Sunday, December 6, 2015

DIY: Honey Lip Scrub

Having those ever-dreaded chapped and dry lips? Worry no more! You can already create your own lip scrub which addresses this dilemma in the comfort of your own home. The following basic ingredients can also be found in your kitchen! I've tried doing this before but it's the first time I've ever had the gut to share this recipe to you. Lol.

Just read  and tell yourself that you've found the easiest DIY project there is. After doing your own scrub, you need not to spend much on buying already made lip scrubs online or at the store plus you get to get rid of that dark and dry lips you can get from harmful lipsticks, smoking and abrupt change in weather.

So for the ingredients, you'll only be needing virgin coconut oil (or any oil), honey, strawberry extract(optional), sugar, spoon, bowl and some plastic storage. There's no need for heat as it's all mix and mix! You also never have to worry with how many ingredients to put as you can never go wrong with it!

First, prepare the sugar which is the main ingredient for this DIY. This will help remove dead skin cells on your lips to make it smoother and softer. The amount of sugar in the bowl are just one teaspoon. I prefer to do little because I don't know, I just feel like it's fresher when it's newly-made. Lol.

Next is add some VCO. I just add two drops. The Virgin Coconut Oil will help moisturize your lips and prevent dryness and chapping.

You can also add one to two drops of your preferred food extract. DO NOT PUT TOO MUCH AS YOU DO NOT WANT TO EAT SCRUB THAT TASTES LIKE ALCOHOL. This will serve as the flavor of your lip scrub. I chose strawberry because for me, this is the yummiest of all. You can add some pandan, langka, ube, cinnamon, whichever you like. Extracts are available in any supermarkets. You can also add some coloring since extracts like this comes in transparent and coloring makes it more appeal like the flavor that you put on it. Just remember, these are optional.

You might want to mix everything. This is the most fun part!

Another important ingredients for this lip scrub is the honey! It will make the scrub delectable and fun to apply. It's hydrating and moisturizing properties is also good for your lips!

You have to mix everything. For this DIY, you do not follow which ingredients to put first. You can just throw everything in the bowl and mix. If you prefer to add more honey or oil, then do it as long as the scrub maintains in tolerable abrasiveness to shed dead skin cells.

Then after that, transfer the formula on cosmetic storage like this! Tada! They are now ready to use anytime, anywhere! Just scrub, rinse and remember to moisturize afterwards using some petroleum jelly or organic lip balms. Try not to use chemical-based lipsticks and other lip products as they are the culprit for chapped, dark and dry lips!

Stay tuned for more DIYs in the future. Happy blogging!


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