Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Use Your HBC Membership Card and Save!

Hi, guys! Since the season of giving is near, why not head to malls to shop early presents? You don't need to go through rush shopping, you know? Anyway, I have another good news! If it isn't good news to you, well, it is good news to me! It's time for me to hoard some goodies from one of my favorite shops nationwide, HBC! Not only they are about to get their products cheaper, even not on sale, their products are really cheap yet that does not compromise the quality of their items.

Check the following photos out!

But wait, here's more!!! You need an HBC membership card like this!!!

So I got mine last December when I purchased some items from their Marulas branch. I paid PHP58 for the card but it's really worth the price since according to the saleslady, you can use it forever. At least here, there's forever. Lol.

Or you can simply present all the accumulated receipts worth PHP2,000 from 12-months time (one year) and you can instantly get your card! Another perk of being a member is that some times they text you for updates or ongoing promos like Sooper Beaute. Aren't they so nice???

And wait! That's not all! Check out their other promos!!!

Oooh. I like the pouches!!!

Do you like Sarah G.? This is your time to see her in person!

So yeah, that's it! I'm pretty sure you have HBC branches near you. So what are you waiting for? Let's hoard altogether! I just hope my budget now that there's no class in enough to purchase their foundation and creams! Hoho!

Til my next blog post! Happy shopping and blogging!


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