Friday, December 4, 2015

How To Keep Things Colorful

Hey, guys. Figured out I've got over 14K blog visits and for that, I thank you!!!

Last Wednesday, I was surprised when I got home and there's an LBC package waiting for me over the couch. My father asked me if I did order them from Caronia and I said it was a prize from the contest I recently joined on Facebook. I'm expecting to receive the prize after the APEC week but it never came in the mail until Wednesday. I thought the people behind the Caronia contest have forgotten all about me already so I was really glad when I saw that the package has tons of products inside. What I'm expecting actually is a couple of polishes only or maybe three but no!!!

Anyway, last month, the Caronia hosted an online contest wherein participants must add an ending to the video posted with their new ambassador, Shaira Mae dela Cruz. They will choose five winners with the best answer and I'm really lucky that I got chosen!

Anyway, here's what I got.

I never had a bottle of Caronia nail polish before so I'm really happy when I see six bottles on my loot bag. They weren't ordinary bottles though as they come in exclusive boxes. In supermarkets, each piece retails for PHP37.

My favorite colors from these collections are the Chasse and Pique.

Mom loves to do her nails every week so she was happy when I received the package. I think it's for her. Lol. Sometimes, she would ask me to paint her nails, sometimes she'll have Ate Lucy instead--mama's fave 'manicurista'--because I do not know how to properly clean nails and remove ingrown on toes and fingernails. I'm a polish hoarder but I seldom paint my nails actually. I love it bare and naked so in that way, I do not have to maintain nail color every now and then especially I'm doing lots of things lately and I haven't got enough time to do my own mani-pedi.

I have a review about Caronia Kwik-Dry, Base Coat and Top Coat before which you can read here. See how I love these babies that I seriously said "OMG" when I saw these on my loot bag.

Receiving these would mean that my mom and I would get to save from expensive foot spa! Thanks for these Caronia!

The pink one is a nail cutter. Isn't it cute? >:D The other one is a highlighter in five different shades. Highlighting has never been this colorful!

So yeah, that's my prize for winning! Check out their Facebook page! I heard they have another contest! Happy blogging!


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