl. They also come in retractable tubes so application is easy. The sticker label extends up to the bottom part so twisting is hard for me at first, I had to scratch the bottom part of the sticker to detach it. I just hope they improve it by changing the stickers into printed ones. That's my only problem with the packaging though.

I am really sorry I swatched it on my arms already before taking the pictures so there are obvious streaks on the balms already. I tried to remove it but it's like it's there forever.

Ingredients: Arachidyl Propionate, Carnauba Wax, Lanolin, Virgin Coconut Oil, Paraffin, Phenoxyethenol, Flavoring, FD&C Colorant

This one is in the shade of Make Out. It's also the darkest among the three shades. It reminds me of Cherry-flavored lip sticks since it looks and smells like one. Due to its color, it offers the best color payoff. This shade is also perfect on night outs and more formal occasions.

This shade is in Kiss Me and this is my favorite shade because I can wear it at ordinary days. It's a perfect shade when you are going out with friends or just hanging out all by yourself and it would instantly give you a boost on your self-confidence! This smells like bubblegum too!

This shade in Shy Girl gives you a look of innocence. Wear this if you want to be a little minimal on makeups or if you wanted a no-makeup makeup look. It will give instant color on your lips, making you look fresh.

I swatch them on my arms ONCE and I was amazed by how pigmented they are. I've seen the feed backs of other users of the Tinte Kiss Balms on Sooper Beaute Instagram account and they were all gushing about how pigmented these balms are and how they look like lipsticks on their kissers.

I even remove them by using tissues FOUR TIMES and the pigmentation is still strikingly good. Believe me, I was awestruck. Even if they sell this at their original price, I would still buy them.

After working hard to remove the colors, here's what it looks like. A little bit of touch ups might be needed but not so much. It gives a nice tint on the lips without going a little overboard.

Anyway, here's some swatches on my lips! Take note, it takes me some hard work before I completely remove each swatches.

Make Out

Kiss Me

Shy Girl

I only use one swipe for each lip for the photos above. It just proves of how pigmented each kiss balms are. These, I think will always be one of my favorite lip balms! It leaves my skin moisturized for up to 4 hours (with drinking and eating) before I need to retouch. 

My lips reacts to lip products by having chapped and dry lips, but that's just not the case upon using Sooper Beaute Tinte Balms. Now I don't need to worry of getting dark and chapped lips as this is all made up of organic and natural ingredients!

Another thing to tell you, when I wake up the next day, there are still stain left on my lips! I did lots of drinking and brushing and eating, but its staying power is really that good.

What I like?

-highly moisturizing
-lasts a long time on the lips
-leaves a natural-looking stain
-no harmful ingredients
-does not cause chapping and drying on the lips
-affordable at PHP180 (but more affordable when on sale!)
-smells good

What I don't like?

-Sticker label

What do you think of Sooper Beaute Tinte Kiss Balms?

Happy blogging!


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